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Posted by panhead511, on Fri May 08, 2009 8:00 pm
I have never done this before so bare with me. I had a colosotomy done in March of 08. It has took me almost 6 months to feel better. Anyone who has to get any kind of ostomy I feel for you. It is very hard at first to adjust to but everyone manages it at some point and time. Everyone is different when it becomes surgery. Timetables are different with oneself. But in all in all everyone adapts to thier physical needs. Anyone that is going to have an ostomoy worrries about how are they going to be percieved by friends and family. DONT WORRY! If someone loves you they wil accept you for who you are. If they dont screw them! There are people that understand what you are about to go through. You will adjust and be a normal part of society again and live life to the fulliest. Good luck for all of you that is going to have or already have an osotomy. Best Wishes to all.
Reply by Past Member, on Sat May 09, 2009 7:26 am
hey welcome to the forum, nice first lets see a photo of that pan head!!!
shovel head myself, or at least used to be.....god i miss her. sure i had to kick her everytime before i rode her....but i loved the old girl just the same

Reply by devilishjim, on Sun May 10, 2009 8:39 pm
Hey !!!! Welcome to Goldwing To you non-scootor riders thats HONDA with stereo,fairing, silence,dependability, and the list goes on & on..... Now them Hawgs they,ll shake da shit outta ya......
Reply by Past Member, on Sat May 16, 2009 5:48 pm
yep i`v rode them had one and rode that thing everywhere.
now know i am required to tell a honda joke here.... how do you double the value of a honda???? fill it up with gas!!!!
nothing personal, and please dont take can even tell the magnetic rear bumper harley joke{sure you know that one}
Reply by tarababy, on Mon May 18, 2009 12:49 am
Hey everyone....'SCOOTER RIDER'  here and proud of it.Love her..'TWEETY' for short.Wish I had gotten one years ago and 'Mum's Taxi' wouldnt have existed to everyone I knew..Really want to go take lessons to get a bigger bike one day..thats my dream concerning my transportation..cya's
Reply by LovingLife2, on Tue May 19, 2009 5:12 pm
Hi Panhead511
Iam fairly new to the forum myself   
had an ileostomy done a yr ago.
Iam doing fairly good now,
but it did take some time for me to get used to.
And I agree with you ...
some people will help you thu it, and be there for you, and others will fall away, the hell with them who don't stand by you, they weren't friends to begin with if they walk away..
This is when you really get to know ....
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