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The Perils Of Scar Tissue

Posted by Mayoman

Hi there ,   Well here we go again !!  I was in St Vinvents Hospital in the past two weeks for my expected surgery. The proposed surgery was to remove what's left of my Rectum, Sphincter and the de-functioned J-Pouch which is still in thee.

   I got a call at 11 AM on Thursday to be at the hospital by 7 AM the next morning. There had been a cancellation and they had my pre-op workup already done so that was OK. I got there early , before the staff and waited. Pretty soon they had me prepped and sedated for my 7:30 surgery. 

   I'm on the other side of Ireland which is 3 1/2 hours by train and another hour long bus ride to the hospital so I went the night before and stayed with my Brother near Dublin ( 1 1/2  hours to the hospital from there !!  I was up at 4:30 getting showered and looking respectable for the man with the Scalpel. 

    I was all ready to wake up and have my Butt sewn shut and expecting a tube soming from there. I felt no tube and I was not in the ICU so I figured that something went wrong !!?? Not until about three hours later ( when I really woke up ) did I confirm that no work had been done on the intended surgery.  

   The problem was Scar Tissue . Apparently the scar tissue is covering/ smothering my Organs, including Bladdar and Small intestine. They said that they could not even identify the Bladdar and even less so for the small intestine. They thought it was too dangerous to continue and after poking around in there they just closed me back up again . I will go back in four weeks to see my Principal SUrgeon and see if they have come up with any solutions. Right now one proposal is to install a Stent in my Urethra to prevent a Pee Blockage when my Pouch gets infamed ....this causes Pouchitis which in turn causes Prostatitis which squeeaes on my Urethrta and stops my Pee . This happened recently and it took ten days in hospital to get the infection doen. 

    Right now I'm resigned to Not continuing with this planned surgery. The risks of having both a Urostomy AND  Short Bowel as well as a Ileostomy does not appeal to me right now.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and did you find a solution ???


Thank You All  XOXO  Eamon .

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Puppyluv56 : Wow! What a way to go for an unsuccessful procedure! So sorry you had to go thru all of that! Hopefully they will come up with a solution to make your system work! Prayers are with you! Puppyluv Nov 13, 2018
Bill : Hello Eamon. Sorry to hear about your problems which can be very serious. The process the body goes through in order to produce scar tissue for healing is a miracle in itself and if it just confines itself to the injury, then it works well. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, the process continues to areas that are unaffected by the original damage, which causes complications that are undesirable. About 20 years ago, I had a friend who suffered in this way and there was nothing they could do for him. However, just this week on TV. there was a news item on a breakthrough in the treatment of scar tissue and it looks as though, in future, they will be able to get rid of the main undesirable effects of scar tissue. I have not been able to follow through to find any more information on this but if I do come across it again I will post you. Best wishes Bill Nov 14, 2018
dadnabbit : Eamon, Well, SH!!!!!! Things just seem to snowball sometimes in our lives. I know you were looking forward to this surgery to put an end to the ongoing issues, and I am really sorry to hear the results you just received. Scar tissue scares the hell outta me. I've had three organs removed and I often wonder what's going on inside now. My surgeon (of 4 years ago--I haven't seen ANYONE since then) insisted my hernia was NOT a hernia. It definitely was (CT scan proven) not just a simple hernia, but a very large ventral hernia (one of three!) with three loops of small intestine looped into my stomach !! I live with it because I still can't muster the faith in anyone touching me surgically again, but also because I have read about the issues with scar tissue, and considering the removal of 3 organs, I figure I've got enough of that already. I know you had high hopes of finally ending the bouts of pouchitis and the misery that was constantly plaguing you and interfering with your "get on with life" attitude. Try to hang onto that attitude, Eamon, because without it I can tell you that life is quiet and frequently lonely. Maybe there will be progress in treating scar tissue, or maybe the doctors will find an alternate solution for your particular issue. And YOU keep researching yourself, all that you can. I'll keep good, positive thoughts for you, and hope you receive good news on your next dr's visit. Please stay in touch. Peace Nancy Nov 26, 2018

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