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Strange Brew / A Mummy A Day Keeps The Doctor Away 😱😱

Posted by Past Member

Jusr one of those random bits of info ( Not Fake Info !!)  that has stuck inside my sick Brain  !! 

     In  16th  and  17th   Royal Courts and Cathedrals of Europe  it was very common ( if you could afford it , like pure Crystal Coke in more recent years !! 😈🤯 )  to grind up Mummies (  No Ladies , Not Those Mummies !! ...the dead ones !! 😈 )  and include the Mummy Powder with your  Afternoon Tea , sprinkled with the sugar .  

   Ground up Human Skull with Alcohol was a familiar cocktail for the Royalty and Gentry of Europe &  King of England around the 16th  and  17th  Centuries . 

    Makes you appeeciate our current  medical syatems , no matter how bad you think it is .  !! 

   You still have to give the Docs of  ancient China a  round of applause . The oldest Trephanation where the person survived  the surgery  took place  Three Thousand Six Hundred Years ago  !!!   They figured out that there must be pressure in the skull causing pain so the solution was to Drill a Hole in the skull to let out the  " Bad Stuff"  or Spirits ...whatever was in there ??  A sharp rock , maybe Obsidian  if very lucky  was their scalpel to peel the scalp off the area . Then as if lighting a fire with a stick and a string   by spinning the stick  in a fixed spot  the Doc would erode the skull until the trapped fluid or blood sould leak out , lowering the pressure on the Brain . 

   I find just amazing  . That humans so primitive could even concieve of such a thing  !   They had no idea what the various internal body parts did so what put it into theit heads that they could do this  ??  Or how they thought that this  hole in the head could work !!?? 

   Common Sense  would make you consider the head to be a source of  a pain in your head  but if I offered to drill a hole in your head as a solution what would you say  ??   ....sure , where's that Razor  !!! 

    The truly sad and Ironic part of this story is that the people who performed this Surgery where the patient lived to tell the tale ( new bone growth  over the driilled hole . )   was  Uygur   People of Western China . These are the people imprisioned in labor camps /  Concentration Camps  by China  right now . Trying to " civilize"  the Uygur  People   and force them to be Chinese . They are Muslim and came under attack after   911 / Trade Center )  and this continues stil .    I actually knew  most of these  facts but having another read I learned even more . In researching I find that one thing leads to another  in your search . 

 It's  mind boggling  what people earned to do with sticks and sharp rocks  !! 

Eamon  ☘☘l . 

Mar 14, 2022
RaenotRay : Truly, truly amazing. I think I'll stick with modern medicine. Lol
Mar 14, 2022
RaenotRay : Haha, the real question is: Did it work?? Oh my..
Mar 15, 2022
RaenotRay : It's really amazing. I often think about the first surgeon who figured an ostomy might work.
Mar 15, 2022
RaenotRay : Mmm, I love oysters! I definitely wouldn't have just tried them on my own however, lol. I'm really glad appliances have become light and thoughtful. Hopefully they just keep getting better! <3