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Tattered Stoma.

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Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:27 am
Have been a colostomist/mate since 1982. In that time have tried just about every appliance and aid that one could wish for, and I am very thankful to manufacturers for allowing me the samples to pick and choose, to my General Practitioner for his understanding and  the British National Health Service for enabling me to get all my stoma products for free. About six years ago had a number of granuloma removed from the stoma by diathermy. These nuisances have now reappeared to a larger and more numerous extent, so much so that it is getting very difficult to get a good seal with most of the appliances. I now have the attendant excoration and general breakdown of the peri stomal skin caused by leakages. These granuloma are much too large to be treated with silver nitrate. My poor old stoma is getting very tattered around the edges. I am fortunate in that I have irrigated from time to time, not all the time, because although the procedure only takes about an hour a day I could never seem to find the time in my busy life to carry this out and also because I am basically lazy! Irrigation gives my peristomal skin a respite. Plucked up courage recently to seek assistance from a stoma nurse who I had had previous issues with, the upshot is that I now have an appointment to see a proctologist but not until August, then I expect to be put on a waiting list 'cos granuloma removal is not urgent. This is at a hospital many miles from where I live, which is very difficult to get to by public transport and which pursues a very stringent policy of clamping vehicles and fining drivers who have the temerity of overstaying their alloted expensive time in parking, that is if the drivers can find a space in the first place.
Oh dear, that was a rant wasn't it.
But looking on the bright side maybe eventually one day with all the advances in medical science one may be able to pick and choose bespoke stomas, some droopy, some uplifted, some perky and some with a zip attached for those intimate moments. Not that I have any of the latter now because I have reached the age whereby I need nourishment not punishment!
If anybody has experience of granulomas and their removal I would be interested to hear them.
All the best
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