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Posted by Bill


Beauty comes in many forms
with very few, if any norms.
What may seem beautiful one day
may change if viewed another way.

Some see the human form as such
but I don’t like them very much.
Their surface beauty may seem strong
but underneath it seems all wrong.

Their beauty is a masked charade
concealed behind a fake façade.
Where there’s no substance it turns bad
the beauty that they may have had.

A book is not judged by its cover
Nor’ are our judgements of each other.
I, for one, look way beyond
that surface image that is donned.

I like to see what folks have done,
how they behave and have their fun.
I look for personality
and unconventionality.

Beauty for me is what they do
both for themselves and others too.
I look for all those little things
that in the wake of beauty brings.

What I like most is when I find
an inner beauty of the mind.
Where people think, then follow through
with what they plan and say and do.

Beauty lies within the soul
of those who’ve mastered self-control.
In those who shun malevolence
in favour of benevolence.

B. Withers 2013

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Angelicamarie : Bill... That's simply beautiful. Outside beauty will dissipate,Thus inner beauty will radiate and stand the test of time. Great Blog !! Angelicamarie Aug 11, 2018
Past Member: I agree with Angel. Great poem! Too bad more people don't think that way. It would be a far better world. Linda Aug 11, 2018
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. Judging by how your own posts mirror the sentimentssurrounding this sort of topic, I thought you might like this one. Best wishes Bill Aug 11, 2018
Angelicamarie : Bill... You were right , I do very much. The blog reminds me of the temptations song, beauty Only Skin deep. Which if one lives long enough outside beauty vanishes. When one has it on the inside,it's so ....visible. Angelicamarie Aug 11, 2018
Bill : Hello weirdnewlife. Thank you for your supportive comment and your appreciation of the rhyming verse. Writing rhymes tends to be a lonesome occupation so, every hint of endorsement, from whatever source, becomes part of the building blocks of motivation to continue writing. Best wishes Bill Aug 12, 2018
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. Your are so right and perhaps we should be continuously reminded of such concepts. Best wishes Bill Aug 12, 2018
Past Member: Ok I'm sorry. Today I leave this sight to never return. God bless all of us. Loved my time o here and you guys. I wish the best for us all. Aug 12, 2018
Bill : Hello tomoc. I feel saddened to hear that you have decided to leave the site. However, 'never' (as with 'always') seems such a permanent arrangement and, as none of us really know what is round the corner or how we will feel in the future, I hope you might change your mind and join us again sometime. If only to browse some of the posts that are of interest to you. If not, I hope you will be with us in spirit and support the ethos of the site and its participants. Good luck with all you do and here's hoping everything goes according to your own plan. Best wishes Bill Aug 13, 2018
Silveradokid : You've nailed it once again, my friend, Giving me pause to beauty amend The way I view pre stoma to post, And look at myself a more treasured host Whose body is no longer writhing in pain, Sharing a renewed hope to share what's humane Like hope and serenity and always good will For those in need and indeed thank you Bill... Aug 16, 2018
Bill : Thank you so much silveradokid. The response in rhyme that you created - is definitely appreciated. If more people talked this way - more thought would be in what they say. Best wishes Bill Aug 17, 2018

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