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Having surgery to convert colostomy to Ileostomy. Have ?'s

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:46 am
Hi all,  I have posted before and I have to have the rest of my large bowel removed due to a severe stricture along with severe motility issues which have caused me to be on TPN and do not allow my colon to work.  I know I have to get this done in order to get off the TPN and try to lead a more normal life and be able to eat again. All my doctors and friends have said I should get this done, so I will be getting my surgery date when I see my surgeon on Thursday July 1st.  Because I have had so many complications and have had so many infections and such, they said my recovery will be longer.  My prayer is that I will be out of the hospital and recovered before school starts back up in Sept. I teach.  Does anyone know if you can eventually flush the ileo?   I have heard different stories concerning recovery time, so I am assuming it could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks?  What are the best supplies to use for an ileo. I currently use Hollister. Thanks for your help.   Maryland Gal
Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:11 pm
Hi Sharon,

Just saw your other post and replied.

Are you really planning on teaching this Sept? That is going to be really soon to be back in the saddle I think. Not quite a full 2 months for recovery. And it sounds like you're not in the peak of health right now. I wasn't either when I had my op.

At the 2month point, I was feeling better but in no shape to be out working. Maybe you're made of stronger stuff . I found that not only did I feel I had to take it easy, I really had no choice. No energy, tired quickly, was eating many little meals and lots of drinking.

I found the surgeons were very ready to say "oh yes, you'll be back to normal activity before you know it". Of course that is what we WANT to hear before our ops --- not often the case.

Do you have an ET Nurse (Ostomy Nurse) on board. Of all the professionals involved in my surgery/recovery, she was the most helpful, had the most info, was the most realistic. I credit my good recovery (physical, mental and emotional) to her.

If you don't have an ET nurse set up, please ask for one. They work through the hospitals. Mine even was the person who selected the stoma position. The surgeon said she knew best where on the right side to have it. Where my pants usually sit, where my tummy roll is, etc.

All the best,
Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:36 pm
Maryland Gal, I agree with Beatrice that you will be pushing it too go back in September.  I had 2 infections and it sounds like you had multiple.  One almost killed me.  I ended up having 7 surgeries and 12 hospitilations which sounds similar to you.  Not to be pessimistic but I had to go on disability and retired.  I was lucky to have 31 1/2 years at my job. You may do wonderful but please do not push yourself.  Part of my problem was caused by a bursted hernia eventhough I was ordered not to pick up over 8 pounds and did not.  You will be weak for quite some time and will be learning to deal with appliance, etc.  I recommend January if you can afford it.  Also I recommend sampling all the different kinds of appliances.  Almost all companies will send out free supplies.  I started with convatec, went to Hollister, tried Nu-Hope and ended up withCOlo-plast,   I do use other products from other companies.   You will learn what works for you.  I am still learning.  Good luck and I hope you make it back in September but I think you are risking your health.   Your immune system will also be down.   Take plenty of b-12 and Vitamin D.
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:28 pm
Hi.  From what I read, flushing depends on why your guts are bad.  In my case, Crohn's, flughing isn't suggested as it may irritate the bowels.

I had one foot in when I had my surgery, from being septic.  I was pleasantly surprised at my healing & was back to work 2 months later but at a p/t office job.  I felt waaaayyyy better then before the surgery.  I think recovery time depends on each person/situation.  

Of course, I can be stubborn, lol.  When my surgeon said, "The normal healing time is 3 months minimum." I replied, "I'm going crazy at home & want to clean, which you've said isn't allowed.  So how about you let me go to work and I promise not to lift anything over 5# and do nothing more strenuous than hold down my chair?"  He laughed and let me go back to work.  I felt SO much better after receiving my ostomy (which was a surprise, not a planned-for surgery) that it made things easier for me.

After my 3rd surgery (which was really to finish #2 when I got stronger),  I was back to work in 3wks, for the same reasons.
Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:42 pm

Hello, this is Holeinone.  I'm just on the beginning of having problems with recurrance of parastomal hernia and leaking and blowouts like never before.  Am in contact with stomal nurse and have been trying different appliances and barrier wafers etc..  Nothing has helped much so making appointment with her and surgeon to see what has to be done.  I have a permanent colostomy, that has had a few problems through the years but nothing like the messes I've encountered with this.  So now am facing having colostomy reconstructed to ileostomy and scared to death.  Have had enough of hopitals and recovering from operations.  Any experiences and help anyone has to offer would be appreciated.

Thank you Holeinone 

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