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Pets And Ostomy

Posted by Past Member

How does your pet/pets react to your bag,

I have a labrador and he's very protective of me, don't know if that's them as a breed or because I have the ileostomy, he follows me everywhere, even in the loo! A lot) he watches while I gather my supplies for changing, he's very careful when he lays on me, funny, my cat since passed would only lay on my left side, they do know!

bowsprit : Many animals know a lot of things that we think they don't know. I have Rhodesian Ridgebacks who were very curious at first but are now used to it which is a good thing because they are big dogs and can cause damage by just bumping hard into you. They follow you into the loo because they want to know why you always go in there alone.

May 04, 2020
Shar : Oh my. So does my dog. I have a one year old min pin. She is so careful and her word is “gentle”
She really is a hyper little thing except when she’s near me. I’d say you can’t be on mommy’s tummy and she would lay very still right beside me.
She’s my girl. As I’m a widow who has a urostomy due to bladder cancer. My one year post cancer scan ( April 16). and I’ve been given the all clear !!!
May 04, 2020
cbhines14 : Animals are smarter than people. Down the road from me some ahole ran over baby geese. May 04, 2020
Bill : Hello Littleloo.
All my dogs over the years have been inquisitive about my stoma but none of them have done anything other than sniff around the area and then lose interest.
They seem to know a lot more than we give them credit for.
Best wishes
May 06, 2020
Puppyluv56 : My Dog has always followed me everywhere before and after the stoma . She is a trained service dog so she keeps an eye on me!
My cats, on the other hand, are all about them! They will get up on me with no care where they step. Luckily no claws or steps on the stoma!
May 08, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Shar, congratulation! That is a big deal! Happy for you! I love Min-pins! My Rott/cocker is too fat to lay on me and has never been a cuddle bunny. But alway by my side. May 08, 2020

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