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Febuary 2018

Posted by Angelicamarie

In the United States Feburary is recognized as Black History Month. I will briefy discuss one of my hero's. His given name was Joseph Louis Barrow and his nickname was the brown bomber.  He was commonly known around the world as Joe Louis. He fought professionally 68 times and loss only 3. Mr. Loius held the heavy weight boxing championship of the world for almost 12 years, (1937-1949). Many regarded him as the greatest boxer ever. Some may argue that Muhammad Ali was the greatest of all times. I can understand that  but we all have opinions. This is my contribution in recognition of Black History month. I thank you for stopping by to read this.


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Pirrip : What an athlete he must have been! I think that if cassius clay had gone in the army, he could have done a whole lot more for world peace, he was so pretty, moved like liquid, we loved his outspokenness, until he was radicalised. What might have been...... I guess attacking is what a good boxer does best! I'm waffling cos i just smoked some weed sorry if this is a bore ... best, Pirrip x
Angelicamarie : Hi pirrip so true Muhammad was quite smooth and yes pretty (smile) thanks for your comments. Have a great evening !! Angelicamarie
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. I'm not a fan of boxing but I liked Cassius for his verbal repertoire. However, if it is Black History Month, then I feel that a mention should be made of one of the greatest orators of all time on the subject, whom I admire and quote probably more often than anyone else. None other than Martin Luther King. My favourite quotation is: "I may not get there with you but I have a dream". Which sums up how I feel about the many concepts, principals and philosophies that I live by but know in my heart will not be universally adopted in my lifetime. Best wishes Bill
veejay : So Bill, President Trump is holding a summit to discuss world peace and you are in charge of the guest list and you can invite anyone living or dead. Who do you start with.....Martin Luther King?.......Muhammad Ali?......Mother Theresa?......John Lennon?......Winston Churchill?.....The Pope?......Bono? Seriously Bill who would you invite? V.J.
Angelicamarie : G’morning Bill, Muhammad Ali was indeed great in his skills, appreciate your comments .Martin Luther king was also a good man who died for what he believed in. Thanks again Bill for your comments!! I think your a good person bill, have a great day!! Have you started you new job?
Bill : Hello veejay: A very interesting question, but I think I would find it easier to mention a few people that I would 'NOT' invite, rather than those I would. I am tempted to say that I would not invite president Trump because he seems to be the sort of guy who would be likely to start a war rather than avoid one. In fact, there are not many politicians I would trust with this important task. However, if we are to include the dead as well as the living; Churchill was chosen to lead us into and through a war, so he would not be on my list. Neither would anyone else who had taken us towards conflict rather than away. In spite of being somewhat sceptical about organised churches, my suggestions for such a list would probably involve church leaders from around the world because they, at least profess to believe in the concept of peace. Nelson Mandela proved himself to be a peacemaker in a very difficult set of circumstances as did Ghandi. I'm not a Christian but I would certainly include Jesus Christ as a candidate because he too showed passivity rather than aggression in times of great personal an societal stress. Although, I suppose he would count as a 'church leader' in that sense so I might be looking back at all the founders of the original religions to identify who would be most likely to lead us in the right direction. Good question though! Best wishes Bill
veejay : You are so right Bill. Your question is much better than mine...."who wouldn't you invite". The list would be endless. If Jesus was to score an invite, would Allah?? It is interesting to note that Winston Churchill guided England (Britain) through the second world war and was then unceremoniously dumped by the people not long after the war ended. Thanks for coming Winston! V.J.
Bill : Hello veejay. Although very interesting, I think these sorts of questions should really be posed in a separate blog or forum discussion as they distract us away from the original topic. However, in answer to your question about Allah. I think that the originators of most religions had good intentions and if one reads and interprets what 'they' actually preached as opposed to what the people who came after them decided to 'add-on' to the scriptures, then they nearly all would be good candidates for a 'peace' forum. Jesus and Allah being no exceptions. Best wishes Bill
Angelicamarie : Hello freelancer, I want to respond the best that I can, however after I Googled John greenleaf Whittaker, he was not an African American. Is that the correct spelling of his name? Angelicamarie
freedancer : Oh geeze!!! I feel like a fool!! I meant George Washington Carver. He was a chemist and did research on peanuts and cotton. I apologize over and over!! John Greenleaf Whittier was a Quaker poet. How I got the two mixed up is beyond me!! Can I claim "A Senior Moment?" George Washington Carver was brilliant man and his research was highly important. I guess I better quit while I am behind!!
Angelicamarie : Free dance we all make mistakes, thanks for your contribution. George Washington carver was a botanist and inventor. Have a great day!! Angelica
zeppo : Hi!Angel,Rocky Marciano is the only boxer ever to have never lost a fight & he was the lightest heavyweight boxer on record.I loved Ali but my favourite boxer is Sugar Ray Robison.Yiur buddy Zeppo{Bill}
Angelicamarie : Hello Bill, true that Rocky was a force to be reckoned with. Sugar Ray was regarded as one of the greatest fighters. Thanks for your contributions to feb 2018. Have a pleasant evening! Angel
Br37 : In my younger days over thirty years ago, long before my ostomy I boxed as a welterweight and I had a lot of fights. I had my nose broken three times. As for Joe Louis, he was incredible! I recall watching videos of his fights, He would shuffle in in a slight crouch, pawing out with his awesome jab like a cat and when an opening came, his punches were lightning quick. His punching power was paralyzing. The way he threw combinations was a thing of beauty. A great champion and a wonderful man he was. As for the lightest heavyweight champion, it was Bob Fitzsimmons originally from New Zealand. He fought in the 1890's and he weighed in at 167 pounds when he won the world title beating James J. Corbett also known as Gentleman Jim. Fitzsimmons knocked Corbett out in the 13th round with a hard punch to the solar plexus. Fitzsimmons is considered one of the hardest punchers who ever lived. In recent times the hardest puncher alive is Earnie Shavers.
Angelicamarie : Hello B37, thanks for the input, it was well appreciated. That's quite interesting about you boxing, which would make sense of how you shared such info in detail. I had to look myself . It was definitely said Robert James Fitzsimmons made history, and Earnie Shavers was challenged for the heavy weight title. Thanks again! Angelicamarie
zeppo : Hi!Br37.I also boxed like you as a welterweight & my Dad met Genteman Jim.Yes Fitzsimmons was the lightest heavyweight back then but I was referring to more modern boxing history.George Chuvalo who I met was never knocked down in his career,not even by Ali.Raging Bull is my favourite boxing movie.I was on my way to golden gloves when my Dad died at 49.I found him in the back yard.My boxing career ended that day as I went to work in a paper mill staying there for 38 years.One never knows what life has in store for us.Nice talking with you .Zeppo.
Br37 : Zeppo it is great to hear from you. I’m very sorry about your dad ,he must have been a very fine man. You know your boxing. I remember George Chuvalo very well. He was tough as nails and no one could take a punch like he could. It was said that if there were 40 round fights, he would have been heavyweight champion. That was awesome that your dad met Gentleman Jim. Raging Bull was also one of my favorites also. Many years ago I met Rocky Graziano and was talking to him for quite a while. He was a very nice man, and of course he gave me his autograph. Zeppo, great to talk to you, be well, take care. Bruce.
Angelicamarie : Bill and Bruce, hey guys thanks for you knowledge in the boxers . Appreciate both of you!! Glad you caught up with one another lol Really I thank you!! Angelicamarie
zeppo : Hi!Bruce,I was in Niagara Falls New Your as I lived in Niagara Falls Ontario for 40. Years.My boxing buddy George Miicik were walking down falls avenue & George said to me.,”Look in that barber shop”.There sitting in the chair was Rocky Marciano”.We fell over each other going through the door.He said you guys know more about me than I do LOL.We got his autograph of course & shook hands with him.His hands were enormous..Now at 76 years old I have no idea where that autograph is.Great to know you Bruce,Bill.
zeppo : Hi!Again Bruce,I forgot to mention that when my Dad died,I had to work to support my Mother,Brother & Sister.The tough dudes in the paper mill all wanted to try me on once they heard I use to box.I tried so hard to talk them out of it because I didn”tb want to fight.These were grown men & I was just 19 years old.After a while,no one bothered me at all.They Nic named me,Bad Billy Bone” HA!HA!HA! My nephews still call me that in their emails as they heard about my exploits in the mill.Your buddy Bill. :-)