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Beachboy, it's crummy to be let go but there are other things out there. I have a feeling you're going to reinvent yourself somehow. 


Sorry to hear this Beachboy.  Last year I was made redundant thanks to AI (VR - voice recognition) - I was an at home medical typist/editor and along with 30 others in the typing pool, was asked to retire due to "budget cuts".  Apparently correct spelling, grammar and punctuation are not required in medical reports anymore - who knew.

Funny thing is way back in the 1990's there was talk about the dreaded "VR" so I've known this day was coming albeit 30 years later!    I've had plenty of time to save.  I'm 57 so I've got another 10 years to be able to receive a pension - if one exists at that time - given the economy I'm not holding my breath. 

Probably because I worked from home the past 12+ years I don't find life much different now (you know - apart from the wages).  I may do voluntary work in the future but for the last several months have enjoyed doing bugger all to be honest.  I'm a book lover so don't believe I have ever or will ever be bored.

Good luck for whatever comes next!

PS.  Last year I typed into an AI bot - "AI can go f*** itself" - it replied - "I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything else I can help you with"!  So at least it's polite I guess!  😅😂🤣

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It had to be done BB, have had this in my head since I saw your post! 

Reply to J🙂

Yeah.. AI.  My work replaced HR and computer services with chat bots.  I found if I say gibberish... it connects me to a human.  I'm sure that will fixed soon.

I've saved pretty well and have no debt. Just wanted healthcare insurance for my wife.  So now it will cost more.  I had an awesome career.  

I just read Moby Dick and Brave New World.  Both excellent reads.

Reply to J🙂

Couldn't have put it better... Yeah.. Round  round, get around.. I get around!  

I think I hear good vibrations....

Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

So now I have about a month to go before I'm separated from the company.  We get a 60 day layoff warning, with pay.  What a deal.  I sit in a cubicle in a huge room that has 200 cubicles.  There's only about 5 people in there.  It's like a ghost town.  Everyone else chose to do their 60 days at home.  I decided to go to work.  I'll be at home permanently soon enough. 

My daily dose of YouTube videos:

"Sugar Sugar" from the Archie's.

"Shattered" from the Rolling Stonnes.

"Once Bitten Twice Shy" by Great White.

"Wild life" from the Talking Heads.

"Africa" by Toto

"Ice Ice Baby" from Vanilla Ice.

"Happy"  by Pharrell Williams.

"Don't Bring Me down"  from ELO.

"Wild wild west"  by Escape Club.

I just love the last verse:  

"Give me, give me wild west, give me, give me safe sex   Give me love, give me love, give me time to live it up"



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