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Why are there so many ostomates in the UK?


Is this a dating site???? Oh wow, hope my wife doesn't find out! I did try to do Bob's math on my fingers but got lost.

Seriously though, this is an interesting topic.

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Hi Uro,

 No, I didn't miss it.......I avoided it.  Cuz I hate veggies.........especially beans!  


PS....Ok, no wiseguys chiming in to say beans aren't veggies.......they're legumes.  Everyone knows'll just ruin my joke!


Read a lot of reply's. Great post for thought. I also have noted alot of Canadians strange but I will add one thing, I wish I never knew I had the cancer causing my urostomy, then I could of just enjoyed how many years I had left w/o this that kept me alive. My mom bless her is alive at 90 she told me both grandad's had bladder cancer. One got the surgery and died years later. The other grandad also got bladder cancer in his 80's. My grandma said you are not putting him through this at his age. He lived to over 90 and outlived his wife. It makes me wonder if they could've treated me differently. I know it's better than the alternative but what is the alternative. Food for thought. Have a great day. 


Well at 65 I think I'll keep enjoying my bacon and cold cuts. Besides I was a urostomy. A whole issue by itself. Stay cool

Reply to w30bob

What you mention access to the "expensive stuff", those meds may only be expensive in America, or far more expensive than they are elsewhere, because of the for-profit healthcare model in the US. In England, the NHS (national health service, paid for by a mandatory 12.25% tax in addition to our basic incone tax), buys meds in bulk and negotiates with pharmaceutical companies to supply meds at lower prices since they're primarily paid for by the state and they need the best price possible (aadults aged 16-65 aso pay a  10 "contribution" for a prescribed medicine, no matter what it is). We have access to lots of new drugs, but you're right about the state not financing some of the very new, niche formulations. Overall I think it's about access to "free" healthcare. Access is dreadful right now with waiting lists in the worst state in NHS history, but overall the system seem to works for more people than it fails. 

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