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Pain Medications

Posted by rosebud621

What pain medications do not cause stomach problems

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ron in mich : Hi rosebud I can only take Tylenol as anything with aspirin in it upsets my stomach, I get the generic from Walmart or dollar store. Jan 23, 2019
Morning glory : Hi rosebud, I am also sensitive to aspirin products too. I will add you should have some food on your stomach with non aspirin products as stomach pain is a potential side effect with these too. Jan 23, 2019
NewlifeVictoria : Hi Everyone ????????????????????I was reading some of what others go through and I never thought I would go through so much and I must say as you probably will say as well, it’s very scary when we have complications and pain, I never thought I would take pain medication but since my first time I got sick and suffering with pain so bad nothing worked I went on a opioid and it helped me but didn’t want to take them.. it’s been 7 years and I’m still taking them due to the unbearable chronic pain I go through and I have to crush every pill I take or take chewable because I have found them coming out of the stoma as I did today again I told 81 aspirin and thought it was ok but now I’m never gone to take any pill I have tried different things like foods and I must say I’m Very different and hate that I never feel good! ????????????????????????????????????????????I have had people tell me I’m crazy it’s not pain or anything but you need to walk that was someone here in the group said this ,I thought we were friends but I guess he don’t have any problems, he’s lucky and god is protecting him I said that he said he don’t believe but anyway wish him the best and I sometimes don’t know what to do except rub my stomach and pray... I have asked before but I here from everyone they don’t have pain that’s great! ????I wondering what I’m doing wrong to have the pain I have , I don’t here many say much, about what I go through????????I pray for everyone to be feeling great and pain free I know I have gas to anyone can help with advice it will be appreciated so much! I’m going to try a liquid only for the rest of this week water, tea, broth... I was told try baking soda for gas, I just did anyone have any thoughts or share what they have tried and it worked, I’m open to anything you got to share thank you so much, a head of time!! Happy holidays????Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and healthy ???????????????????????? I’m just trying to live life and try new things but it seems I have to be very careful ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Victoria Dec 18, 2019

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