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Magoo ...Continued ...The First Meeting .

Posted by magoo

    We got back to San Mateo in the afternoon and I had arranged to meet Ms K the next day.  

She was the instigator all the way . Ms K would not let me put it off , almost demanding that we meet as planned . Our Sushi lunch would be followed by "Atomic Blonde" envigorating prelude to our evening to follow. 

   At the appointed time ...2:30  the next day My phone beeped ...."  Just around the corner ".

    I gulped as a little bead of sweat formed on my hairy upper lip !!! lol  .... I wondered if Ms K was as nervous as I now was. Should I shake her hand , perhaps a kiss on the cheek ??  Maybe I should just introduce myself and shake her hand politely ??  

    I walked to the street and there she was ...grinning and opening the car door for me .

     Before I could say a word she kissed me on the lips ....

     I blushed bright red ....


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Angelicamarie : Hi Eamon, you were such a gentleman deciding how to introduce yourself, perhaps she took the lead because she felt like there's no turning back now!!! You go Eamon!! I wish you happiness and love in your relationship. Angel
Dec 31, 2017
Bill : It's interesting how much thought needs to be put into a first meeting, only to find that other people have their own ideas as to how it should go. What a lovely surprise!
Best wishes
Dec 31, 2017
dadnabbit : Eamon, I must admit that after our many intermittent telling contacts over the past years, I'm NOT at all surprised that this WISE young lady took the RIGHT lead !!! Women are very good at discerning when a gentleman has class. Wishing you a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR, and a fulfilling relationship with Ms. K.
Dec 31, 2017
magoo : You are Soo kind Nancy hugs sweetie XO Dec 31, 2017
magoo : Same to you Nancy are a special lady . You should get out there in the New Year and share your life philosophy with others . Kick Fear to the Curb and share the love . I feared life for some time but I have changed in recent years . I have become more outgoing and open to other people and no longer care very much about failure or fear of failure...go for it. If you can fly then fly to a warm beach and soak up the sun . Try Chincoteague Island ....for a new leases on life XOXO Dec 31, 2017
mdq58 : Glad all went well and good for you getting out, it just gets easier Dec 31, 2017
magoo : Thank you...we became instant friends so I guess something is working right !!???? Jan 01, 2018
Teddiee : Hey. Eamon........I've got THREE cats, none as huge as the Lion you were xx Jan 02, 2018
magoo : Hi Teddiee ...Thanks for reading ....Had a lot of fun... Jan 02, 2018
Teddiee : The hat certainly suits you Eamon......Crocodile Dundee comes to mind.....????. can YOU talk to animals as he could? Lol. Jan 03, 2018
sherrybear : Hi Mahon,got to say wish I could of been in Reno but so glad for you.That is my wish to meet man that wears a bag,for like you it will be much easy to explain if it leaks..We'll have a very good time and hope your kisses turned out great,and Magog that's funny cause that is the name we used to call my mother.sorry Magog.wrll if you should have a friend that would be interested in a lady with s bag give me a baller..Sherrybear Jan 03, 2018
bowsprit : Go Magoo. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. All the very best on your future endeavours. Jan 03, 2018

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