Upcoming Colonoscopy - Positive Vibes Please!


Hey there....calling on my friends here to send positive vibes for my upcoming colonoscopy on 4/4/24.  I am praying my luck doesn't run out, and I will come out of it with a clean bill of health!!  Nervous because first and foremost, it is a 1-year recheck for cancer ... they ended up having to remove my sigmoid colon where the original cancerous polyp was, so no chance of it being in that same spot - but they are checking for new polyps.   

Secondly, nervous because I was recently reconnected and I am afraid that going back in there so soon, or even puking non-stop during my bowel prep like I did last time, will jeopardize my good result! Could the staples that are holding me together come undone?  Uggh.  Trying to trust my surgeon on this, as he is the best - but still have a little terror surrounding the procedure.  I did plead with him  during my pre-surgery visit and also on the phone after reversal... but he was non-negotiable, LOL.   

I read through my medical records and there was nothing visible while they were in there, and they did send some tissue samples to pathology (my surgeon always does this while he's in there) that were clear....but guess a colonoscopy will give them an in-depth look.  I know I've asked for a lot lately, but please send some more positive vibes my way....THANK you all :)  


You’ll be fine. Are they making you drink the prescription crap? Once I switched to Gatorade/Miralax, it was so much better. 

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Hello DexieB.
My positive thoughts will certainly be with you at this time. 
At times like these I am reminded of a quotation from George Bernard Shaw  (who lived not far from me). He said: " 90 percent of all the things I ever worried about  - never happened". 
Best wishes



Sending positive vibes your way. Good luck with the colonoscopy... Hope everything goes well.

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Love this.  Thank you !

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Thanks Lee!  :)

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Thanks Alex.  10 years ago (age 40) I had the Miralax/Gatorade, 2 Dulcolax and bottle of Magnesium Citrate for colonoscopy - no issues. 

Last February (age 50) I had Golytely & 2 Dulcolax for colonoscopy, which I had to pick up from the pharmacy ...I thought I would die drinking it - never again! 1 Gallon (or more) of what tasted like water with baking soda!  The nurse told me she honestly worries about the health of anyone doing that prep - it's awful!

For the Flexible Sig last May (the one that perforated my colon) I did Miralax/Gatorade & 2 Dulcolax, and was fine (fine with the prep that is, not with what happened after!). 

But 2 months ago I did the Miralax/Gatorade for my reversal surgery and got incredibly sick - IDK why.  I noticed that last one had me taking 4 Dulcolax at once, and I think in past preps it was only 2 - so maybe that's why?  I also had to take a bunch of Antibiotics throughout the day, so that may be another reason...IDK.  But I'm thinking of only taking 2 Dulcolax and not telling anyone, LOL!  Seems like each place has their own prep instructions...weird.

I appreciate your support, thank you!



Will do!


Good luck Dexie!  

Wishing you a smooth procedure and a clean bill of health.



Dexie B, Prayers and positive energy to you.  Every time I wait for test results, I focus on making the decision to face things as a victim or a warrior.   I try to stay focused on being a warrior, and despite being knocked down occasionally, I just work to keep getting up and moving forward to make the most out of the single precious commodity we all share, =Time.  Hoping the best news for you,, ----fish. 


You got this Dexie! Prayers for an easy, wonderful outcome. I bet all will be well and you'll be breathing the sigh of relief in no time. ☺️


Tissue samples looked good, it’s been a year, you trust your doc who would not allow you to “pop open.” Those are all good signs but I’m sending healing energy your way anyway, if just to help keep your anxiety at bay! 💕

Morning glory

We want you to ask for what you need and want. I think is natural  for you to be anxious  after all you have been through.  You got this ; cheering for you and prayers  sent your way. 


Good vibes your way!  My colonoscopy doc offered pills instead of the liquid, SuTab I think was the name.  Maybe that's an option for you?  You have to take 12 pills within 30 minutes with a ton of water, but much easier than the liquid.  You got this!




Wishing you the Happiest of Easter Blessings

Sending positive thoughts and hugs for a positive forward outcome,


Maintain your focus and focus on your preferred outcome,


We are with you.


Will 'fly-by on Thursday 4/4




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Thanks, I will check! 

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Thanks….yes trying to focus on the positives ❤️


Praying for you!!! And happy Easter. 


Hi D,

  No need to worry, those staples have done their job and are now just along for the ride.  They'll just be conversation pieces every time you get a scan.  You'll breeze thru the procedure and we're all confident you're going to like the results!  Thoughts and prayers headed your way.......just because!



Good luck 🍀 dexie you can do this girl XX 


Everyone is behind you Dex, you can't go wrong 👍

ron in mich

Hi Dexie wishing you good luck and a good outcome on your tests, by the way my bro had a scope last week for polyps and he had to take 4 dulcolax but first 2 then an hour later 2 more.


G-Day Dexi,  You have got this Girl, with all of use behind you you have nothing to worry about. Go in there with confidence.  Regards IGGIE

Broken Pipes

Good luck with your procedure. I just had 2 procedures withing 3 months because the first one i didn't get cleaned out enough and the second time i had to do 2 days of bowel prep which was the glycol 3350 PEG. Horrible stuff! I found that if i got it ice cold it was more palatable. So i had to down 2 gallons in 2 days! So i totally feel your pain! Hang in there!


Hey DexieB, sending positive vibes and bright sunshine your way!! Keep positive; Positive thoughts = Positive results!! You are strong, you are brave and you are bold! 💪🏽
You will be in my prayers, keep us posted! 

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Oh NO, that is absolutely horrible that you had to do that!  I have already had to start adjusting my diet to low fiber, yuck.  The worst part is that I always get a headache or migraine because it's awful and stressful, and I can't take ibuprofen which is the only thing that helps.  So praying this is my last one for awhile.  I am pretty sure my surgeon said if this one is clear I'm good for 3 years, and I can't tell you how good that sounds right now ! Thank you for commiserating!! :)

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Thank you friend, I hope all is going well for you!

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Good to know - maybe I can just split them up.  Thanks!


I always ask for the strong sedative and a range a ride home. I’m more relaxed during the procedure which is important to a speedy recovery. The last gastro that convinced me to use the mild sedative, resulted in such a terrible painful couple weeks of recovering from what should have been a simple recovery. He was rough and I’ll never go back to that monkey. Sounds like you have a great Doctor so keep the faith that all will be going as planned and good news to come. Be well

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Good luck with the colonoscopy on April 4th, 2024. If you have a spiritual connection with someone or something, it may be helpful. But I'm not a joiner or a blind follower, but looking back have been "lucky" when I needed help. :)