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Making friends with an ileostomy

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If your  dentists are like ours in California, somewhere in the health questionaire is a question about medications and prior operations.  I have been seeing mine for over 30 years.  He asked if I was still taking medications for my gut.  I told him, "No, I'm cured".  I then explained the surgery and how well I was doing.  After that day, it never came up again.  I just had an appointment with a oral surgeon.  I answered the questions about surgery.  It never came up.  As I was laying back in the chair my hands folded atop the bag.  It works as a natural muffler.  Gotta do something with those hands.  Might as well rest them there. 

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Going back to work can lead to anxious moments.  I've worked for 3 yrs after my ileostomy.  I've learned that 5 min after a meal I start rumbling.  Simply putting pressure on your bag/stoma muffles this well.  After all this time only 1 out of 40 co-workers know about my situation.  The one person I told may need similar surgery.  I still have some chewable Gas-Ex that I use if I'm giving a presentation etc.  I also watch what and when I eat.  Trust yourself, you got this.  For me it's better than quick trips to the restroom.



Yes, you are right - I do place them over my “offender” but I'd much rather place them over my dentist's ears !  


I had the misfortune of having emergency surgery that resulted in my ileostomy just as the pandemic started. For over a year, I dreaded the thought of going back to work and seeing my coworkers in person. While most were aware that I was hospitalized for a couple of months, not many knew that I now have an ostomy. I was nervous, anxious, embarrassed, flustered, and so on on a regular basis. However, I am also very fortunate to work for a program that values inclusion and dignity, which was a blessing. Furthermore, I specifically work in the field of early childhood education. And there is nothing more humbling than having a preschooler point out that your tummy is making funny noises and asking a million questions when trying to give an explanation. Of course, they're just curious and I just try to do my best to answer in a way that they would understand. Thankfully, the teachers are also very supportive and have come to my rescue on several occasions. As a result, it has given me more confidence and patience. On the other hand, I get lots of questions about my hair (yes, I'm losing it), my face (I've had a mole since infancy), my clothes, my shoes, etc. So now, dealing with adults regarding my ostomy is child's play. 😁

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Thanks for the response. So far so good and no one at work knows about my situation. I'm pretty private about it. And I am taking extra care what I eat now that I'm back to work. It's crazy how many people have issues like we do. It was good of you to share with your co worker who might need the same surgery 

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