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Posted by Bill


Whilst managing my chronic state
I sometimes pause to contemplate
the essence of what life’s about
so, I can try to work it out.

And then, the thought occurred to me,
that there’s some similarity
between the angst of chronic pain
and a bullying campaign.

Both are, in fact, chronic conditions
which put us into positions
where we are much more vulnerable
and the context may seem horrible.

Bullying and chronicity
can carry a toxicity
which is unwelcome and unkind
to our body and our mind.

For both of them can dominate,
undermine and subjugate,
put us in a quandary
and make our lives a misery.

They can take away our smile
and make us feel we’re not worthwhile,
by undermining confidence
and damaging our cognizance.

It tends to be, in either case,
that both attack our personal space,
with morals of a psychopath
who leaves us with the aftermath.

For those of us, who suffer thus,
but do not scream or make a fuss,
I dedicate this little verse
and hope these things do not get worse.

B. Withers 2020

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Jan 19, 2020
iMacG5 : Once again, Bill, you've provided us with a life inspired message in your rhyming artistry. Sometimes I think the physical health problems are easier to mitigate than the damage from bullies. Thanks for sharing.
Jan 19, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Awesome Bill!
Jan 19, 2020
lovely : Another good one Bill
Jan 20, 2020
britathrt60 : Fantastic Bill
Jan 20, 2020
Bill : Thank you all so much for your support and appreciation of these rhyming verses.
It is uplifting for me to think that there are other people out there who appreciate these rhymes, which can at times reflect the darker sides of life.
As a self-indulgent exercise, I roughly totted up how many rhymes I have written with ‘bullying' as the focus of the subject. It turns out to be well over a thousand. Also, given that most of my rhymes were written for individuals with mental health problems, brought on by different forms of bullying, the total would shoot up to well over two thousand.
I acknowledge that this is not (or ever will be) a popular genre for poetic expression, but it has fulfilled a useful purpose over many years, to help people perceive their problems slightly differently to that which they might otherwise become embroiled or overwhelmed with on their own.
Best wishes