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Another Horrific Time!!!!

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Posted by Bill, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:35 am

Hello PVassarFan 10.

What mortified me was when I got into difficulties whilst visiting my local hospital. I went into the toilet to clean up and it was hopeless for my needs.

I explained and asked the nurses where I could clean up and they directed me to the basement where there was a sluice for cleaning up soiled bed linen. There was not privacy as it was just a laundry area and by that time I just couldn't care less so I stripped of and washed my clothes anyway. You would think that in a HOSPITAL that actually performed these operations, that there would be suitable toiletting facilities. after that incident I went roud all the toilet areas to see if anything would be more suitable than the sluice. What I found(or did niot find)  really shocked me as even the disabled loos were not designed with us in mind. Okay if you have difficulty getting on and off the loo; okay if you are a mother with child; okay in some of them if you are in  a wheelchair. But nothing very helpful if you need to clean up after a stoma disaster.

It looks as if we will always need to be self-reliant in these situations.

Best wishes


Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:24 am

Bill thanks so much for responding again to another horrific, time thank you for sharing again have a great day you inspire me bill!!!angelicamarie

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:27 am

Bill thanks I think that I had sent you a duplicate reply hopefully this will take care of it. Angelicamarie

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Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:46 am

Wendy thanks for sharing (referring to horrific days) it is quite embarrassing but you made it, and you dealt with it, and u sharing might help someone else you have a great one once again thanks angelicamarie

Reply by LadyHope, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:01 am

Hi Everyone, I agree with you regarding bathroom facilities and how they are not compatible with ostomate emergencies.  I find that I need extra shelving and running water to help out.  One would think that although we are not handicapped, we could use additional appliances available to make ostomy changing less complicated and messy.  Plus, some public bathrooms are terrible....are they ever cleaned?  Thanks again for the thread.  Maybe if we group together as one louder voice, our needs will be heard and our requests met.  Take care and have a happy Tuesday!  LH

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:43 am

Lady hope that's a great idea one voice is not heard it almost takes an army. Take care angelicamarie

Reply by HarleyDoll, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:42 pm

Not to ruffle any feathers but it might be worthwhile advocating for some shelving as opposed to new signage on washrooms.  Your new president might be quite interested in helping the disabled as opposed to the gender confused.  Our washrooms in the hospitals here in Canada are the same.  No shelving and half the time you can't even tell if the door is locked or not, while people in a line waiting outside.  I was in the ER a few days ago, you don't want to know.  They have - as you say - NO shelving whatsoever and you are lucky if there is a hook on the back of the door to put your coat or purse.  Then they hand you a urine sample too, with a little wipe and a little bottle.  Where are you supposed to put that?  You have to be a juggler to get this accomplished without having to put your purse on the dirty floors.  I also had a 3 day hospital stay in late August.  It was an emergency and I had no chance to plan or change my pouch before I went there.  Do you think the hospital had any pouches?  Nope.  Stuck with a dirty bag all through my testing (major testing), all through the entire stay.  The shift changes were so often and the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.  ALL I WANTED WAS A CLEAN BAG, I WOULD CHANGE IT MYSELF HULLO???  Well, the hospital does not carry a supply of bags or pouches apparently, so what happened is I had to get the one Ostomy Nurse on the one day she was there to order up from my supplier to deliver to the hospital and I gave them my credit card to pay for it.

All this, and a four stents too (heart attack).  You better believe we are on our own up here for the most part.  Socialized medicine is NOT all unicorns and rainbows.  Parts are good, other parts are outright dangerous.  I finally got my new bags and supplies about three hours before I had to go home (3-4 day hospital stay).  But not before there was some kind of carbon monoxide type or gas leak in our hospital room - haha.  Oh yeah, HOMEWARD BOUND I couldn't wait to get home!

Reply by Mrs.A, on Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:55 pm

I keep an empty department store bag in my purse. I put my purse inside it and hang it on the door, or sometimes on the door lock.

Keep a simple but strong S hook which can go over the door to hang your purse then you can use the bag for the used ostomy supplies so you can tie it up and toss it when your done.

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:41 am

Thanks mrs a , for that info I will try it and thanks again for replying to another horrific time have a good day!!


Reply by Past Member, on Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:33 pm

Hello friends,

Aaah yes, the totally useless and totally inadequate public facilities. I can see that for women they are even more frustrating.

I on the other hand, enjoy the cosy confines of porta potties scattered along my daily routes. They at least have shelves and

a locking door. From there on things decline rapidly. No water, no heat, and for the most part no light.

I won't bore you with the other delights. Suffice it t

to say, I'll take any inside facility vs. a porta potty or on some "immediate" occasions, a secluded spot along a fire road. Just

me and the wildlife doing our thing. Who ever though that the daily functions would become so challenging.

Adapt and survive, we have opposed thumbs, we can make it!!!

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:40 pm

Thank you scootertrash, the things we go through but we'll manage someway somehow thank you for sharing : angelicamarie

Reply by weewee, on Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:10 pm

hello all,

oh do i remeber all the blow outs i have had in my past do to the way my surgen left me. in the past my changes would be up to 3 times a day depending on what i was doing. i had total shit blow outs at restraunts with friends and family. to me for 6 years this is what i delt with and all i did was what i had  to do and sometime that ment me striping my shirt off and being half naked so i didnt get it all over my pants, that was some of the easy ones. one time i got caught really good went to restraunt then tried to go to the store with my friend in his truck then a major blew out,  then my dear old stoma decided that it was going to be a shit fest and not stop shiting for a long time i couldnt do anything but spray the ground and pray i missed my friends truck cause then the wind picked up and was blowing and when people were driving by they watched as i shit all over the parking lot by the time my friend got back i used all the paper towels all the baby wipes my shirt stunk up the whole spot and he was trying to rush to get me home the bumps in the parking lot were more noticeable cause i didnt want a mess in the truck my friend was seeing how mad i was getting cause i used everything we had in the truck. i have spare back up changes in every car or place i am in, but on this day i couldnt stop shitting long enough to put anther bag on. by the time we got me home i was finally getting no out put. my friend handled it better then me he was praying that i wouldnt spray on the inside of the truck i said you got your wish, cause we made it home in pieces 

Reply by Newstom, on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:15 pm

Hi all, well I haven't had a big catastrophe in public, hope I never do. I end up hanging my purse around my neck sometimes to avoid the floor,  but that is challenging as well. I wear a belt to hold the snap on bag to the wafer. I was walking out of the Movies with my hubby and I felt something hitting the back of my Knees, I finally reached back and it was that white belt flapping way below my jacket like a long tail! I was so emabarassed I just tucked it in my pant waist and kept walking. I guess it wasn't the end of the world, I'd be much more upset if it fell off and I lost it but I did not look back and was glad I was leaving the theatre, not arriving! It reminded me of having toilet paper hanging out, that's happened a long time ago.....but the public bathrooms are not osto friendly! One big question? How do you know if you have a hernia and is it bad for you? I have this mound which is sometimes more protruding than others but it is not painful. I have no idea who to ask as my primary dr. Seems clueless with the colostomy 

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:22 pm

Hello newstrom, thanks for responding to horrific time. The good part is you were leaving and you didn't have waste falling down your leg, i cant give you any info about hernia, because I don't have one but on this site there is a wealth of information, and hopefully the ostamate that reaches that has the info will share with you!!!! ANGELICAMARIE

Reply by NotDeadYet, on Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:34 am
Angelicamarie wrote:

but it was really rough when it happened,and yes I was embarassed but I had to get out of them clothes . so I always have a change in the car cause you never know just have supplies in your purse. I have totes and I carry quite a bit wipes , soap toilet paper plastic bag. Wafer pouch ring

And there you have it. . . we have supplies in our cars. Extra leggings and top, Paper towel roll, ziplock bags (perhaps gallon-sized?), wet wipes, tissues, a bottle of water, but extra bags only make it to the trunk box if used immediately--who knows how a week in the trunk of a car would compromise that seal! I only carry a purse that can accomodate, in the side-zip-pocket, a colostomy bag, stored in a ziplock bag, and a small pack of wet wipes.

I am so sorry for guys that can't carry that stuff as women can. . . Women can carry a complete bag change in the interior zip-pocket of their purse! I can fully open my purse at a check out stand, and my extra colostomy bag and wipes and ziplock for disposal are hidden in the side pocket of my purse. Poor men! How could they possibly handle this?


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