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Can't get a reversal off this thing I got on my side I hate

Posted by georgieboy, on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:11 pm

Can anyone help  me as Iim going crazy with this horrible bag .  

Live begged and begged my consultant to reverse my Stoma  so many times that now. I've given up the ghost as I'm hitting a brick wall they won't reverse it as all they keep saying my heart won't take. The operation but I don't  care if. It won't all I want is rid off this thing for good.

My marriage  finished because off it  my family won't talk to me jive lost friends over. It I can't do what I used to do .i sit all day in doors don't go out at all I've even ow stopped going to the hospital. For appointments  as its a waste off time as all they say is. How's it doing and then ok see you in 3 months and that's it . 

Ive now come to the conclusion  that nothing can be done just because there scarred. I'll pop my clogs on the table or have a stroke  and  they don't want to. Take the chance. Well if that's the case I'm better off in my box  at least I'll be free off this. Horrible thing I'm tied to .

I wish I'd never agreed to the operation in the first place as I was told 3 months then get it reversed as the consultant was really. Being a total lieing two faced rat  but he convinced me it was needed   . He also said after the 3 months  reversal I'd be able to do as I pleased and eat as I want and carry on. With my life as before .

But now it's been 3 years and I'm still  got it. And hundreds off promises  that all will be well but. I've  not had it good lost 8 stone in weight  gone down from 15 stone in weight to 7 stone  in weight  lost all my teeth , my pancreas  has  packed up and my gaulbladder has stopped working and my bile duct. Is the same  but can't be removed as. My heart won't take the op so I'm left with wasted body part floating in my gut. That don't work  plus all I eat. Comes out as food nothing gets broken. Up  . I'm on now this will make you laugh I'm on 90. Off 1 tablet a day  plus 50 more oter tablets  a day making a total off  140 tablets. Over 24 hours can't eat till I've taken 30   Only can eat 3 times a day  can't drink till ive taken. 10 tabs. I'm emptying this bag maybe 8 to 10 times a day plus 3 to 5 times during the night .

Im now at my wits end and I really wish I was free off all this  nightmare  I can't. Build up the strength. To end  it  I just want peace and freedom and I'm scarred I'll do something that will give me the peace 


Im feeling so low and alone I've not been out off my home in a year I get every thing delivered 

Take care every one and all the best for Christmas 


Reply by mild_mannered_super_hero, on Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:42 am

we all know how you feel, everyone of us here has been in a simular circumstance. the learning curve for some is more difficult than for others, there are a few members here that have 2 bags, i cant imagine how they deal with that.. i cant give you a solution to your exact problem. i can only tell you that others can and do live a normal and active life style with "the bag ". have faith, keep searching and you will find a solution. you can do it .......never give up. 

Reply by Immarsh, on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:58 pm

Hi Geogie,   This is Marsha.   I wish I could give you the answers that you crave.  I can't.  I can tell you that more than 50 years ago, when I had my surgery, I met another young girl, who had just had hers.   We became friends, and have remained friends through these many years.   But the big difference between us was attitude.   Tara, hated the surgery, the bag, and  everything about it.  She became angry, nasty and bitter, was married 3x,  took drugs, drank , developed diabetes....and is now in extremely poor health....and as angry and bitter as ever.   I had my surgery when I was 15, had many many complications before they got it right, and I had my "final surgery" at 19.   I am forever gratedful for my "badges & scars" of survival.  The surgery allowed me to live a "normal" life, marry, have children, return to school, get my degree and become a teacher.

  It's not always perfect .....and yes there are complications.....but I try to balance those with other inconveniences....allergy, sinus issues, 2 surgeries,  frequent sinus infections. etc.   But I don't wish to live without a nose. 

So to have a better quality of life,  thought of " getting rid of the bag" need to be replaced by  a strategy of how to learn to live with it successfully.   Find foods that agree with you, accept that the output occurs when it will,    go out prepared with supplies,   Put a smile on your face, and when friends and relatives ask "how you are",   answer "JUST FINE".    You can always come here to vent your concerns and issues, but others really don't want to hear it...  It that glas half full, or half empty.   Life is fragile and short enough, and is not worth wasting time anguishing over things that can't be changed.   Acceptance is in you power....   Use it. 





Reply by Joymarla, on Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:09 pm

Hi Georgie, My husband has a colostomy and I assist him with all of the issues that come with it. I give him a lot of supplements and he does eat most anything he wants without extra problems coming with diet.  He is on no medications..just a lot of supplements and High protein Ensure daily.  He came home from the hospital in 2010 with a feeding tube that stayed in for one year until he accidently pulled it out and we never bothered to get it reinserted.  It took a while to heal the hole in his stomach through to the belly and the collapsed lung & perforated colon that they sent him home with after they removed his kidney but the bag is a better option than the alternative.  I am wondering why you are on so many "tablets".  Could this be part of your problem?  Have you tried eating foods with digestive enzymes?  I'd hate to recommend yet another tablet such as a digestive enzyme, as you are on so many already.  If your food is coming through whole, possibly the "tablets" or at least some of them are NOT getting into your system and if they are, may they be part of your problem issues?  Just a thought but it seems to me that you are not being monitored properly or given the necessary help to overcome some issues that are likely holding you back from recovery.  Keep in touch Georgie.


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