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Disaster Strikes

Posted by Past Member

Hi guys ,  I've had my HP Laptop for a few years now and I'm so careful with it . It has crossed the US and the Atlantic many , many times  safely .   I did a very stupid thing , I  bumped my coffee cup and some splashed on my keyboard .  I immediately turned it off  and turned it upside down . I didn't get much on it . After about five hours  I turned it on briefly .   Everything opened normally  and as I pushed the off button a hard disk error message apeared .

It's a  HP  Envy Conveble  Laptop.

Any geeks out there who can throw any hints or advice my way  ??  I know I turned it on too soon . No burning smell , nothing like that .

☘☘☘....Eamon .

Nov 03, 2021 8:01 PM
Ritz : Oh No . A sad day .
Nov 07, 2021 4:56 PM
Artsy Lady : Hi Eamon, funny, I have the same laptop. But, no problem with liquids... so far.
I always keep my coffee in a mug with a lid. I've learned... Lol.

It amazes me what some people believe...
Hope your laptop continues to function without issues. Bye for now!
Nov 08, 2021 7:43 PM
Anoniem18 : Reminds me of the time my young son (typing with one hand) had a problem with his vic 20 or was it his commodore 64, his younger brother of course offered the reason for the problem, he spilled a soft drink onto the computer (both are all in one, keyboard & computer). And it was not working properly anymore.
I removed the battery, placed the computer in the sink in luke warm water, to my sons amazement, he knew computers and water don't mix, but swished around, let it sit overnight, in the morning removed it placed it on top of the heat register, turned on the fan left it for a day. Put the battery back in turned it on worked like a charm.
The water dissolved the sugar and as long as the power is off the water does not do any damage, it is the sugar which can cause shorts, stray capacitance that cause the problem. This may also be your problem. The hard disk error, hopefully is solvable by running CHKDSK start the Command prompt type "cmd" in the search box, which should display "cmd.exe" click on it which will show the command prompt C:> type CHKDSK C:
Note if you still have a hard disk error you won't be able to start CHKDSK, you then need another computer to run the program.
If you need more help I'm on numerous mail sites.
Good luck
Ed Maste
Feb 01, 2022 4:54 PM
Artsy Lady : Hi there, I've been trying to find your post about the 3M tape but no luck!
Anyway, I want to get back to kayaking this summer and trying to order tape. Is it the micropore surgical paper tape? Seems like paper wouldn't work in water... And you said 2", right?
Thanks again for the info!
Feb 01, 2022 9:57 PM
Panko : When you change your bag does this 3m tape stick to your skin like sxxt does to a hot blanket & very painful to peel off..??
What is the absorbagel for & who make it??
Have you tried Coloplast Brava tape extenders? They are horse shoe shape about an inch wide you stick 2/3 around your bag.
Pretty good & rarely get a leak on both bags since using it!
How long you in Ireland for?
Happy New Year Mr Magoo!
Feb 02, 2022 1:56 PM
Artsy Lady : Very thankful for the tape advice! ????
Not a premium member, so can't message you directly. And thanks for the best wishes. It's an ongoing struggle to stay positive. Currently have my own struggle with electronics. I've been informed that my phone won't work with new VoLTE service so changing providers. Can't get the SIM card drawer to open. Grrr...????