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Precious And Fragile Life Is Fleeting .

Posted by magoo

This will be short  but I have to say it again. 

I see all these in the news who are dying one after the other because of stubborness , parents dying and leaving four kids . On their deathbed admitting that they were wrong not to take sensible precautions that could have saved their lives . People who are offered something that could save their lives and they laugh , God will save me , I have a great immune system ..bla ..bla...blaaaa . Rejecting something that saves lives .

What pisses me off is the fact that the ten year old son of my Nephew in Ireland is battling a cancerous Brain Tumor which always results in death  . He is using all the  strength he can muster as a ten year old child to fight this thing and to have faith that medical science and the medical /  cancer sepecialists who are working hard every day to save his life can actually help him to stay alive for long enough to be part of a trial to test new treatments . He and his Sister and Brothers ,  his parents , his many Aunts and Uncles would sacrifice anything for a chance of a cure or a treatment which might give him some chance at life , even for a few more months or years . They,  we  would move Heaven and Earth to give him a chance at life.  All these people who reject science , vaccinations and informed medical advice and put themselves and their families and other families at risk by refusing an approved vaccination which would probably save their lives if they catch Covid . These people make me angry because they have no respect for Life , their own life or the lives of others .  Maybe instead of going to the ER when they catch Covid , maybe they should contact the Facebook posters or the youtubers who they take their advice from and ask them for help and leave the ER and the ICU  beds for people more deserving of help and medical treatment .

My last and final Rant on this subject because as a wise man once said .

You can't fix Stupid , especially when Stupid doesn't want to be fixed . 

Eamon .

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Sep 26, 2021
Deziner : Hi Magog
Have you heard of St. Judes Children’s Cancer Center in Arkansas I think. Everything is free even the airfare for parents and treatment for these kids. They’ve made excellent progress in curing all kinds of cancer. It’s one charity that I support. Great place.
Is your nephew in the States?
Please check into this. Maybe the ticket!
My brother died of brain cancer; hellish death. Held him as he took his last breath. Only 46.
My heart aches for your nephew.
God can heal the unhealable. I’ve witnessed this twice of two adults with late cancer stages. So, miracles really do happen.
Thanks for sharing your story. Really appreciate it.
Please let me know your nephew’s name. He’ll be held close to my heart.
Sep 26, 2021
HenryM : "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science." Charles Darwin
Sep 26, 2021
Earth Angel : Eamon,
I will pray for healing for your nephew.
Sep 26, 2021
magoo : Oh Henry , you are such a font of wisdom , you find the best quotes . This quote is as true now as it was in Darwin's day. In fact I believe that American Psychiatric professionals just came up with a name for this syndrome ( I would have thought it actually existed ? ) . The less someone Actually knows about something the more they Believe they know about that thing . I think I said it before but my Irish Dad had some very wise sayings himself ( you would have loved my Dad Henry !! ) . " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing " . He was a builder , Stone , Brick , Concrete, Tiles . I used to mix his cement on summer holidays to make a few Shillings ( yea !! Shillings !!! , I don't feel that old !!! ) . I learned so much practical stuff from him . He never went to high school but would have been a shining star if he had the resources for Academia , he had natural wisdom and common sense . He would see people who wouldn't pay him for building a house , addition , bathroom etc . they would often get a guy who knew that concrete blocks go on top of each other and are held together with mortar but knew very little more . They knew the basics but thought their limited knowledge made them qualified to build a house . Every one ended in disaster , not a straight or level wall in the house , the wrong mix of cement VS sand ( walls will crumble !! ) , every door in the house out of square , didn't know what a Spirit Level is for , and a "Plumb Bob" ....what the hell is a Plumb Bob they might wonder !!! The Egyptians building the Pyramids had two main tools , the Plumb Bob and a water based Level . So indeed a little knowledge really is a dangerous thing and in practical terms it could bring your house crashing down on your head and your family's head if you overestimate the depth of your knowledge . This goes for your Health as much as for your house . A great Irish phrase addressing this is ..." He lost the run of himself .." So to the would be Doctors out there , don't lose the run of yourself .
Sep 26, 2021
magoo : Hi Sharon , thank you so much for the info . I will definitely pass that on . The boy's name is Zack and they live in Navan , just outside Dublin .The Irish medical system has come a very long way in the past 20 years . They have state of the art equipment and treatment methods . I have a lot of experience in Irish hospitals and I was quite impressed with system , once you get a diagnosis and a treatment plan is formed . He has a Glioblastoma and my Sister's Husband in DC /Va died from exactly the same tumor . I also held his hand as he left us . Hospice never showed up with the sedation this type of death requires . Four of us had to put our bodies over his just to keep him on the bed , the seizures were the most horrific thing I've ever witnessed , at times only his head and his heels were touching the bed and I can still hear his low moaning and almost screaming at times . His dying process lasted a long time and hospice never got there . Paramedics were required just to declare his death but the local Police , Firefighters , and an Ambulance showed up and immediately got the paddles out , pushing everyone out of the way until eventually my Sister got through to them that it was a fatal Brain Tumor . I know they were trying to do their job but my Sister was not herself for two years after . I had taken care of Brian for three and a half years , giving his $1000 PER PILL anti nausea meds etc etc ...I even wiped his butt for him and we became such great friends over that time . It is so horrible to think of little Zack losing his young life in this way . Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe page for the family . Zack has two Brothers and an amazing Sister and his parents have not worked for a good while. Friends and family built an addition onto their house for Zack with his own bathroom and to his delight got him a 50 inch tv to watch his favorite , Gaelic Football ( a bit like Rugby , a very exciting game ). Zack's team won a championship recently and he attended in his wheelchair . They were so sweet and he got a medal , same as the rest of his team . Brian , who I took care of lived for almost four years while taking part in trials . There were several but the Cancer overcame each new treatment but they gave him some time to be with my Sister and their Son . I might post the pic from the game where Zack got the medal and blur Zack's face , and his beautiful little Sister . He has such Spirit and everyone is keeping him positive . The reality is that nobody survives this type of Tumor ( Ted Kennedy had this also ) .
Thank you for your kind words Sharon , much appreciated .
Eamon .
Sep 26, 2021
magoo : Hi Angel , thank you for your kind words and your prayers . The family is trying to stay positive and as long as Zack is with them we all hope and pray for that miracle .

Sep 26, 2021
delgrl525 : Hi Eamon, If there are such things as miracles, I hope one comes along for your nephew.

Sep 26, 2021
magoo : Thank You Terry XX. He was able to go home and now has the new bedroom and bathroom . He can go to his team's games with his Sister and Brothers . My Nephew and his wife wanted to have their family close to each other in their ages so for the first 4-5 years his lovely wife had 4 children in quick succession . They wanted them to be close in age so they would all be friends and not just Siblings . This is exactly how it turned out . I visit them every time I go through Dublin airport and Love them dearly . So funny . When I would visit all four would be at the open window shouting , " the crazy man is here " because I would play their crazy games and was constantly taking photos .
Thanks Terry ...I don't pray much but I find myself asking Kitty to put a good word in for Zack with " The Boss " . If there is a " heaven " then Kitty is surely in it with my amazing Parents . Eamon .
Sep 26, 2021
magoo : I posted a pic of Zack , faces covered for privacy . Friends if the family have set up a GoFundMe and our extended family family are here for them .
Thank you Sharon I've passed on your suggestion .getting his Gaelic Football Medal gave him such a boost !!
If prayers help he needs some now .
Love and peace and happier times ahead we all hope .
Sep 29, 2021
Puppyluv56 : Prayers for the child and family!

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