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First Date ...

Posted by magoo

My cheeks were rosey red as I sat back in the passenger seat .

I was staying with my Brother and I must say that he was quite impressed with the fact that Kitty .....Miss kitty ..{lol} had come to pick me up , as was I  !!  

As I put my seat belt on we just looked at each other and grinned for a minute or two and we both laughed out loud . 

"You're blushing "...."now give me a proper kiss Mr M..."

So i did .

The movie starts at 2 so we gotta go . 

"So what kind of movie did you pick Miss K ??...a 'Girlie Movie' I expect ??"

"A Power Girlie Movie ".  Is how she described it ....A tough sexy , really hot woman beating up lots of men is how I would describe it  !!  "Atomic Blonde" .

A wonderful prelude to the events of the coming week ....!!

The movie was a lot od fun . As we sat down Miss K grabbed my hand and held on tight   !!!  She couldn't see at this point but ...yes ...I was blushing an even brighter color of red  !!! It had been quite a while since I snuggled up to a lovely lady like this and I wasn't quite sure how to handle it    so I grabbed her hand and squeezed to show my approval and delight at her reaction to our meeting . 

She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder .

I thought that our first meeting was indeed a success.


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Ostomytalk : Sounds nice. Good for you! Jan 02, 2018
Bill : It sounds good to me - thanks for sharing!
Best wishes
Jan 03, 2018
YankeeMagnolia118 : Mr.M, you definitely have a way with writing....have you considered doing it professionally? I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog posts on your experiences with dating!! I have recently become single again after 14 +yrs. I'm testing the waters of the dating pool (I've tightened the straps on my life jacket as the "rules" & environment have drastically changed since I was last in this position....I'm older with more wrinkles & wear from time, as well as additional "baggage" than before too). Reading about your experiences has been very encouraging & I look forward to reading more as you find love!! Best wishes for a great & happy ending!! Jan 04, 2018
magoo : Thank you Yankee .. you look really great !! I'm having lot of fun writing my story. I hoped I could encourafe other people to give it a try . It was a bit strange at first for a pretty , sweet lady to be showing me such honest , genuine affection . I love writing to other ladies ...even now ...because my confidence is so much better now. I actually feel that I've waited so long that I deserve it !! I told her not to utter the words " I Love You" so she substituted Adore !!! Hope springs eternal !!! Jan 05, 2018

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