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What's It All About?

Posted by iMacG5

Most of us are born, live any number of years, then we die.  So what’s it mean?  Did we take someone else’s place?  Will someone take our places?  Was it mostly fun?  Was some of it too difficult or was it a breeze?  Some are born sick or get sick very young.  They suffer, can’t get to school, cause rivers of tears from loving, helpless family, acquaintances and total strangers.  Then they smile and our hearts break.  Some live around a hundred years, get colds and belly aches once in a while, twist an ankle or something and moan about how difficult life is.   Most of us are not perfect physical specimens, are less than brilliant, skilled at only a few things and suffer from human traits like anger, fear, criticism of others and sometimes we’re just jerks.  Some are victims of good things that end badly like infatuation, love, lottery disaster or scratch golf until the brain got involved.  Then life goes on and some of us wonder why or what for.  I’m told it’s all about faith, hope and charity.  If that’s related to religion then I need to change the subject.  I’ll assume those characteristics are human, non-denominational things to hang on to.  I want to think there’s something to this philosophy so I can enjoy my life more and conclude that it does have some meaning.  I guess that means I have hope.  It’s not a big deal.  Anyone can hope for anything but without reasonable expectations hope might not be realistic.  I might hope for a lightning bolt to hit the SOB that just cut me off on I-95 but that’s not reasonable and, in some circles, might be considered ill-natured.  Unless there’s a religious definition of hope, I don’t have to be religious to have hope. 

Charity is a wonderful thing and It’s good for me to be charitable.  I feel good if I can share some stuff with others who might need and can’t afford it.  My parents were generous to a fault and sometimes deprived themselves to give to others.  Well, that’s not me but I have found that the more generous I am the luckier I seem to get.  Nothing religious about that either.  I just think most folks are good and will give to those in need; within limits, of course.   

So that brings me to Faith and I don’t know where to begin. If I work hard and try to do the right things, I have faith there’s a good chance things will work out favorably.  If a little kid gets sick, suffers then dies from some stupid disease we can’t cure, my faith lets me think there are things that happen, can’t be explained and that’s part of the definition of “life”.  I could hate it, try to blame the system, the lack of science, the kid’s parents and nothing will change. I can only feel better if I can accept that things might happen for no good reason and have faith that in time, through lots of energy, maybe we’ll find a way to prevent them from ever happening again.  For those who translate “faith” to believing and trusting that God will make everything better eventually, that’s great if it works for them.  

Unfortunately I have so many more questions than answers and it doesn’t look like that’s gonna change too quickly  I hope it will and I have faith that it could.  Maybe I’ll drop a couple more bucks in the basket.  

Thanks for reading.


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mild_mannered_super_hero : interesting post mike {as always} . i am religious, so it`s easier for me. but it always makes me smile to see folks who aren`t try to make sense outta this thing we call life ! sorry but i don't have any answers. thanks for sharing your thoughts. regards Mar 30, 2015
Nicky-T : Mike,Being a god fearing atheist, I've always been of the opinion that there is no reason for our existence. There it is. We just DO exist. If we don't like it, tough. We do it. Or, for some of us, we don't. But, hey, as long as I'm having fun (or even EXPECTING to have fun) I just keep hanging in there. I know that there are a lot of people that are glad that I'm here to keep them company (even though they likely would NOT phrase it in exactly those words, eh?). But still. there have been plenty of folks in MY life that I have always been grateful for their existence and hope that they continue to be part of my life. So I assume that the same things goes for others. How about YOU? Is there anyone (other than ME, right now) who is glad you are here? Probably. You know who they are even if I do not. If and when we die (most of us will, it seems) we don't just disappear. We live on in the minds of those that knew us and if you stop to consider it, there must be at least one or two folks who WERE in YOUR life that you still think about and appreciate for their effect on YOU while they WERE part of your life.I sure don't need an imaginary being up there in the sky to make me feel that way. Sure, there might even BE someone or something like that, but it is of no concern to me, since if he, or she, DOES exist then that being will likely be a lot more experienced and wiser than I am.So go for it. If you need a reason for your existence consider the ants and earthworms who just couldn't make it without you.NT Mar 30, 2015
Zywie : I liked reading this, Mike. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I quit asking that question or looking for answers, quite some time ago. Maybe even agree with Nicky-T, we just exist. As I've said, no one has ever come back to tell me what the alternative is like; this is all we know. Some people need religion, some people don't. In my eyes there is a difference in religion and faith in God. I believe you can have one without the other. I'm not a fan of any religion. But I've met many different people in my life and there is pieces of each of their beliefs that I like very much. Other than that, I'm staying away for the religion topic also. It always gets me in trouble. Then there's my other theory. We're just a very long episode of Twilight Zone and some giant kid is up there playing to his/her hearts content with us. :)Hugs Mar 30, 2015
iMacG5 : Thanks MMSH for your thoughts. I evaded the religion thing for two reasons. First, lots of folks get annoyed with references to God, prayer or religion. Second, I have difficulty defining what religion versus spirituality means. Having stated that, I just need to identify myself the best I can. I am a “practicing” Roman Catholic with twelve years of catholic schooling. I believe in lots of stuff I was taught but not because of the teachings. I’ve learned lots about religion and some not so common sense things relative to existence from Christians and others. Now I probably have twice as many questions as I did 30 years ago. Getting sick caused me to think about this stuff a lot more and I think I learned a lot from folks like you and the other caring, kind, intelligent guys and girls here. NT and Zywie, though my beliefs might differ somewhat from yours, I totally respect your thoughts and appreciate your inputs. That’s an understatement! You guys didn’t just pull this stuff out of the blue. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this and you’ve given me more great food for thought. I detect brilliance here; not the kind we get from textbooks but from life and living.Thank you all so much for causing me more confusion, less conviction, but more directions in which I can pursue this stuff. Or have a breakdown.Sincere thanks,Mike Mar 31, 2015
Mrs.A : Hi Mike,What a question you put out there. I think it's a bit like you said, we are all trying to identify ourselves the best we can. We all have those human traits and more. As I read your blog it seemed to me you are looking for something more than just the human side of life, or at the least wondering if there is more. I believe so! Yep, I'm one of those Faith folks, and prayers are something I couldn't live without. I don't have all the answers to my questions,( I am a work in progress and hope to always learn) but isn't that part of what Faith is, not having all the answers? If you look up the meaning of faith what do you read? I don't think you can find the answer in the dictionary but in the Bible, as it is more of a spiritual word. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I went to catholic school for 11 years, but became frustrated with their teachings that they couldn't back up.Well that's my two cents worth. Mar 31, 2015
Zywie : Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! You may not have a breakdown. You always make sense and I love reading each and everything you are willing to share. Big hug. Z Apr 01, 2015
Zywie : Oh, hope you don't mind Mike, but a lil P.S. to Nicky-T - I love the God-fearing atheist (along with a lot of other things you said). But that really made me giggle and could get one's brain trailing off for miles and miles. Maybe one day, when mine's not wandering in other directions, I will take it down that path. :) Apr 01, 2015
iMacG5 : Your two cents Mrs A, in the overall scheme of things, is priceless. How do we put a price tag on one's sincere efforts to understand, reason and help others get to where they're trying to go? I thank you.Zywie, You're so kind and I promise to keep things in some perspective. Thanks for the thought and I'm happy you mentioned Nicky-T. We need each other to get to the bottom, or top, of this.Sincerely,Mike Apr 01, 2015
macsac1 : The answer is obvious. We exist so the ostomy supply companies can make money from our misfortune. Apr 06, 2015
Zywie : lolololololololololol !!!!! Yea Apr 06, 2015
iMacG5 : Well Mac, I had hoped for something more profound but if it got Zywie laughing, that's ceretainly valuable. Thanks.Mike Apr 06, 2015

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