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Back In The Auld Sod

Posted by magoo

I'm happy to say that my very long flight made it without running out of fuel ... Greenland didn't look too hospitable , all I could see was lots of snow . Got very bumpy for a while but not white knuckle bumpy .  I still find it a marvel of modern life that  I can walk into this  aluminum tube with wings  and step out of it on the other ( almost ) side of the Earth .  I worked on part of the SFO  construction a few years ago and got pretty close to 747  Beasts as they rolled down the runway  and seemed to magically levitate  !! It goes against logic as you stand there as it lifts off the ground like a huge graceful bird . Even knowing the physics of the process it is mesmerizing to  watch a plae lift off . 

   Ten to twelve hours later , depending on the headwind  after crossing a Continent  and the Atlantic Ocean  I step off  in the Country  of my birth .  Ireland can look really dismal ( England and Scotland , Wales ) in the cold wet winters  when you rarely see the Sun , it appears later and goes away sooner , 3 to 4  PM and it's dark already . The Summer months make up for this by allowing you to sit outside at midnight and read a book without artificial light . You think it's maybe 8 PM  and it's actually close to midnight !!  and you get only 4 hours of real dark night  . The birds are out with the dawn chorous at 4:30  or 5 AM , can be very annoying and you need blackout curtains to get any sleep  ad double glazed windows to  lose the birdsong !  

    The  plane was a widebody  A360 I think , 4 in the middle and two either side and only half full which is reassuring  during this lague we are dealing with . Everyone wore the N95's  and kept their distance  so it all felt quite safe .   After the flight I had a four hour busride to get home and a cab  for ten minutes after the bus . The bus had every second row of seats  unoccupied , very reassuring . Unfortunately the bus , believe it or not ,  did not have a toilet on board which we all know means zero eating and very little drinking . There was a five / 10 minute  bathroom stop at Longford , half way across the country . I got on at the First Stop and got off on the opposite side of the country , the Wild West . I flew West to East  across the US and then when landed  I crossed the whole country  , Ireland from East to West .  There is a perfectly good airport  only a half hour from my house with a runway that can take the biggest lanes that fly .  Unfortunately the people who  decide these things  do not run international flights out of there ( Knock Airport )  .  The result is that people from this side ( West )  of Ireland have to drive or Bus  for hours just to get on a plane . I know, there are practical reasons for this so that's just how it is . 

    It's a pain in the neck ( and the Butt !!)  But when you think how long this journey took  in years gone by  you see how far  we have come , allowing us to see the rest of the world and it's people  and hopefully broaden our understanding of the world as a whole  , our similarities and our differences .  This interaction is what brings some understanding  of the  things that keep us apart and the things that bring us together .. 

Eamon out for a long sleep , to get my circadian rhythm  back to normal  !! 


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Jan 13, 2022
lovely : Thanks for all the descriptions. What are your summer and winter months. It seems strange how it can be winter in one place and summer in another. The only place I have been to is Mexico. I went there three times to train some people to sew graduation caps and gowns. That was the first time I had flown. I was scared to death but once we took off I loved it.
Jan 14, 2022
magoo : Happy that you liked my long flight overnight . I used to really love flying and I actually really love it but it's become such a pain . Some airports TSA are like powerhungry idiots . Some can be quite abusive . I had a TSA guy get right in my face because I asked if we could get some plastic bins for the conveyor at the security check . The line was stopped just ahead of me and it can't go through without the bins . This guy literally shouted a foot from my face something like " Mind your own business and shut up !! " . They really don't need an excuse to put you in handcuffs if they feel in Any way threatened and that is purely subjective , his/ her opinion ! I just calmly looked right at him and said Nothing , he wanted me to say something , to give him a reason . That was a couple of years ago when TSA security people were qualified if the had a heartbeat !!! No common sense and few brain cells . It's quite a bit better now . A Sherrif's Dept Cop doing security at LA X took me aside because in patting me down he felt the bag , I had told him but he didn't get it . I pulled up my shirt and showed it to him ...Bingo !! He got it . That man kept apologising as he finished the search , he was so polite and just a decent person . If you know the routine it goes smoothly , shoes belt etc etc .
To be honest Lovely , Americans in general know very little about the rest of the world . The first thing Europeans do after graduation , High School and College is to go " backpacking " to new places . They learn a lot about other cultures and Foreignors are no longer a mystery to them . I think that breeds tolerance intoo a lot of young people . America is such a huge and amazing place that I can understand why Americans stay close to home , so much to see here ( there ) . After my Dad went to New York and California he changed greatly. He wirked with my Brother in the Southern States building Tastee Freeze ice cream parlors when Black people would step out on the road if a white person came along and all the other indignities at the time . They were " just off the boat " as legal residents and had more rights than minorities ...that was really puzzling for them . There's an 8 hour difference between California and Ireland , its about 7 AM here and 11 AM in Cal right now . I didn't even know the time until I looked just now . Haven't slept at all , jet lag , my body thinks it should be wide awake right now !! What's really nice is to have a companion to travel with ...better be someone you like !!! Ireland is not very nice in the real winter months . We get a really great but brief summer usually , maybe a couple of weeksof 70 or 80 degrees and in the mid 60s mostly . The West of Ireland is pure Heaven in nice weather , crystal clear seas but very cold water . I will often have a whole beach to myself , lits of pristine beaches in the West .
I better try to get some sleep now ...give it a try anyway !!??. I Love getting your kind and generous comments ?????
Jan 14, 2022
HenryM : Thanks for the wonderful description of your travels, Eamon. Stay safe.
Jan 14, 2022
MaeRee : I've always wanted to go to Ireland. My family is from there. You make it so real... Thanks MaeRee
Jan 14, 2022
Justbreathe : You are absolutely right about Americans….I am thinking it would be a brilliant idea to require a high curriculum to include a backpacking trip across the U.S. for Senior high school students.
Jan 14, 2022
ron in mich : Hi Eamon ireland must be on the same longitude as N. mich. as you describe the summers there are similar to summers here with daylight lasting til midnight and winter light here is getting dark by 4-5 o-clock.
Jan 14, 2022
nal143 : Eamon, glad to hear you made it back safely. I bet it felt really good to take that mask off and keep it off! I enjoyed reading your description of your travels. Get some good sleep.
Jan 14, 2022
delgrl525 : Thanks for letting us know you made it back there in one piece Eamon. Love your description of the trip and the pictures. To be honest though, it makes me remember the things I don't miss about travelling! Four hours on a bus with no bathroom, no thanks! I hope you catch up on your sleep quickly and start really relaxing. Keep us posted!

Jan 14, 2022
sunflower111 : I wish I were there. My roots are there. ??????
Jan 14, 2022
magoo : You would like the summer much better Sun . When out and about I 'll put up some pics ..
Jan 14, 2022
sunflower111 : Thanks that would be awesome. {heart emoji}

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