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No Turning Back Now!

Posted by honeybblunt

Well i've finally taken my first step to a return to reality and there's no turning back now.  I decided i couldn't wait for my wounds to heal, its not that i'm impatience...well OK maybe i am just a little!!...but more that if i spent another day in my four walls i swear my brain would of turned to last Tuesday i returned to work.  Smelly, rude, teenage boys who have not intention of even trying to god you've no idea how much i have missed them!!  I am supposed to do a phased return but just couldn't help myself and worked the full day....OMG!! completely knackered, too tired to even cook my own daughter her tea, zonked on the settee, she woke me up at almost 10 o'clock....note the little monkey knows her bed time in 8.30pm!!....she pulled a fast one there!!  Anyway HR have gone ballistic that i've broken the terms of my phased return...something about them not being insured...silly me for a moment i thought they may have actually been concerned about me!!!   Anyway i was frogmarched off the school premises at 2pm today and told to only work four hours a day next week!!!!....come on, what can you get done in four hours?!!  Anyway it feels good.....really returning to normal, maybe i am still normal afterall!  And i've realised that outside of the bubble that i've been living in for the last 7 months, life exists, all the same problems, all the same stresses, all the same fun, all the same friends, all the same pleasures in now i'm thinking how good it feels to still be alive 

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Past Member: Hi Honey, well done you at least you have got out the four walls. Tired yes you will be but at the end of the day you did good.. Teaching teenage boys .. girl you need a medal.My son had learning problems i worked hard in keeping him going onwards to collage, he made it and got good grades. He had lots of good teachers ,and one to one help,im so greatful for that. Im sure now you have taken the step back to work,things will get better for you,even though your feeling so tired..Good luck , tc ambies... Nov 03, 2011
Rizzo : Hi Honey, Please be careful, I was the same as you.I was so bored at home I went back to work with three weeks left on my sick I've gotta have another op to fix the hernia I got.I never felt anything, but I must have caused it myself by thinking I knew better than the Doctors!.Please take care...Bob. Nov 03, 2011
MrsO : hi honey, well done on going back to work. isn't it good to get back to normal. i understand you being frustrated about doing a phased return. mine lasted four days before i cracked and stayed at work all day! make sure you're careful though, take carelove mrs o xx Nov 04, 2011
Bill : Hello honeybblunt,What a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing it. As already mentioned - please be careful as to what and how much you do. It is often the case that untoward things happen when you are just beginning to get tired but haven't yet noticed it for yourself. If there had been more teachers like you when I was at school, I may not have ended up with such a jaundiced view of them. I do understand the concept of young pupils not appearing to want to learn. The main reason for my leaving the role of senior university lecturer was that a ten-year old came into my session one day and showed them all what 'wanting to learn' was all about. It thus dawned on me that most of my PhD. students were only there for the bit of paper that would say that they had passed the test. My resignation went in at the end of that term and I proceeded to seek out people who genuinely wanted to learn for themselves. Interestingly, these turned out to be people who were deemed as mentally disordered by the rest of society. We surely live in a peculiar world!Best wishesBill Nov 04, 2011
DH : Hi Honeyblunt. It must feel great to get back to work and a normal life. I am looking forward to doing the same. I am starting to go stir crazy from bordem. But I don't have to much longer to go.The first thing I am going to do is celebrate. That bottle of white zinfandel in the fridge has been calling my name.Good luck with your job! Donna Nov 04, 2011
Past Member: First day back at work, oh wow, how i remember mine, the apprehension etc. It was a turning point and new chapter. The beginning of the rest of my healthy life and all that stuff. I am happy for you Honey, but do listen to what the others have said about one step at a time.You have just come through major surgery and you are doing a phased return for a good reason. Just take one step at a time and you will be back to your old self soon enough. TC-DD Nov 04, 2011
Past Member: Hi Honey! I'm the same after surgery, you can get sooo bored at home and its a temptation to rush things. You probably know when you've pushed it too hard so just take it easy when you do! Drop me an email if you fancy chatting, its on my profile page, or catch me in the chatroom. You live pretty local to me so it would be nice to get to know someone close by!Catch you soon. Steve x Nov 07, 2011

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