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To help those who have no one

Posted by Angelicamarie

Well I have started one that I will do every intentions is to monthly send cards to the sick and the shut-in. I started this month. They belong to the church and have not heard from any church members. This time of year people tend to really miss their loved ones. They are those that have no one. I want them to know they are loved. I would like to visit, but I get so emotional still working on that!! But I’ll get there !! Angelicamarie

andsoitis : Sounds great Angelicamarie! I crochet scarves and shawls every year for those less fortunate and the elderly. It really makes a difference in someone's life and I get so much joy from doing it. Thanks for sharing:) Dec 12, 2017
Angelicamarie : Andsoitis that’s great, and I agree you do get a good feeling. I don’t have a whole lot, but surely I have enough to share after all god knows my heart!! Thanks for your comments! Have a great day ! Dec 12, 2017
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. I don't visit this part of the site very often but today I'm glad I did. Your post has raised my spirits no end and I think what you are doing is a great idea. I wouldn't worry to much about getting emotional in the presence of people who need the company for it does indeed show you have a heart. Although I spent most of my working life helping people to control their emotions I always used to tell them that 'emotions are instincts' by another name and they can be very useful in certain circumstances. It is not always easy to indicate the strength and depth of 'caring' within a card but by visiting, you can show this by your emotional demeanour. In the New Year, I am due to begin a new career in 'caring', which will involve visiting lonely, vulnerable people in their own homes and helping them to start the new day with a smile! Best wishes Bill Dec 17, 2017
Angelicamarie : Hello Bill, thanks for responding, the cards really have helped thus far, some have responded by saying they thought they were forgotten, so I suppose I'll try a few visits, I say that because I am emotional.. thanks for commenting, your new career starting the new year sounds great, I'm sure it will be rewarding. Hope you and yours enjoy the festivities. Angelica Dec 17, 2017
looking forward : hi will be in touch later still so tired never realized the extent of this surgery i am so lucky to have had such a wonderful dr but my depression has not yet gotten any better--talk soon J Dec 20, 2018
Angelicamarie : looking forward.. I'm sure it's a little scary right now, but don't give up. That's great that you had a good surgeon, so many don't. depression works on us differently, but it to can be managed. Hang in there it seems as though your dealing with the waves of the ocean. Just hold on to the rock, dry land is not far away. Hold on! Dec 21, 2018

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