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Posted by Bill


I used to have an abdomen
like other fit and active men.
Slim, with muscles well defined
and symmetrically aligned.

Of course, this was a different age
and playing on a different stage.
For then, I had the momentum
to maintain a healthy tum.

I was always exercising
thus, it was not so surprising
that with this type of emphasis
my body-shape reflected this.

I can recall when I would train
I rarely ever suffered pain,
and I would train both hard and long
with nothing ever going wrong.

At fifty, I would still work-out
for that’s what being fit’s about,
and I enjoyed that past routine,
which meant that I was fit and lean.

It did not seem to take too long
when things first started to go wrong,
then illness confined me to bed
and I was inactive instead.

I had troubles with my gut
and repercussions in my butt,
which ended in an operation
and rapid degeneration.

Now I am old, my belly’s round
and stuck upon it, can be found
a stoma, which tends to protrude
and this is where the poo extrudes.

My abdomen is now a mess
which can cause me great distress.

                                       B. Withers 2019



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Puppyluv56 : Great poem Bill. So true! Jul 09, 2020
lovely : You covered it all Bill another good one. Thanks for sharing Jul 09, 2020
Bill : Thank you Puppyluv & Lovely for your supportive comments. I keep churning out these rhymes with virtually no feedback from anyone else until they are published. So it is very useful to have comments on them before they go to press.
Best wishes
Jul 10, 2020
Jan Keast : Wonderful poem! Your life and body was very similar to mine. Always a very active woman, and very fit! Loved my fit body, but yes, after close to 25 years an ostomate, my body feels much different these days! But I’m alive, and living with gratitude.
Be well!
Dec 06, 2020
Bill : Hello Jan.
Thank you so much for taking to the time and trouble to read this rhyme, but thank you even more for posting a reply as this is what makes the whole exercise of writing seem worthwhile.
Best wishes
Dec 06, 2020
Jan Keast : Thanks Bill! Sometimes it seems like I don’t post for awhile, then I find someone posting something that brings a smile to my face and I like to respond!
Your post cheered me up on this cold, wet morning!
Dec 06, 2020

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