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Any One Wannt Cha?

Posted by christiesdad

Looking for a lady to chat about things other than osteos

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Bellisima : Good Sunday morning! I would love to talk about something other than our ostomies! Apr 07, 2019
Xerxes : Yes, more to life than an ostomy Apr 08, 2019
Bellisima : The birds are singing and it's going to be a beautiful, sunny, spring day here! It may even be warm enough to open a few windows and finally be able to welcome in some fresh air. Either way, it's time to thoroughly enjoy this special, blessed day and I, for one, will revel in all it's beauty! Apr 08, 2019
Mike6952 : Yes birds singing in here too Apr 10, 2019
Bellisima : Good morning, Mike. Our stories seem to be somewhat similar and we both seem to be positive people in this great big world around us called life! What day is it, Mike? Apr 10, 2019
Mike6952 : Morning it is a sunny but chilly Wednesday Apr 10, 2019
Bellisima : I was referring to the famous Geico commercial with the camel. What day is it? It's Hump Day! (Wednesday) By the way, we are suppose to get several inches of snow this evening...springtime in Wisconsin! Apr 10, 2019
Mike6952 : Lol well I cant remember that commercial or am I still half best stay in and cuddle up if its going to be that bad, they keep promissing bad weather here but luckily never comes but it will one day.... :-) Apr 10, 2019
Bellisima : That is quite an old commercial but it has been resurfacing lately and it still makes me smile! ???? We have had so many major snowstorms and bitter cold temperatures this past winter that a few more inches this week won't slow us down. Thanks for the concern and it would be nice to snuggle up by a nice fire indoors and stay warm. Count your blessings if the bad weather never makes it your way. Apr 10, 2019
Mike6952 : I count my blessings every day but not all for decent weather..the weather will be what it will be cant change or ignore it....So what do you get up to with or with out the weather, and a good snuggle always makes the time feel great.... Apr 10, 2019
Bellisima : Soooo true, Mike. A good snuggle, especially with someone special, feels amazing no matter the weather! Apr 10, 2019
Mike6952 : Well we both agree on that so must be good ???? Apr 11, 2019
Bellisima : We have a winter storm and wind advisory here so cuddling up in front of the fireplace would feel sooo good. I think I'll bake some cookies or cupcakes today and make the house smell amazing. April in gotta love it! Apr 11, 2019
Mike6952 : Yes and some nice baked fresh bread so warmly and homely Apr 11, 2019
Bellisima : That's a great idea, Mike. Hhmmmm...I do have a great recipe for a rustic Italian bread which I can pair with all day simmered homemade sauce. Dinner tonight, pasta with homemade meatballs and sauce, with a side of freshly baked bread and a nice salad. The house is going to be warm and smell incredible today! Apr 11, 2019
Mike6952 : Love to make Italian I’m cooking lasagne tonight too all home made mmmm Apr 11, 2019

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