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Posted by xnine

I try to welcome all new Canadians to the site. Many of my notes are not even read. If you go through the trouble of registering, read your mail. I do not expect a reply but I have got a few. Is it that you check my profile first to see if you want to open my note. I do not think my profile is that scary. Just my rant for the day.

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Puppyluv56 : I have noticed the same thing. Either they haven’t figured the sight out or they are not ready to talk! Maybe we see just overwhelming! Lol Pup Jan 09, 2020
kmedup : That has been a dilemma I have been struggling with as well. Way back when - in 2010-2011, many more ostomates were chatting and contacting each other. I miss those days where rants were acceptable and topics often had "sides." Something said is much better than nothing said. The world has made it such that one can stay "hidden" or that people are scared of saying what is on their mind. We are so divided that the humanness is disappearing - you know - caring about people no matter what side of the fence they are on. I still reach out to ostomates here and there (lee frequently now because of no responses) but it is the same people that bother to reply. It makes it difficult to care, unfortunately. And it is rude mainly because this site is about reaching out to people. So, come out of your hiding places and dare to be human. There is awesome information, advice and assistance on this site - not to mention some really great people. Jan 09, 2020
Puppyluv56 : I second that Kmedup! Jan 09, 2020
w30bob : Hi gang, Maybe the world was a different place back in 2010 compared to today. I seriously doubt there are more than a dozen or two members on this site that actively participate regularly. I suspect that since 2010 many have abandoned this place for other sites, they died, or they simply didn't need ostomy support any more.....whether they were members or not. How many folks that had successful reversals still hung around here? Why would they? If there's really thousands of folks reading our posts that's great. If any of them want to chime in that's also great. And if they just want to lurk in the shadows I'm ok with that too. The more the merrier, but I'm all about having the freedom to do what makes you happy. We're having a good time, so it's their loss! Regards, Bob Jan 09, 2020
xnine : ???? I will drink to that. Jan 09, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Has anyone noticed the format change? The like and respond choices are gone! Wonder what’s up with that? Pup Jan 09, 2020
britathrt60 : Yeah they have changed the format...why would they do that?? Ange Jan 10, 2020
w30bob : Yes...things have changed. Now when we reply to a post we do so in a little "add a comment" box. I also get notifications of all the "likes" my posts get, but don't see any indication of any "likes" when looking at the actual posts. I've given up trying to figure out this site. ;0) Bob Jan 10, 2020
Pirrip : good old 'supply and demand'? Jan 10, 2020
w30bob : So just curious....and maybe doing some future planning....are all you guys on Facebook? Are there more than one ostomy group on there? Sorry, I can't stand gossip and jibber-jabber and have no desire to know every minute of everyone's I avoid Facebook like the plague. thanks, bob Jan 10, 2020
kmedup : Last night I was in "chat" talking with ostomates that I have been in contact with for a decade. Some I have actually visited in person and some I plan on seeing in person in the next year. It was a delightful time and a bit of a walk down memory lane. On the other hand, I also reached out to someone who is currently going through EXACTLY what I had been through in 2006. The person looked at my profile but no reply to my comment was made. So, it discourages me from reaching out again - a point I have made before. This site is all about sharing the trials and tribulations of a common medical condition, more so than it is a relationship or dating site. However, I know of several people that have found their soulmate on this site. Sometimes - rather, many times, ostomates are more helpful and supportive than the medical community. I am glad the "likes" and "dislikes" icons are gone as I could never read a post and "dislike" it. It is a person's opinion, no matter how different than mine. Think of how shattering it would be to post something and have everyone show the "thumbs down." Ostomates have enough to deal with besides wondering if there post is popular. What a blow to the ego it can be! As for Facebook Bob, while I am still on this side of the grass, like you, I have no time to wonder what others are doing; I try to keep busy doing things and then wonder .. why the heck I just did that - like kiteboarding - one and done for me:) Pura Vida! Karen Jan 10, 2020
xnine : Stoma and Ostomy Support Group Ostomates Unite Group Calgary Ostomy Society Full of Shit Ostomy Humour are my Facebook sites Jan 10, 2020
w30bob : Thanks X.....I'll check them out at some point. Seems weird typing in this little blue box......... bob Maybe we've been hacked by the Iranians........or Chinese? That does more Iranian or Chinese food for me. Oh wait, forget that......just no Iranian food.......I'm addicted to General Tso's Chicken. And never had Iranian food, so I won't miss that. Who sidetracked me on this rant? I'm hungry again......... Jan 10, 2020
w30bob : Hey.........I don't see any way to edit our comments! Now all my typos will be seen by all y'all....and I'm going to look stupid again. Damn. Got a feeling we're taking on water.......... Jan 10, 2020
Daanders : I could not reply till I became a paid member Jan 27, 2020
Puppyluv56 : The blue box seems to be in response for comment on Blogs and not the forum discussions. I kinda like them! Seems friendlier than the respond button and then you have to try to get under the darker gray box of the comment you are responding to. Just sayin! Jan 28, 2020

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