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For The Anti Anti-Vaxers

Posted by Fred383

My point here is not to argue a point.  It is to ask you to do due diligence in researching some of the facts that the Anti-Vaxers have found to be true.  I'm not going to give you the answers.  You find out and someone give what they have looked up.  Not guessed.


What are Japan, Brazil and India handling Covid-19?  With what drug?  Effective?  Other Countries using it?

USA.  How many people have died from the Vaccine in the US?   (Within two weeks of taking)

How many people have become disabled after taking the vaccine?

How many miscarriages have been attributed to the vaccine?

What percent of the Covid-19 hospital patients are vaccinated?

Let's together try to answer these questions and perhaps,if you participate and not just pontificate, your question might elicit a response (fact based--No opinions--let facts speak for themselves).

I have my sources but they may be as reliable as Don Lemon of CNN.





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Oct 20, 2021 3:49 AM
w30bob : Hi Fred,

I applaud your effort to try to inject sanity into an insane topic, but the problem with what you suggest is two-fold. First is where to get credible information to answer your questions? The sources are numerous, and often not in agreement and the date of each article written needs to be taken into consideration. Also, the credibility of the source needs to be taken into account, but rarely is, or cannot be agreed to. That issue alone makes what you're suggesting almost impossible. Unless we all agreed on which credible sources of information were to be used. And that, my friend, isn't going to happen anytime soon, for obvious reasons.

Second, you're attempting to make people do actual research, rather than regurgitating talking points, which many simply don't know how to do. Which is exactly why talking points have become so popular......they reduce one's workload if you're willing to accept them as true. Which is why they are repeated over and over and over, in unison across many sources......because they know people would rather someone else do the legwork involved in finding the truth (however truthful that result actually is). And once someone believes the sources they rely on for any such info.........you won't be able to convince them to do their own research…..they simply don't see the need.

Plainly put......there needs to be a certain amount of both 'open mindedness' and 'skepticism' regarding information provided to us that simply doesn't exist in today's world, on either side of any issue. And to suggest to many that their sources either have an agenda or don't have their best interests in mind will be viewed as heresy, plain and simple. So......while I like where you're going with this post...... until those barriers I just spoke of are overcome......what you suggest simply won't happen en masse, anytime soon. Which is an obvious shame. And it's the reason we are where we are as a society. But again, great post. Really.

Oct 20, 2021 2:09 PM
xnine : Table 9. Hospitalized COVID-19 cases in ICU in the past 120 days in Alberta by vaccine status

Complete Partial Unvaccinated
Age group Total n % n % n %

Under 12 years 18 0 – 0 – 18 100.0%

12-29 years 66 5 7.6% 0 – 61 92.4%

30-39 years 103 1 1.0% 2 1.9% 100 97.1%

40-49 years 142 13 9.2% 7 4.9% 122 85.9%

50-59 years 246 9 3.7% 9 3.7% 228 92.7%

60-69 years 269 28 10.4% 11 4.1% 230 85.5%

70-79 years 165 25 15.2% 10 6.1% 130 78.8%

80+ years 43 14 32.6% 1 2.3% 28 65.1%

Vaccine status category is based on protection as Table 3. Pre-existing conditions include respiratory diseases, diabetes, stroke, dementia, cardiovascular disease, liver diseases, renal diseases, cancer and immuno-deficiency diseases.

I am happy to be in the vaccinated group.

Oct 20, 2021 2:13 PM
xnine : In the blog format it did not come over in columns. It shows you are more likely to end up in hospital if you are not vaccinated.
Oct 20, 2021 4:39 PM
bowsprit : My reason for getting vaccinated is short and simple. You cannot travel without a certified vaccination card to Dubai and knowing how strict they are over there you probably get into other trouble as well. The US wont let unvaccinated people in either. The government here recently announced that those not vaccinated might have their SIM cards terminated.The next day there were lines miles long at the vaccination centres. Cell phones,of course, are very important, but these steps can be taken in third world countries only, but like I mentioned if you dont get vaccinated, how do you travel?
Oct 22, 2021 1:12 AM
patrickrichardson1946 : no matter what facts are given by reputable medical and scientific bodies some people will never be convinced that vaccination is good. i wonder if these people are against all vaccinations measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc,etc
Oct 22, 2021 4:10 AM
Caz67 : Patrick you have made a very good point. As a practice nurse I have parents who will not allow their children to have the MMR due to the incorrect information by the big American shot telling the world that it causes autism and other serious side effects. Well what a surprise turned out the big shot had not done his homework and has been stripped of his medical license. So please before you make the decision for anything that could save your life speak with your medical team don't be getting the wrong information that could potentially be harmful or even cost you your life. Xx
Oct 22, 2021 5:33 AM
w30bob : The point that keeps getting glossed over is that these COVID vaccines are NOT traditional vaccines, like those mentioned. These work by modifying your DNA, something never done before. And while the other vaccines mentioned received normal approval from the FDA, the COVID vaccines were given to the public with what the FDA called Emergency Use Authorization. That means the lengthy clinical trials that determine all the side effects have not been completed, but rather SOME testing was done to spot check for problems. So you simply don't know what the serious side effects down the road are going to be....no matter who says otherwise. You're gambling with your health that they got it right, but history isn't exactly on your side with that viewpoint. The FDA rolled out the H1N1 influenza vaccine early in response to an expected pandemic (that never occurred), and they're still working on a replacement for that vaccine due to all the unexpected side effects it caused. And that was a traditional vaccine that they supposedly knew what they were doing with. So if you want to gamble with your life that's fine. Just don't go shaming everyone else into doing the same with theirs. Hindsight on these COVID vaccines is going to be very interesting. Then we'll see if all you folks who blindly put your faith in organizations like the FDA and WHO think you made the right choice. Maybe you did. But maybe you didn't. Only time will tell....but tell it will.

Oct 22, 2021 7:37 PM
w30bob : Talk about timing.......to drive the point home......more than 30 have died from blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, with 222 cases reported in Europe. And the new recommendation just out to deal with this unexpected side effect.......the scientists....for those who "follow the science" recommend that the dose administered now be cut in half. But wait......you already got the full dose you say......wow, that sucks for you. But hey, what are the odds you'll be one of them having that side effect? They're not good odds, I'm sure, so no worries. Unless of course you ARE one of those poor bastards. You know who doesn't have to worry about this......yeah, those who didn't get the vaccine.

But wait......there's more. Recently published data, that's now being requested for review by those in command, shows the COVID vaccines make symptoms from other bat viruses (of which there are a lot) much worse in humans, which is causing all kinds of concern. You don't say.

Ladies and Gents......this train is just pulling out of the station. That's why Fred is suggesting you do your own research, and not reply on what you're being force-fed by our governments. Like they said on the X-Files......"the truth is out there". But it's just buried under a bunch of bullshit. Happy digging!


Oct 23, 2021 2:43 PM
patrickrichardson1946 : what qualifications or training have most people on these subjects ...you must put your trust in those who have had training and have qualifications and expertise in these subjects and ignore the bull shit.
Oct 24, 2021 2:19 AM
bowsprit : A few hundred developing complications compared to the many zillions who have received it is not a very convincing statistic. The fact that new cases occur mostly in the unvaccinated, if accurate, is a far more convincing one for the undecided.
Oct 24, 2021 5:03 AM
Caz67 : As with any pill, injection,patch ect. There are always side effects I mean even the good old paracetamol can cause horrendous side effects if you are one in a million that reacts to them. Most every day items in your medicine cabinet has some awful stuff put in but we still use them. I don't care if you don't want to get vaccinated but what I do care about is that you who foolishly choose not to get vaccinated put others at risk and keep the number of deaths rising. Not to mention the Doctors,nurses ect putting their lives at risk when you are rolled into ITU.
Oct 24, 2021 6:42 AM
w30bob : What can I say........you guys are right, of course, my bad. Comparing a few hundred to zillions is silly, unless your one of those unlucky hundreds....or someone who will suffer from an as-of-yet undetermined long term side effect of the vaccines. So really no point in further discussing this any further with you guys. We'll just agree to disagree and time will tell who was right and who wasn't. But allow me one last parting shot......just for old time's sake! And then I'm shutting up. Promise.

The data you want to look at is called the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for COVID-19. That tells you how many died out of the ones who got COVID. You can find this data from a number of sources, so pick your poison. You don't even have to consider that the ‘death rate' for COVID has been tallied by including both those who died FROM COVID and those who died WITH COVID. Big difference, but let's just forget about that minor detail for now. The CFRs all show that there was an initial peak in COVID fatalities to a max of around 6% in May of 2020, when we really didn't have a handle on what we were dealing with, and hospitals hadn't determined proper protocols for dealing with the pandemic. But by November 2020 the CFR was down to 2%, and has continued a downward decreasing trend. That was all well before any vaccines were on the scene, and today it's 1.6%. When the vaccines were made available to most Americans was around April-May 2021. The CFR then was 1.8%. Today, 6 months later it's only dropped to 1.6%......a 0.2% decrease that's no different than the slope of the CFR line before vaccinations. Meaning if the decreasing CFR trend continued without the vaccines being available it would have still have slowly decreased to where we are now. So say what you want......but for all you "follow the science" folks the graphs speak for themselves. And they say that the vaccinations have done nothing. The vaccination doesn't stop you from spreading or contracting the disease, it only decreases the severity of it, which the CFR data tells us didn't make an impact. So by all means keep believing what your told. But the number of body bags tell the real story……..or lack thereof. This disease is quickly fading from history on it's own, like all viruses do, but no one is going to let this cash cow leave the barn until all the money is made. Now make sure you smile and say thank you after you roll up your sleeve and get your booster shot. And then again every year when you're told you need to get an annual booster. What sound does that cash register make again………oh yeah….CHA CHING!

It's always great talking to you folks. Peace out brothers and sisters, and sleep well knowing your Governments have your back! Got to run………have to get back to my conspiracy theory stuff!

Oh, lest I'm called out as using fake data………..here's the link that shows you worldwide CRF by date. Just put your cursor over the data lines and slide back and forth to see how things change by day. Enjoy!




Oct 25, 2021 5:34 AM
Caz67 : Hi Bob
I think you have stated quite clearly that you do not intend to have a shot of the COVID or flu and I respect your reasons but please do not try and teach us how to do research in a condescending manner we can all use Google to find things out. Yes you are absolutely right you can still get COVID after having the vaccine but it's not severe to the point of where you need to be ventilated. Where as no vaccine can lead to needing to be on ITU or worse death sorry but its a no brainer. Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that. I'm sure you have some work to do on the ranch.