Struggling with Appliance Durability - Seeking Suggestions


Hey. I used to wear Hollister 3238 appliances, but can no longer do that. Years ago I could get up to two full days out of one, but now, less than ten hours. I switched to another brand, and if I get 24 hours out of one without it leaking around the seal that's against the skin, I am thankful. They're Coloplast. I wear an 8" straight appliance. I have not had problems for 40 years like this, just in the last three years and it's getting very upsetting. I feel like I can't go the places and do the things I used to be able to do. I am very, very active. Not going to slow down. I need suggestions for appliances. My ostomy nurse says 'people get four days out of a single application' and that's ludicrous! Four days! I wish. Even if I am not that active one day, it still happens. I have switched to wearing suspenders thinking that no pressure on the seal would help, but no dice. I followed the ostomy nurse's instructions to the T, still no dice. Tom.


I am not familiar with exactly what Hollister 3238 appliances are. Are they flat or convex? If you are using a flat barrier, consider a convex. Are there any scars near the stoma? I use a convex barrier with a thin ring and have no problems getting 6 days and probably could get 7 but have not tried.

Do you have a peristomal hernia?

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I use Convatec and have for 23 years. I go 4-5 days.

Check with a good colorectal surgeon.
Good luck!


ron in mich

Hi Writerman, you don't say if you have an ileostomy or colostomy or what your routine is. Have you gained weight or lost? I have an ileo. and use Convatec 2pc. and change every 3 days, and change in the morning of the 4th. I could go longer, but I don't think my skin would like it.

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I get 7 days with a light convex Coloplast products. I do add a piece of tape on the bottom where it dips just for my own security. I also cover the filter to prevent ballooning, etc. I use a 1-piece #16733 drainable 10-43mm with wide adhesive protective ring #1203727-57mm.

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My stomach is flat, I have a six-pack. I am very active. I run, do martial arts, am a master carpenter, love to landscape the yard, and walk the dog. I can't imagine getting three days out of an appliance, but certainly would love to do that. Two days is the maximum I have ever done in 43 years.


I have a urostomy. The only 6-pack is in my fridge, but I'm pretty fit with a flat stomach. I'm also just past 8 weeks since I got my stoma. I use a 2-piece Coloplast Sensura Mio Click appliance. I change every 3 days. I could maybe stretch it to 4, but I'm comfortable at 3. I also wear a Stealth Belt almost all day. I think it helps with leaks (I've only had a leak on one occasion.) I take it off to sleep.