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Posted by magoo

Hi Guys ,  sorry  I don't  mean to keep on about Ireland  but  there is another movie that  is  very well done .  It's called  .  " The Journey " .

  Martin McGuinness  was the top Military guy in the IRA  , Ian Paisley  was the head of the Unionist Movement .  At some point in the final peace agreement  talks  someone managed to get the two of them together in a confined space . 

      The story of this meeting was around for quite a while  and it was just hard to believe  that this could happen .  They were actually given a  " pet name"   by the Press , "  The Chuckle Brothers "  because they were filmed laughing and shaking hands .  

   The movie depicts the  conversation during that long car trip  .  The script is well done  but for many you will need the subtitles .  The Northern Ireland accent is a bit  tough to  decipher . This is a statement on negotiation  and compromise  but most of all on acceptance .   

    Personally I think one of the main reasons  the negotiations worked was  because of huge financial  committments  to all sides of the conflict .

     Interesting  movie , well written  and elieve it or not entertaining .

Eamon ☘☘

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Dec 30, 2021
HenryM : As a fellow film buff, I'll offer up one just out: 'Don't Look Up.' A top-notch cast deals with a situation involving an extinction level event, a comet headed directly for earth, and a gov't that refuses to take it seriously. It is a comedy! The satire is almost too obvious. Substitute our current plague for the comet (or, global warming), and Trump for the president, and there it is. Instead of red MAGA hats, the president's supporters wear hats that say "Don't Look Up" with an arrow pointing down. In a nice casting move, Meryl Streep, the great actress that Trump called "overrated," plays the president. It's playing on Netflix.
Dec 30, 2021
magoo : I just wrote a piece highly recommemding that movie Henry . Very well executed . Meryl Streep is a real class act , all brilliant work .
Don't know if you saw it Henry but a movie called " Idiocracy " is so on the money about Trump , Sarah Palin and the whole Trump ...Tripe philosophy . Idiocracy goes off the rails at some point but the first half is predictive . For a movie made in 2006 it is just amazing and very funny . Sarah Palin is the moronic president . I think you must have seen this one Henry .
Another brilliant piece of American Presidential craziness is called " Being There" with Peter Sellers . A lot of his movies were sort of dipship slapstick but this movie is his legacy , proof of his genius acting skills .
I have a ling list of A+ movies . I'll throw a few out there now and then . Maybe we can get a Movie Critic section !!

Eamon ?????
Dec 30, 2021
HenryM : Hey Eamon, 'Being There' is one of my all-time favorites, Peter Sellers at his best.'Idiocracy' was a bit too much; I couldn't finish watching it. I see enough idiocracy in real life and it just pissed me off. But I'm definitely a movie fan. I'm currently reading a bio of Sam Goldwyn, which has a lot of background on early Hollywood. Goldwyn was a smart illiterate with some hysterical quotes, such as "Include me out."
Dec 30, 2021
magoo : Hi Henry , yes , if they ended Idiocracy half way through least it would have worked better but some of the imagery was just priceless . The health care bit reminded me ( Sadly) of my very first experience with hospitals in Ca . In this medical Org there was a standard response , you are getting No expensive tests until you are literally bleeding to death internally and out my ass !!! . What could have been a week or so in hospital turned into several Million dollars , lost track of the multiple stays in ICU ( 5 to 10 $K
per day I would guess ?) , Surgery over a lot of years . Standard response to an Irish guy was ... Lighten up on the Guiness and stop being an Alco Paddy ( didn't use Paddy , just like N word ) . I was in College and didn't drink . That was almost the same from 4 Doctors at Three different hospitals with a K in the name . Standard response was . You're dehydrated , drink Gatorade ( that must be a hell of a Hangover ...subtext ) . Anyway I lived !!! In spite of them trying to kill me !! ?
I think it was a blue Sportsdring , Gatorade I think they had on tap in Idiocracy . I almost fell over laughing when I saw that as I remembered the British Doc (?) Telling me to drink Gatorade instead of Guinness . In Ireland in the old days ( pre PC police ) if you gave blood you would get a bottle of Guinness and a biscuit before leaving !! Lots of Iron in it apparently . I once saw a Nurse bring a bottle of Guinness to the other patient in bed , open it and pour itfor him , she got a perfect head on it too , 1/2 inch of cream on top .
Watching Dexter again from the beginning while I'm staying with Kitty's Kiddies . One of my very Top picks .
Better stop , going back to Marin County soon
Later ? Eamon .
Dec 31, 2021
magoo : Meant to say , no Co-Pays , zero cost to me except wrecking my life !!

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