Eating Popcorn with an Ileo & Dealing with Overnight Gas - Need Advice!


Thanks Weewee - Terry


You are very welcome.


Xtreme butter popcorn! Yum, yum!

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As someone who landed in the ER last month after eating popcorn 2 nights in a row, I'm going to pass on it in the future. Not worth the pain.


Only thing that ever blocked me was fresh coconut, which I had followed with 6 pints (beer).
Was I full? (Belly was, bag was empty). Very uncomfortable, went to doctor, he prescribed an enema, which I had to insert into the stoma.
I managed to evacuate mostly into the toilet bowl, but it nearly detached it from its mooring.
Never tried coconut again!!

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I am the queen of the popcorn bowl, LOL. If I eat too much, I might get a bellyache or things get a little 'slow' in the tummy for a while. But once it passes, I find myself making more, ha! Some can have it, some cannot. As for me, I gotta have that extra buttery, salty popcorn bowl at my side at least 4 nights out of the week. I've been pecking away at that comfort food treat forever, still munching and crunching. I've been an ileostomate for many years, never gonna give that stuff up, no way, LOL.

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Yes, I agree....try not to eat too late and if you do, don't eat anything that's hard to digest. I find fish is the easiest thing to digest although the output tends to have more of an odor than things like chicken. The other thing I suggest for those worrying about the bag blowing off while sleeping....use a high volume bag that will accommodate more output.

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