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Airport security

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Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:27 am
Hi every one just want to ask the question how does everyone get on with the scanners and security at airports and what expriences you have had . As I travel quite a bit round the Middle East and Asia it can become an issue at times even at Heathrow in the UK when I go home
Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:35 am
Hello Privacy,
I'm due to fly out from Heathrow this Sept., to USA and dreading any embarrassment that I may have with having a stoma.
I have flown to the States three times before but the last time was 2008 before they started using the body scanners, so have no idea as to how my experience will turn out.

Do you think your issues may be due more to  the countries you have been to and from, as in Asia and drug worries. When you watch the custom airport TV programmes they seem to pick on passengers from Amsterdam, Thailand, etc,.
What and how do the airport security behave towards you? Do they ask to see your appliance and look through your medical supplies?
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:42 pm
I am going away next week to Phuket and I never get stopped with the scanner but I always get pulled over by the security every time this is my 3rd time there. But even going to the UK and Singapore it was the same ordeal so I understand. About my drugs I carry it makes me feel sick but I get my Doctor to write me a letter and take a copy from my chemist who can vouch for me. As when they open the bag I see there faces its a worry. Then they go for my pouches and I take my card out to let them know that they cannot be touched by them. But all going well this trip should go ok.

    Cheers jaggie WA
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:55 pm
Hi Jaggie yeah Thailnd is ok I have house in Hua Hin and go there regularly so dont have a problem but my Ileostomy is a rubber bag which has a metal bridge in it so it sets off the secuity alarm
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:30 pm
I have a plate in my collar bone and I go OK with that but I can see why you would have the problem. Do you have a Ostomate card as I have one from were I get my bags its for travel like you are talking about and your doctor has to fill it in and sign it. That reminds me I must do it as I leave on the   7Th of Sept. As for Heathrow I hate that airport and yet I loved flying to Amsterdam airport. But BMI lost my bag and that was a disaster for me I will always travel with spare clothes and all my medication and all my pouches and all my needs. I was lucky my sister was my size .I hope all goes well for you on your trip and also you may like to think about getting the air line to give you extra luggage allowance as I also do that so I can take on an extra few pounds for my medical equipment and it a normal thing you can get all you have to do is ask prior a few days before you go and they have it down that is a big help. All  MY BEST
  Past Member
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:14 pm
As a person with an ostomy,when asked ,what is that on your stomack and can i see it,sir? I reply,certainly and proceed to open my fly and pull down my pants a little then ask them if they have ever seen this  and before,which by them,as they go appoploxix and quickly they ask that i be on my way,with their apologies..This has happened at least 5 times this past year.I think that ,hopefully,they realize that we are special and should be treated much more carefully.  I love to do this and it doesn't bother me in the least.....
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:18 pm
I have bi-lateral knee replacements and screws and rods in my spine holding it together.  These of course send the scanners into a nervous breakdown.  All hell breaks loose.  There is more metal in me than there is in a good sized hand gun!  I also wear splints on both legs due to the spinal damage.  So, I get a thorough going over when going through the various security checks.  I even have to take my shoes and splints off sometimes.  I am used to this now though and allow for it.  Meds can be a problem though, on one trip that we did I had 120 syringes in my medical pack.  These were Clexane needles for preventing blood clots.  I still use 1 injection each day.  That caused a stir at first, customs thought that they had a real bust at first. No one has ever shown any interest in my colostomy or the mountain of bags, base plates, disposal bags, tissues and wipes that I carry.  The needles are carried in my hold luggage of course, not in the carry on case. I also carry my irrigation equipment all these things making a nightmare of packing.  My Dear Wife takes it all in her stride and I assure you that I could not imagine my life without her.

A holiday motoring within our own country is so very much easier.  I carry all of the same meds and supplies but with the addition of my "car kit". Two 1 litre squeeze bottles of water, spare bags, spare base plates, Wipes, tissues, A spray bottle of deodoriser and two forms of disposal bags.  These are carried in a webbing bag and I have a small cooler box (kind of lunch box with a locking lid)  in which I keep the used bags until I can dispose them in an appropriate place.  I NEVER EVER THROW THEM INTO THE BUSH.

We travel a great deal in our old age, (I am 79) and yes we have a problem or two at times but whatever you do do not allow your situation deter you from enjoying life.  Make the absolute most of it, we are here only once.

Have a great time

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:52 am
Well said, not much I can add to your post apart from I hope no one with a stoma would ever throw their appliance rubbish in the bush!
I take my hat off to you and your wife for having to manage with so many health issues.
Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:43 am
I have flown twice to the Philippines from Australia where they use to old body scanners, a pat down of every passenger at several places in the airport every time. I actually like the idea of so much security as there is very little chance of problems during my flight.

When I come up for my pat down, I lift my shirt to reveal my bag and they just carry on around the rest of my body and there is no embarrassment to them or me. No one else of any importance is watching me lift my shirt and if they was, they will most probably ever see me again.

I was charged excess luggage on one trip due to my one month supply of appliances in a separate bag but an email to the airline and I received an apology and a refund.

We will always be different to some degree but it will make a big difference on how you approach these situations as to how others will react. If they feel or detect your bag they will need to see it, if you show it beforehand they will not have any problems.

I will be flying over again in April and as the international airport is not much stricter than the domestic, you cannot even get in the front door of the international without a security check, so I will again be showing my bag about 5 or 6 times each way.
Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:49 am
I have flown extensively through the US, Canada, and Europe... but not Asia.

Last week flying from Tampa, FL to LAX was the first time that I had to go through a body scanner and I was asked to step aside for a complete pat down.

When the security agent came up to me to explain what she was going to do, I informed her that I had a ililleostomy and asked her if she knew what that was. She said that she did and therefore would have to take me into a private room to do the pat down.  I was a little terrified but remained calm.

Two female agents came in with me so that one could be present while the other one padded me down. I even asked if they wanted to see my ostomy and they did not. The agent wanted me to pat it myself and then they wiped some kind of a cloth over my fingers and then put it into a screening machine. Needless to say, I was good to go.

I have never been asked to explain what the supplies are for.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:00 am
Hi Redondo ,

Wel they dont have the body scanners yet in the UK , parts of the Middle East or Asia but usually they just use the detector device which sends off the alarm then I get taken into the room and examined usually there is no problem the only problems I have is with Sri Lanka as one time I was coming through Colombo and the detector went up the front of me and the buzzer went off then all of a sudden the secuirty guy grabb my bag and pulled well immediatey pulled away and he got upset as I really shouted at him then he tried to grab it again so I put my hands up by this time there was about 4 or 5 secuity guards round me so I tried to explain what it was but they were not interested so I then asked to speak to the security in charge and airline rep. and this was in front of all the other passengers so they asked to see it and I refused as I wanted some privacy . But the airline girls were very good helpful and apologised profusly. But they did not take me into a room just patted me down and then said ok then another passenger complained that I was not properly searched and refused to get on the plane till I was properly searched so I refused as the security had cleared me well he went to the Captain then the Captain came to me and said would I go back to security I said no , so the passenger was given a choice to fly or not as we were now holding up the departure and believe it or not this guy who was complaining about me was British as he started arguing with me anyway thats the story the whole thing was blown out of porpotion but thats life .
Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:30 am
Hello my friend,
Just read that sad account you went through. I will give you ten out of ten to not giving in to such embarrassment demand. It must of been a terrible ordeal.
I think the thoughtless twit should be made to wear a bag full of water and be made to sleep and wear it for 48 hrs and perhaps he may have a tiny idea of how life is like for most us.
Good on yer! Are you ok, haven't heard from you of late.
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:35 pm
I just traveled to USA coming from Mexico through NY airport., My bag did set the alarm although it is plastic. As they patted me they asked if I had something there. I answered I had a colostomy bag and they sent me to a second person. All was done properly and in a very low level voice, so no other passenger heard what they were asking me.
They requested to check my hands for drugs and they did the swab thing they put in the machine and that was it, I was cleared and sent my way.
I was nervous, but it worked pretty well, lets see how it works coming out from Boston airport which is very tough for security.
Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:51 am
Just wanted to add my last experience, as I love to travel and have experienced pretty much everything described so far.  What always makes me very nervous is leaving my baggage behind and these various airports do things differently.  When I flew to Kiev, Ukraine I had to go through Frankfurt.  They took me to a separate room yards away from my stuff to do the two women closed door exam.  I wish the airlines would do something to make one feel more comfortable about leaving everything, I am always worried someone will take one of my bags.

Anyway, I just had a very good experience with USair, and the Richmind Virginia and Detroit Michigan airports.  I have cancer, and of course my colostomy.  The cancer has now moved to stage 4 and they started me on new chemo drugs.  Not knowing how bad off I will be in a few months...I booked a quick trip to Michigan to see my grandchildren and daughter.  So....chemo Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...flew out of Richmond Friday at o 'dark thirty!  Yup, felt like crap.  So they got me a wheelchair.  This is the first time I ever asked, though I have travelled before after chemo...usually just use my cane for the foot neauropathy.  But this time a was a weak mess...

Well, LO and behold...wheelchairs are manned by lovely young people who were SO KIND!  They are NOT TSA,  They go through security with you!  My young man told me not to worry he would collect all my things and have them ready for me once my screening was done.  Such peace of mind!  Never mind the fact that he jumped the queue...calling make way please...and the sea parted!  Then another person got me off the plane and wheeled me to the gate at the Philly connection. Once I got to Michigan the young girl who picked me up there took me to the bathroom, asked what my luggage looked like, and had it all ready for me by the time I came out.  Yes I tipped nicely.  Yes, it was a small perk for being so sick from the chemo.  And Yes my Oncology Doc nearly had an apoplectic fit when I told him I was going...but he wrote me a note to try and help me get near bathrooms for seating....

Never while we can.  I had a wonderful trip, only two days laying around feeling really crappy but I got tons of Grandchildren hugs and lost a couple of's all good!

Cheers everyone
Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:39 pm
Sorry to hear about your cancer, I am hoping to get the all clear in December when I get my next Scan after my chemo and radiation.

I must agree with you, cancer or no cancer, do what you need to do now because you may get hit by a bus tomorrow and never have done what you wanted to do.

I am happy you had a good result from your travels now we just need a good result from your chemo.

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