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One Half Of The Smile

Posted by Bill


From birth until death.
Through many emotion.
A smile can be best.
As a tonic or lotion.

The jester is good.
At using these tools.
For laughter is food.
For wise men and fools

We smile when we’re glad.
We smile when bemused.
We smile when we’re bad.
And when we’re confused.

Whenever we laugh.
A smile follows on.
And though it sounds daft.
A smile catches on.

Smiling gives pleasure.
When that is its aim.
But if it’s misused.
It causes much pain.

Let pleasure abound.
Smile all you can.
Contentment is found.
Through the smiles of a man-
or woman.

(Excerpts from ‘The Smile’ bY)

B. Withers 1984

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Jul 21, 2011
Bill : Hello Jacksprat,
Thanks for your post and I'm glad you enjoyed the verses.
The spacing thing is a bit of a story - but as you asked I'll give you the brief version and then you might have a solution.
The poems are written in Microsoft Word and they are of course appropriately spaced in that format.
At first I was cutting and pasting straight from Word into this site and it came up with all the formatting. - What a fag that was to try to get rid of it. Sometimes it simply wouldn't do it without distorting the whole layout.
Then I found the tag that helps to download from Word without the formatting. The spacing that you see now comes with that method and I have not yet found out how to reduce the spacing.
Any suggestions would be greatfully tried as I think it actually distracts from the flow of the verse as well as being a right pain!
There are many other things I don't know about computers and I often wonder if it is really worth persevering sometimes when there seems to be so many other, more pleasant things that could occupy my time. (I'm thinking particularly of the frustrations of the 'Chat-Room' that you so eloquently posted about and I agreed with wholeheartedly) Then, I think that if I didn't try at all I wouldn't be able to communicate with fellow ostomates such as yourself.
Best wishes
Jul 22, 2011
Bill : Thanks for your comments.
If I can figure out the 'how', I'll contact the site admin. and ask about this problem.
Best wishes
Jul 22, 2011
Bill : I have been in touch with customer services and below is their response:

Jul 22, 2011
Bill : Hi Bill,

Pasting from Word is really not recommended. It always creates problems. If you really have to, then you can use the 'Paste from Word' icon when creating your blog (the 7th icon from left to right).

Customer Service

Jul 22, 2011
Bill : So! it doesn't look as thought there is a satisafactory resolution to this problem - Unless somebody know something different?
Jul 23, 2011
Bill : Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried them all but they all come out with similar formatting. I experimented with a few more like Picassa and Photshop but as yet I have had no success in downloading the pictures in a way that is readable.
I feel there must be a way - but I just haven't found it yet!
One way is to sit here and type each verse out directly on this blog. I'm beginning to think that this might be the only way to do the job properly. However, that takes time and motivation which I am a little short of right now.
I'll try some short ones this way but the longer ones are much less likely to get on here.
Thanks for your suggestions
Best wishes
Jul 23, 2011
Bill : UPDATE:
I have just tried typing a verse directly onto this blog. The result was that the spacing was the same as if I had copied and pasted from Word. So, I now think that the problem lies with the lack of formatting options within the blog rather than with any downloading problems. If this is the case, then there appears to be no resolution of this problem. Unless I can master the art of downloading a reasonably readable picture. --I haven't yet figuured that one out.
Best wishes
Jul 23, 2011
Bill : OoooooooooooHH!
It doesn't seem to do it
in this comments space.
I give up - for now

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