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Colored Ostomy Bags?

Lily17 wrote:

Hi, All~

Just some thoughts to share:  In a conversation with my wound care nurse, the topic of "skin-toned" appliances came up.

Remember the Crayola crayons, and the one called "Flesh", and that it certainly didn't match every skin-tone on this Planet?

In our talk, my ostomy nurse was saying that a study had been done to determine what color(s) of appliance would be least visible under most every type of clothing and fabric against every skin-tone.  It turned out to be GRAY.

So, if visibility through clothing is the concern, gray's the way to go, apparently.  (I haven't checked to see if any ostomy appliance manufacturers are making them in gray.)

As for other colors of appliance created to complement or "accessorize" an outfit...?  I can imagine manufacturers doing that, then increasing the prices for "new" colors, custom designs, etc.  I can also see the marketing departments of these companies waiting impatiently for Pantone's Color(s) of The Year!  LOL  (2021's Colors are, by the way, a sunny yellow...AND a medium GRAY!!  LOL)


P.S. - Has anyone checked out the price difference in office supply websites for a basic black Swingline desktop stapler vs. a red one, as seen in the movie "Office Space"?  I have, and it's amazing how much money people are willing to pay for something that...iconic.

     Coloplast makes grey pouches. The grey is like a fabric over the clear plastic. They are wonderful! I have had an ileostomy for 45 years and these are the nicest pouches ever!

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w30bob wrote:

Hi D,

  Yeah, but you're talking a bag cover.  I want the bag itself to be colored so I don't need a cover.  I've sewn up a million covers and it just ends up being something I have to keep unzipping to empty my bag, and then make sure the bottom of the cover is pulled up so output doesn't get on it...etc, etc.   And when I'm active outside I want to just forget about the bag and git'r done. I wouldn't think tinting their bags in a variety of colors would be that big a deal for the Hollisters, Convatecs and Coloplasts of the osotomy world.........but maybe I'm oversimplifying, as usual.  Actually I just gave myself an idea........maybe I can dye my bags black or denim blue......hmmmm.



zassyj wrote:

Love the idea Bob.

I have always wondered if they make coloured or patterned bags


Salts Confidence Be use black and white which I use. They're really good. If you want ostomy covers you can get good ones on etsy but I think they're a bit fussy and too  much work.


The hardest thing about ostomy bags is finding shoes that match

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