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Disaster Strikes

Posted by magoo

Hi guys ,  I've had my HP Laptop for a few years now and I'm so careful with it . It has crossed the US and the Atlantic many , many times  safely .   I did a very stupid thing , I  bumped my coffee cup and some splashed on my keyboard .  I immediately turned it off  and turned it upside down . I didn't get much on it . After about five hours  I turned it on briefly .   Everything opened normally  and as I pushed the off button a hard disk error message apeared .

It's a  HP  Envy Conveble  Laptop.

Any geeks out there who can throw any hints or advice my way  ??  I know I turned it on too soon . No burning smell , nothing like that .

☘☘☘....Eamon .

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Nov 03, 2021
Ritz : Oh No . A sad day .
Nov 04, 2021
magoo : Hi , just me commenting on myself ..the clumsy Eeegit( Irish for Idiot ! ) that I am . Actually I am always extremely careful but it just takes one time !! . The good news is ...I ran tests on the hard drive , all good : the onboard memory , all good and the BIOS , all good . There are some very helpful videos on youtube by techies from all over the world .
If perchance you should suffer this type of disaster , some tips .
Hit power button as fast as possible as you flip the laptop . Unplug from the charger immediately .
Immediately turn keyboard down as flat as possible , don't worry about stains on your carpet ...they come out !
I thought mine was dry after several hours but I really should have opened the case to see any visible liquid . I use sugar in my coffee and that is a different problem . I think when sugar residue gets warmed it can create a Short which confuses the Hard Drive ( grasping at straws here ) . The HDD check was good but when I ran it ten minutes later it couldn't be found . Thankfully everything is backed up multiple times . If the HDD is bad I will have to reinstall Windows on the new drive and restore my backups . I will expose the HDD and clean the gold contacts first since I have to get at the HDD anyway.
My best Bud , my Brother here has a backup laptop and I can use it until I figure my one out .
I almost always have my coffee in a sealed drink bottle that can't spill , key word , Almost !! One of the few times I didn't use the sealed bottle / flask I turn into an idiot !!
Just reminding you guys to Not let down your guard with liquids , the consequences can be nasty !! And expensive . Mine was just a splash on one corner of the keyboard but liquid and electronics do not play well together, even in small doses .
Where are all my fellow Geeks out there ? Any hints welcomed .
A sad and sorry Mr Magoo .
Ok Bob , you can say it .
" Welll Magoo , You've done it again !! "
Guilty as charged .
Eamon .
Nov 06, 2021
magoo : Hi there , just a quickie . Haha ...never a quickie !!
Tip number one . Get a 128 Gig Memory stick and leave it plugged in all the time . Make the stick the default location to save Data . The Cloud does it but there's nothing like having that memory stick in you hands knowing that your daily stuff is backed up . Ir's amazing how much capacity is in the modern memory sticks .
If your computer will not Boot Up you can make a backup disk ( on a USB memory stick , 20 Gig for Windows 10 ) on a different computer with the same operating system . You can Boot your laptop using the Memory Stick . Your Windows Installation number for your troubled laptop is required .
If you have liquid at your computer keep it in a sealed cip , not a coffee cup !!! Not rocket science I know !!
Before doing anything just sit and think about it and note every change you make to any files so you can revert if necessary .
What seemed almost like Black ( white ????) Magic to me was that just using Two Numerals , 1 and 0 ( On and Off ) and making a long enough string of them a computer can do the amazing things they do . 8 Bit Words (Bytes ) , 16 Bit Words , 32 Bit and 64 Bit . What fascinated me even more was how Microelectronics is based on the same the same principles with "Gates " either open (, On , powered up ) when 1 ...or Closed and Off when 0 ( zero) .
It seems like such a simple , basic system but the complexity of it is mind boggling . The human race is such a collectively creative organism , capable of so much good when all interested groups come together in support of a common cause , a common goal it warms the heart . The electronics contained in 5 Dollar Wristwatch was what took Humanity to the Moon and back so many times . The remote controol for your TV has probably the same capacity and computing power as the room sized " computer " used for those Lunar trips !! Creativity abd Genius is using the resources available to you to do what seems impossible . Duct Tape and plastic Bags saved the men of Appolo 13 when they faced certain death in the cold dead space between the Earth and the Moon ...Duct Tape and a plastic Bag !!! And creative , amazing thinkers brought those Astronauts back from disaster and ho.e to their families .
It seems to me that these Vaccines to fight Covid emerge from that same pool of extraordinary people who can explore and strive for a common goal in cooperative efforts to achieve a common goal . In this case the goal has been a Vaccine against a deadly Pandemic . Is it so hard to believe that the collective genius of the world's best scientists can create such a vaccine . It really is amazing what can be achieved with unlimited resources , monetary and scientific , give credit where credit is due !!
Nov 07, 2021
magoo : Hi Gimo , I will suggest one thing Gimo . When you mention " Politifact" as a source for this totally incorrect information do you actually mean that Politifact was discussed by someone on Facebook !!?? The information actually comes from some Facebook poster/ Poser and Not From Politifact . I would urge you to type Politifact into your search bar and get it right from the source , not from Facebook .
Nov 07, 2021
magoo : Hi again , Gimo , I don't want to be argumentative but ....When I see a claim in any type of media about some statement or a claim of some kind . I do not go to Facebook to find the facts . Social media is a tool but not a tool for the truth but a tool to manipulate people and their beliefs .
I had no bad effects from either shot and feel wonderful knowing that I have that extra bit of protection .
Stay safe and don't forget your mask !!! ????????
Nov 07, 2021
Artsy Lady : Hi Eamon, funny, I have the same laptop. But, no problem with liquids... so far.
I always keep my coffee in a mug with a lid. I've learned... Lol.

It amazes me what some people believe...
Hope your laptop continues to function without issues. Bye for now!
Nov 07, 2021
magoo : Hi , I always use a push button sealed flask but I've had bad sleep recently so I got careless for a few minutes and !!!
I can make a boot disk on a memory stick using my Bro's HP and hopefully run tests on my internal HDD . Doing a lot of reading so may try that tomorrow .
I Love the HP , never had a problem with it . Common Sense is really not very common !!
Stay safe ?????
Nov 08, 2021
Anoniem18 : Reminds me of the time my young son (typing with one hand) had a problem with his vic 20 or was it his commodore 64, his younger brother of course offered the reason for the problem, he spilled a soft drink onto the computer (both are all in one, keyboard & computer). And it was not working properly anymore.
I removed the battery, placed the computer in the sink in luke warm water, to my sons amazement, he knew computers and water don't mix, but swished around, let it sit overnight, in the morning removed it placed it on top of the heat register, turned on the fan left it for a day. Put the battery back in turned it on worked like a charm.
The water dissolved the sugar and as long as the power is off the water does not do any damage, it is the sugar which can cause shorts, stray capacitance that cause the problem. This may also be your problem. The hard disk error, hopefully is solvable by running CHKDSK start the Command prompt type "cmd" in the search box, which should display "cmd.exe" click on it which will show the command prompt C:> type CHKDSK C:
Note if you still have a hard disk error you won't be able to start CHKDSK, you then need another computer to run the program.
If you need more help I'm on numerous mail sites.
Good luck
Ed Maste
Nov 08, 2021
magoo : Hi Ed , thank you for your post ?. I had the Vic 20 and then the C64 and every model of Apple . When Apple became a clised black box I switched to the open architecture PC . The Apple IIE was fun to play with . There were computer fares where all kinds of bits and pieces , gadgets could be found . I made an external keyboard for the IIE for more comfort , not hunched over . I used to buld PCs and sell them .
I ran the HDD test , Memory test and all is good . I don't believe any hardware damage was done . I think it might be worth ppening the box and cleaning the HDD connectors . I don't believe a lot of liquid got to the Motherboard . The HDD quick test and serious test came out as good , passed both . The problem is windows is not booting from the HDD . My next step is to create a windows Boot USB Stick and possibly have a good look at the C Drive to see if Win is corrupted .
I actually got the dreaded Blue Screen a couple of times n the past couple of weeks !!?? The error message just said that Win had a problem and will restart but when I did some checks all looked good . I've been trying to get the black C : prompt to do a CHKDSK .
I have the BIOS screen . Some Tech said to enable Legacy Support , I tried that and changed it back , Disabled . Some said to Disable Secure Boot if booting from a USB , didn't get there yet . I do think Secure Boot should be Enabled .
The UEFI Boot will allow the use of a USB Stick to Boot . Going to try Booting from the USB Stick and have a look at Win to see what's happening .
Thank you again Ed .
Eamon . In Wet San Francisco area rigt now , so good to get some rain finally !! .

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