Managing Colostomy Bag in High Humidity - Need Tips!

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Also, with these, there are full sheets that you can cut a hole in the middle to secure your bag into place.

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I live in Southern Illinois and I know what you're talking about with the heat and humidity. I use those Brava strips also and they work great!! And my insurance does pay for them because my doctor put them on my supply Rx.
Good luck!!


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Elijah - I've had similar problems and it's tough. I use cold packs wrapped against my body. There are vests that hold cold packs too. Please keep trying and it will get better. I just had major surgery and the incision was so close to my stoma that I had several weeks of changing 2-3 times a day and being terrified it would get infected. You are still in the healing stage. I also use Eakin wafers on my ostomy and there is a barrier wipe that may help. So many things to try but you have to find what works for you. The waist thing didn't help me at all. And I have thin cotton kitchen towels I also use to absorb moisture. Given your work, it will get better, especially when it cools some. Good luck.

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I use bag liners and they are fantastic! Just pull out and dispose when full.

I also have had leakage issues under the water. I've tried paste, extenders, and still it leaks on one side as I have a hernia in the other. The extenders that go in the edge of the water are great to make sure you don't have a blowout!

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Which SureSeal product do you use? Do you cut it and put around flange edges?

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
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They are available in the US. I use the same products and they work well. My "banana skins" tend to peel around the outer edge after two days, but I change the bag every three days so it's not too much of an issue. I sweat profusely also and do notice the wafer adhesive start to give after extended time sweating.

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Seems to be just fine for ducks.....

Now Gorilla Tape is a whole different animal!



I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. I have had my colostomy since April 2022. My stoma is completely recessed, making it impossible to keep a bag on. I tried all of the options but every time output would push the appliance off. I finally resorted to irrigation which has been life-changing. I now irrigate every morning and wear a small cap during the day. The cap stays adhered and will collect any minimal output. I also have a fold in my skin right at the stoma site which adds to the inability to keep appliances on. As someone else mentioned, I ordered Hypafix tape to put on the sides of my cap. This has worked out well for me. I even "tested" the Hypafix tape the other day. Not sure what I ate but something came right through me, ugh, three times that day, and the cap with tape on the side held. Irrigation sounds scary, but it really isn't. In fact, it's quite liberating. I do know that the supplies are expensive. I think some of the things designed specifically for colostomies are an outrageous price, which is what led me to try the Hypafix tape. Ordered from Amazon, it came in two days. I use the 2". I've also braved the pool with my grandkids with no problems. When I'm going to swim, I cover the cap with a couple of strips of the tape. It gives me a good sense of security. So far, the tape has stayed on through water, but it's not uncomfortable to remove. I hope this is helpful, keep your chin up and don't be afraid to try some different things.


In the first few years, due to a lack of nutrition and digestion knowledge of my own system, led to excessive output, liquefied. As I learned my digestion process, the excessive output stopped. It all started with a journal. 20 bags were not enough, so I contacted the insurance and was told to get a 'Letter of Necessity' which is filled out by your doctor. The doctor will send you to a stoma nurse to check you; you have to say you get a lot of fluid and explain; they can't disprove your claim and the doctor also cannot because they will not take the time, work, and effort to check.

I got a letter of necessity form, my doctor filled it out, sent it to the insurance company after that, and my 30 bags a month were approved. Ask your insurance for this letter of necessity and they will forward it to you. It's worth a try; it worked for me. Now my output is minimal because I changed my nutrition from the root up and learned how this all works.

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How do you use the SureSeal? When I looked online, they looked like square bandages.

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I live right next door in Indianapolis, so I totally understand the humidity problems. While it's been trial and error for me, I recently discovered a trick using a barrier strip.

I apply a barrier strip directly to the skin around my stoma where the barrier usually starts to pull away early. The barrier strips seem to stay stuck longer than the barrier itself.
I apply the 1-piece so that over the problem area it adheres to the barrier strip rather than the skin directly (and directly to the skin in areas that don't have the issue).
I apply barrier strips around the 1-piece as I normally would.

For reference:

I currently use Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex Flip 1-piece drainable pouches and Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips.
I did switch from a pouch with a standard barrier to the Convex Flip. That definitely helped keep the barrier from wanting to pull away from the skin so easily (since I tend to be more pudgy there, lol). That may not be the case for you.
I have tried the moldable rings/seals in the past, but they were worse for me than not using them at all.
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Can you describe more about what you do with the bib? When you say remove the backing, do you mean the fleecy part? And use that part or get rid of it? This is also my first summer with a bag, and I feel like I sweat so much under the bag!

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Can you say more about what thickened your output? I only have about 1.5 feet of colon left, so close to an ileostomy. Output seems excessive to me, and frequently liquified. I'm up 2-3X a night emptying the bag, and also emptying multiple times during the day.


I live in South Florida, so heat and humidity are part of my deal almost all year. The Hollister barrier extender strips help me maintain adhesive integrity. My skin reacts badly to most tapes, and these don't give me a problem. Just to be safe, I put aloe on my skin before attaching anything. Just make sure the skin is dry. Good luck.

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