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Posted by perkyberky, on Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:01 am
I live in Florida and before I had my ileostomy I use to be great at swimming and kayaking.  Now I shy away from it because I'm wondering how I will empty my pouch if I am kayaking for a couple of hours or swimming and getting all equipment wet; will it irritate my skin.  I know after I take a shower I blow dry my flange and pouch but what will happen if I'm sitting with it wet on the beach for a couple of hours.  Would like to hear from someone who can relate and help me with this situation.  much appreciated ---
Reply by Chris1, on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:11 am
Have no fear ... go get wet.  I spend hours every week in a mineral hot springs ... play water volleyball two or three times and for an hour or so at a time and have never had a problem.  My system normally empties in the mid morning so i wait till that has happened before going in the water.   I wear the elastic belt with my holister equipment and also a swim wrap that also holds the bag close and flat profiled ... (since I go to a clothing optional hot springs).  Never had a leak ... if i do start to pass something I just get out and head for the restrooms.  Like you if I don't change everything during a shower, I use the hair dryer too.  I believe that getting the flange wet it tends to stick better for at least another day after.  Soooo.... stop worrying and go get wet
Reply by Counting My Blessings, on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:58 am
I now go swimming daily.  I use Cymed one piece drainable pouches.  The micro skin adhesive has never let go.  And I don't add anything extra like tape.  There's no place to attach a belt.

When I was using Hollister, I wasn't as successful going swimming.  I used the belt AND the pink tape and still had sections loose when I got home.

I can't see that you'll have any more problems than someone with no ostomy that needs to find a bathroom at the beach or in the kayak.  Just pack an extra bag and throw away wipes in a ziploc bag in the kayak to keep fresh supplies dry and put used materials until you get back to civilization.  

I can't decide if you'd be better off with a drainable pouch or a closed pouch, one piece or two piece for extended kayaking trips.  I think I'd stick with my one-piece drainable if I thought I could handle the kayaking again.  I don't think I could get out of a kayak anymore.  I have trouble standing up since radiation and chemo. But I don't think the bag would be a problelm, speaking as a former camper.

Go for it, and take your sense of humor along with you!!
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