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Help! My 'innie' Hole Is Oozing.

Posted by newyorktorque, on Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:39 am

I'm going a little nuts here.  My stoma has  two holes; an 'innie' and and 'outtie'.  The waste (mostly liquid - due to the jejunostomy) flows out of the outtie hole into the bag.  I have never had any reason to touch or mess with the 'innie' hole.  Its just there.  Today I went to change my bag and there is this white creamy substance flowing out of my "innie' hole.  Why?... IDK.  Has this ever happened to any of you folks?

Reply by Bill, on Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:57 am

Hello newyorktorque. Thank you for your post, which raises some new and interesting concepts. I am not famliar with the terms innie and outie holes in the same stoma but that aside, it seems to be the creamy substance which is presently concerning you. My guess is, that in all likelyhood, this creamy substance will be mucus and I am surprised that you haven't experienced this before. Mucus is often pushed out by hard stools and is therefore not noticeable. However, if your output is largely liquid, then the mucus may well cling to the inner walls of your colon and not be released until there is enough of it to release itself and come out as if it something separate from your normal output. Mucus is a normal secretion from the lining of the colon which helps the faeces travel along the tubes and out of the body.  I have what seems to be excessive mucus from both my stoma and from my rectum. It is sometimes a nuisance but it does no harm and is easily wiped away.

As with all things stoma related, if you are really concerned about this output, don't be afraid of asking one of the professionals who deal with stomas ( Ostomy nurses are often the most knowledgeable with aftercare). I have always found them very helpful.

Also, on this site under 'collections', you will find a few past posts focussing on mucus.

Best wishes


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