Medical Marijuana: A Better Alternative for Ostomy Patients?

Many thanks three, would I be pushing my luck to ask you how you manage to do this, I copied and printed the last time you explained this but now I can`t find it, so if you`re so inclined this time I`ll make a few copies so to be sure to be able to find one.
And yes I understated my reaction, especially to Megan, the tears were really there, Ed
Hi Ed,

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Many thanks three, you may have noticed I'm not really computer literate, I have figured out the things I want to do and sometimes manage to get my message across. If you seen the post I did with all the oldies, Jimi Hendrix and company, it took me hours to paste in all them pictures and learned a lesson, don't try that again anytime soon. I have watched that Sanjay Gupta documentary about five times and each time it grabs me by the throat, I wonder hoW many minds will change after watching this show. Thanks again three, really appreciated. Ed
Your welcome Ed.    Even though I may know a minuscule amount more about a few computer-related topics, in the chat room I completely relate to what you recently said about your slow typing — on the few occasions I've tried to survive in there, the most common message I saw on my screen was "Are you still there three?
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Hi again wounded doe, how are you? Don't worry about digging out those links for me, I'm sure you have many other things to be doing with your time, and besides I could easily find the info myself if I wasn't so lazy. It's not laziness, mind you. It's the endless trawling through all those web pages repeating the same info over and over. As you said, everyone is affected differently so I'm just gonna be thankful for the remission the Remicade is giving me at the moment. I'll worry about the side effects if and when they turn up in the future.
Thanks for your warm welcome and kind words though, wd. Good luck, speak again soon, Sean.

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

It works.


I puffed but did not exhale. You are spot on.

And my advice for today: If the good Lord didn't want us to smoke pot he would have given us gills, so have a nice day, Ed

Thanks for replying. So I guess you're wearing the bag now. Don't make the same mistake I did. When you smoke and cough, make sure you hold your stomach in, hard, with your hands. Otherwise, you'll end up needing a mesh surgery to put your intestines back where they belong.

Okay! I thought I ought to put this subject toverse even though I don't know much about it.  Thanks everyone for the inspiration.


I must say I don't know a lot

about the way people take pot.

For I don't take it personally

not even just occasionally.

But I have known folks from my past

whose use of pot was pretty vast.

They taught and showed me what to do

I ought to know what they all knew.

Back then I'd little interest

and didn't even want to test.

However, I would not contemn     (scorn)

nor would I ever them condemn.

I think we have the freedom to

do the things that we want to.

If that means using the hemp weed

other people should accede.


Some got pot and supplicate        (appeal to authority)--

they say it's great to medicate.  

Most of the folks that I know now

will simply use it anyhow.

Cannabis has been shown to be

good, should you have an ostomy.

It calms the mood and eases strain.

and pot can do a lot for pain.

Prescription drugs they say are best

but they don't stand up to the test.

So at the time we've had enough

we are primed for other stuff.

So no one should attempt to stop

anyone from taking pot.

If it's good I can't see why

we should not give the pot a try.

                                                B. Withers 2013
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LMAO =) I can't wait till all these brain dead peeps can see the light and see the error of their ways... I believe I learned this lesson in life during the 70's... I've been called many things which were offensive growing up. I made peeps eat shit when I achieved my goals and in this matter a lot of peeps are going to eat shit !!! =) Keep drinking, eating healthy, and taking those pills !!! =) That's how you got here in the first place !!!


Thanks for that, great documentary


We already grow it in our gardens with the cattle and horses grazing off the weeds, but not goats! Goats are bad people.. just kidding. Our goats do eat it though, not the horses or cows. They don't like it, but the dogs eat it. I love to garden anyway - flowers, trees, food. Can't do that now because my gut stump gets sunburned if I am out in the sun. It burns through my clothes. Does anyone else have this problem?


If we could get it, I would definitely try it. I listened to Montel Williams talk on TV about how much it has helped him with his MS.

Just out of curiosity my friend where do you store all that hot air, is it reusable and for how long!!

Osmosis. Stoner


We're all gonna get busted thanks to the NSA

At least we'll have good company!!!!! Ed Exhaling!!!!!

As long as they don't "BOGART" the joint, who cares, right? Let them young-ins' figure that crap out if they care.

Yeah, Lauren Bacall them!!!!

Hi Ed, doing okay?

Hi Gary, thanks for asking, we're almost back to normal, for me that is. I guess losing a few body parts can keep one on ones toes. Take care, and don't swallow the roach, Ed
I think the Cat on the right forgot to start breathing again, Rock on Pussy

They must be in Aruba, cool Cats

Now you tell me, thanks.

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Taking prescription drugs including anti-acne and antibiotics is what gave me UC in the first place. Then the prednisone given to me while fighting UC has landed me with AVN in both hips that will require replacement.

And yet pot is bad right...

Yeah, I'm going to smoke some pot to relieve the pain in my hips and relax and the feds and their FDA can blow me.


Like your attitude. I know with Ed and me you are preaching to the choir. But maybe your attitude will convert a few. What harm can it do? Member since 1964. Have a good one.

Hi Gary and mtnbiker, got me some special stuff for the holidays and also want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, Ed
hey Ed,
Right back at ya. Glad you got taken care of.

Hey Ed,
What's one more toke over the line among good friends? As Tiny Tim Cratchit used to say, "God bless us. Everyone".

Yo PB, one toke over the line made for one good song, especially if you were over the line and A Merry Christmas to you, Ed