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Pinky, I need your help darling, Jenny

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Posted by Past Member, on Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:04 am
Pinky, This Post is for you.  I know you irriagate every day as I read that you do.  I would like to know how to do it like you are even though I will get instructions, but this is something I want to learn before my reversal, it may sound crazy as I know I dont have a long time to irrigate, but I want to go out with my husband on My Birthday In September and Party my ass off.  I dont drink much and my husband dont drink at all, but I love a good time and I have a good man, I just would like to wear a small bag for that night and a beautiful dress and some darn heels again.  I love fun of all kinds,I couldn't pick just one thing I love more than another.  But I want to enjoy this Birhday as I sure had to cancel a whole Wedding and I was so looking forward to that.  I dont Celebrate my Birthday but my family and friends always have, but I dont even want to be home for Company.  I just want to show off my face lift at 52 and OK I got the Life Style Lift and it was only 3.000 dollars as I knew the Doctor and got a Promotion, heck a tummy tuck cost me 20 thousand years ago and Liposuction cost me five thousand and no hospital stay and damn did that hurt.  But Pinky I hate to tell that my beauty secrets hurt like hell, but I aint a good liar.  Also I think if you irragate that often then your good at it.  I will learn several ways as some people have told me how much time it takes, well I dont care, my husband will work that day and come home and take his wife out for a night on the Town.  My son always flies in from DC on my Birthday and God last night he really gave me a present, he does that for no reason.  So does my youngest but I do give him a good chunk for all the help he gives me around the house.  I loved Ed's article he put up on our generation and how well we did, but Ed I have some awesome children and so does my dearest friend on this site and plus we got some cool dogs.  Pinky I have to say this as I am not Hi-Jacking Gus page, but the one he said about coming back as a cockroach and dragging a pouch almost killed me laughing as that one hurt bad, I mean my tummy, it totally cracked me up.  Sometimes you all can say the funniest things and I have no idea what the ending is going to be and I am like Holy shit this is way to awesome and should be Posted on every chat, you all are way good with these jokes, plus Swiffer you are right about these Austraila people as my closest friend is one, they dont seem to want to much help from anyone, all they say is how strong they are and the thing is they are right.  God Bless You Pinky and I would Love your help and give my husband a night on the town he wont forget, like they say some get better with age, its my new goal in life, Love ya Pinky,Jenny
Reply by Pinky, on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:04 pm
Hi Jenny - thanks for all the kind words...irrigating is only for colostomies, and you need to have the equipment which comes in a set - I use the Coloplast set-up because it has a temperature gauge and a little wheelie that shows you exactly how fast the water is flowing into the stoma.

Then you must have irrigation sleeves that fit your skin barrier ring - mine is Hollister 1 and 1/4 inch.

You should irrigate the first time only under the supervision of your WOCN, because sometimes people have a bad reaction - get light-headed or faint, usually because they are running the water in too fast.

So it's not really a process worth doing on a one-time basis, but rather to train the bowel to go at certain times and then either wear a cap or mini-pouch.  My colostomy is a little unruly though and is only partly trained   Very Happy

Hope that answers your questions, Jenny.                        Pam   Smile
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Reply by Past Member, on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:38 pm
God Bless You Pinky, I think me and a good friend who both went to Nursing school can put all this information together but thank you for all of your help and I will order whatever I need and will irragate until my surgery and I should of a long time ago.  I would have spent time in the nice blue pool with my son if I would have.  Like I learned in this life we all take things in life different.  I promise you I will be fine and the funny thing is even when I got my last colonoscopy the Doctor had to ask me, Jenny what puts you all the way to sleep and I was so upset to tell him the same drug that killed Michael Jackson.  But I had no problems waking up. I am just not easy to put to sleep they have to like OD me.  I think my brain is so worked up when they try to knock me out, that I really am holding the Mask over my nose and mouth Praying to fall asleep.  I think that is why my favorite show is House as he is Brittish but is an American Doctor on his TV show.  I never miss a show, I love the guy and man even my husband knows this man has like put a spell on me.  Just a way cool Doctor addicted to Vicodin in the show, but I see something loving that a lot of people dont see in him and yea it is the Character but he is just so sexy.  Pinky I really was told to irragate a long time ago when I was in the second Hospital with Sepsis.  I just didnt even bother with it or try.  Now that I am this close to my surgery and want to give my husband one heck of a good time, I think it is time to give it a try.  I am very good at most things I do and very careful so please dont worry about me.  I do care a lot about you Pinky and you are one good women and thank you for thinking of my Health, Love Always and Forever, Jenny
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Reply by Past Member, on Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:54 pm
hey jenny, here`s a short video on irrigation. PLEASE be sure to cear it with your doc or ostomy nurse before you do it. they can tell you over the phone if you are a canidate for itrrigation...make the call first. if you have the proper "kit"its quite simple and painless and will give you more freedom in your day to day life.
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