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Beating A Dead Horse They Say

Posted by magoo

No more from me about people  who don't have enough sense to save their own lives , I just wish they would stop trying to take the lives of others who are actuall trying to mitigate the current medical disaster. Just leave the sane people in peace . 

   Spent the last few days oing positive productive stuff and making  some other people happy . We installed insulated siding for my Sister  and we saved her tons of money and we are getting to spend fun time with my Sister and her Son , celebrating her birthday and having some delicious barbecue .  I and my brother feel supremely lucky to be able to have this wanderful time with our wonderful Sister , a retired Nurse . We are all healthy and Covid free thanks to the fools who insist that everything is just fine and most medical people are conspiring to trick them nto God only knows what  by taking a life saving medication . 

   My estimation is that  people like this  feel neglected   feel powerless, feel cheated  by someone and they can't quite figure out who to blame . The feel betrayed by their government , politicians , billionaires , the Tax Man . Cheated and sidelined by Wall Street , one paycheck away from sleeping under a bush or in their barely running car with a child or maybe two huddled in the back seat hoping to not freeze to death or boil in the hot sun . . People have so many genuine sad problems and they must be sick and tired . 

    A Trillion .....maybe even two of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives lost  to fight wars which went way beyond their original mandate . Just like after 911 , people need someone to blame , to attack  to lash out at somebody .  Remember when Indian Sikhs  we being murdered because they wore a Turban , no questions asked , just shot and killed . I mention this because I heard the Son of one Sikh man shot 4 times and killed while planting flowers at his own gas station . The poor man's whole family have never been the same since . 

   Lashing out at people promoting a Vaccine which has been accepted by their MAGA  heros  who attempted to congradulate  themselves for creating a vaccine  for the Covid 19 Virus which they simultaneously  does Not Exist and is a  Hoax  !!   Cognitive Dissonance  comes to mind . The Virus is a  Hoax  but Hydroxychloriquine  cures the Virus that does not exist . Zinc and Vitamin D , perhaps a regular glass of Clorox Bleach  as a chaser   !!??  To cure  a Virus which they say does not exist .   I am absolutely stunned at the complete lack of logic , any semblance of logic  in some of the statements and comments I see .

    All I can say is ....THINK  use your God  given intelligence to weigh  the facts  , to  use a little common sense , doesn't take much really . Also have just a little considertion for the people surrounding  you . If your friend drove your child to school at 90 miles an hour , sitting in the front seat and never put the seatbelt on . Would you allow that to continue ???  Is it overly controlling to demand that he slow down or at least use the seat belts ....just in case . !!!???   

    This is finally my last word on this subject ....beating a dead horse  when he has a breathing tube installed  is a waste of time and resources . Darwin at work .

Peace and love for all you Baggers iut there , even the ones who think I might be a Demon  or  Shmuck  for believing in  science .

☘💚....Eamon .

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Sep 13, 2021
Maried : There is an old saying “United we stand and divided we fall”
Sep 14, 2021
magoo : Hi Maried , I assume and take that in the Good way ????. In the last four years I have witnessed things that I never imagined could happen here . What always impressed me was the fact that there was no Revolution , no armed Rebellion all throughout the 50's , 60's & 70's . When every justification to pick up arms and fight with blood against the poisonous , cruel and violent actions of the US and State governments against Minorities , especially African Americans . It took enormous self control not to get violent on a massive scale to take back the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution and demanded by a sense of common decency . . My Dad and several Brothers worked building a chain of small fast food joints all over the South and up to Illinois . The five of them did all the construction from foundation to putting the key in the lock . I will never forget what they said to me when they were back home in Ireland and it is still a topic of conversation to this day . They told me that when a black person was approaching , coming towards them on the street, a family group or single people , As the got close any black person on the sidewalk would step out into the road to let them pass , eyes to the ground , expreshionless . When my Brothers had passed the Black people would step back onto the sidewalk and continue on their way .Their puzzled reaction was to ask each other if the people were really scared of them or maybe they were just being polite by stepping off the sidewalk . This idea of superior and inferiour races was a whole new challenge after leaving Ireland wher our ancestors had been doing pretty much the same type of thing for 400 hundred years , suffering indignities for generations from our neighbors in England . This was ancient history for most Irish but far from being forgotten . I can still see the puzzled look on their faces when they said , paraphrase . I'm just Off the Boat , I'm not yet a citizen but Legal for work and these people have less rights in their own country than I have ...a fffng Foreigner , how the hell can that be ?? One Bro told me that an older black gentleman would come by to collecting scrap or things to recycle . In the afternoon around quitting time the man would come buy carrying a few beers from his scrap money .
He would call out " Kiiid , hey Kiiid " . When my Bro got to him he would have two or maybe three beers and would crack two open , one for him and one for my Brother . They would chat about Ireland and about the humiliating existance his people were living . They became great friends and my Bro talks about him to this day . My Bro was really puzzled at first about the "Black" Only ......" White only " signs in the laundromat !! Not quite sure if it was referring to the type of clothes he could wash !!!?? That Gentleman taught my Brothers so much about Civil Rights and about Humanity , about the reality of many parts of the America they were experiencing for the first time .
Gotta sleep now , doing some hard work tomorrow

Sep 14, 2021
HenryM : "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe." Albert Einstein
Sep 20, 2021
Artsy Lady : I hear you. My frustration with this situation is almost more than I can deal with. I have a family member who is buying into all kinds of conspiracy theories. It is breaking my heart. ????
Sep 20, 2021
magoo : I know what you mean !! I have a Brother who thinks Trump is great ...But !! I am happy to say his " craziness" ( lol ) does not extend to Covid ????????. He got the Vax and wears the mask etc etc... I think his facination with Orange Man has waned but he won't admit it !!
Just remember , in the bigger picture there are more people with common sense than without !!?? So far !!
Keep the faith ????
Sep 21, 2021
Artsy Lady : Thanks, you too. Have a good night.

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