Hello and Update

Jan 13, 2024 10:04 pm

Hi all, it's been quite a while since my last post. Thanks to those who PM'd me asking about my absence. I'm happy to report that all is more than well. I've been moving and have just been crazy busy. We escaped the big city and have moved to a small seaside town about 100 miles up the coast. I'm finally getting settled and feeling a sense of peace in my new surroundings. I guess I'll have to change my profile name as I'm no longer 'Delgirl,' which referred to the suburb I lived in. I'm now on the Salish Sea in a town of around 13,000, and I wonder how many other ostomates live here. I don't know what percentage of the population we represent?

I also wanted to let everyone know that I got a PM from Henry. I don't know if he has reappeared on the site in my absence, but I can tell everyone that he says he is fine and writing every day, just too busy for 'other things.' (his words)

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone!


Jan 13, 2024 10:06 pm

So good to "hear" from you and all good news!

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Jan 13, 2024 10:45 pm

Hi Terry! Good to hear you are well... and so is Henry! 🥰

Mysterious Mose
Jan 14, 2024 12:50 am

Hi Terry! Welcome back. Good to hear you are well. I have it on good authority we are everywhere. ;-)


Jan 14, 2024 1:24 am

Glad all is well. 

I've thought about relocating to a small town, but worry about the lack of major medical nearby. 

Happy 2024!

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Jan 14, 2024 1:40 am
Reply to Beachboy

I have a theory... when it's our time, it's our time... so personally, I am happy up a hillside, in remote beautiful country and enjoy my time on the coast in a very modest little cottage too... And I was born a city girl... like you, DelGirl - lived and worked in the city - a very different lifestyle - intense focus, working and playing hard - still do both... just not to others' timetables nowadays!

BUT I like visiting the city - particularly the diversity of entertainment and culture - so I guess, as well as a lack of immediately available hospital support, culture and diversity too may be missed.


But we city rural downshifters cope - so long as we are able to get our share of interchange - not just reliant on sheep, farm animals, and the odd donkey, emu, and peacocks for company.


Smiles, and just back from a very late rural night... elsewhere in the local village they were Wassailing tonight...

Ancient spiritual practice of celebration and waking up the orchard trees - so there is a good apple harvest later in the year --- and cider flows freely...

Lots of traditional songs, and clattering noises and instruments... dried pieces of toast - dipped in cider and hung on the trees... you get the picture?


Something else not found within city culture.


Waves from the Hills



Jan 14, 2024 1:58 am

Yay on all accounts - so glad you shared that Henry was in touch - much happiness wished for you in your new home! jb

Jan 14, 2024 2:13 am

Happy home warming for a new year - and more adventures

.... takes a while to settle and explore the area - have fun.



Did you, your family know the area well before taking up residence?






Jan 14, 2024 5:08 am

Glad to hear all is well.

Jan 14, 2024 8:24 am

Hello Terry.
Thank you so much for the update on both yourself and HenryM.
As others have already said, I am really pleased to hear that everything is okay with you both.
Best wishes


Jan 14, 2024 10:52 am

Hi Terri,

Great to hear you have got the move done. Great adventures and new beginnings for '24. Thanks for the update on Henry. XX 💓

Jan 14, 2024 1:32 pm
Reply to Jayne

Wassailing - had to look it up - perhaps very similar to “old farts night.” Hubby and I spent many a Wednesday night partaking of adult beverages and great camaraderie amongst senior friends in a small Northwoods town in the great “up north” area of Wisconsin each summer. We only were “wassailing” from 4:00 p.m. till 8 p.m. happy hour - half-price drinks (living on retirement funds, you know). Indeed a country-fied version of Wassailing here in rural America. 😉jb

Jan 14, 2024 3:00 pm
Reply to Justbreathe



Amazingly, I have been somewhat surprised - 'cause locally, children and the odd teenager also take part... and in some towns, it has really caught on in recent years - with one gathering in particular, not far away in Herefordshire, where the numbers amass and the road needs to get closed. 

Here the gathering usually extends into a music evening... as is often the case with Wassailing.


Good to know there are some refs in your neck of the woods... uuuuuuuuuuooooooooppppp north in Wisconsin :-)


And, as for 'old fart' bu--er that - we are as young as we feel and even older than we ever act!

Stay cool... but keep warm.





~ ~ ~ waves ~ ~ ~


Morning glory
Jan 14, 2024 4:06 pm

Welcome back, Terri. I have been wondering where you were. Enjoy your new home.

Jan 14, 2024 10:10 pm
Reply to Beachboy

That was something I thought about, of course, but there is a really good hospital here that I've heard nothing but good things about. I hope I won't need their services anytime soon... but who knows? I had to balance that out with the obvious health benefits of moving to a place with a better quality of life, less stress, beautiful surroundings, a slower pace, an environment that might just add years to my life if I'm lucky. I might have been near great medical services in my old home, but I was desperately unhappy. One big thing I've noticed already is that I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and sleep is so important. I am lucky, though, in that as far as my ostomy goes, things have been stable for a long time and functioning perfectly. I have no reason to think that things will change, so we decided to go for it. No regrets so far!


Jan 14, 2024 10:11 pm
Reply to Justbreathe

Thanks, JB!

Jan 14, 2024 10:13 pm
Reply to Jayne

Hi Jayne, Yes, I've known the area for most of my life and always did want to eventually end up here. It's become a retirement community and some of our oldest and dearest friends were already living here, so it has been a very easy transition.


Jan 14, 2024 10:14 pm
Reply to Bill

Thanks, Bill. I've missed your poetry!

Jan 14, 2024 10:15 pm
Reply to Caz67

Thanks, Caz!

Jan 14, 2024 10:15 pm
Reply to Morning glory

Thanks, Mg!

Jan 15, 2024 7:20 am

Bienvenue. Glad to learn that Henry M. is hale and hearty. How far are you from the waves lapping the shore? Good location. Best wishes.

Jan 15, 2024 10:03 pm
Reply to bowsprit

We are only a couple of blocks up from the ocean, in an elevated position, so we have an outstanding view that lifts my spirits daily. I consider myself very lucky.


Jan 15, 2024 10:43 pm

Hi Terry!

The Salish Sea surely is a beautiful place. I'm here in Bellingham, so not far away at all. We do have our big town/small city issues, but these are offset, at least for me, by the shockingly good medical care.

Good to hear from you and hooray Henry!

Jan 16, 2024 12:45 am
Reply to TerryLT

Thanks for your reply. I'm unsure where I'll end up after I retire soon. Living near the ocean is really great.

Take care

Jan 16, 2024 4:45 am
Reply to imsafanwa

If you are in Bellingham, you are also on the Salish Sea! It's considered to extend as far south as Seattle. You are just a hop, skip, and a jump from my former home in Delta, south of Vancouver. I remember when Bellingham was a very small town, but I guess things have changed a bit?