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Getting Physical.....Sex And The Baggie Lol

Posted by magoo

Hi there my fellow Baggers ,

 My new friend is not on this site so I may or may not direct her to this Blog ??  

Over the many years that I have had this annoying plastic bag stuck to my belly I have often dreamed of sharing personal moments with a Lady . 

With or without a Bag would have made no difference to me , just some gentle, kind Lady who would share her thoughts , desires , loves, fantasies ...etc etc..with me and allow me to share some of my own with her . I wasn't asking for much !!!  Just a conversation partner in whom I could place my trust , my secrets ( not much there !!! lol ) . I must admit that as a healthy ...youngish ...guy whose body parts function as normal and whose imagination can be quite exhilerating at times ....a little intimate interaction was always in the back of my mind . 

Having an Ileostomy put an end to most attempts at intimacy a long time ago. 

"What if the bag breaks....leaks....falls off....smells "...etc etc.  The Baggie is a real passion-killer , even if nothing ever goes wrong with it . Just the thought of a flood of liquid shit flowing down the bed sheets between two naked bodies really puts a damper on things....even on my imagination. I often thought that the only way this could work is if both people have the Baggie !! In the event of a leak/ flood there would at least be a common thread of misery to maintain my / our sanity . 

I went to the US this past summer with no thoughts of meeting a woman . Any stray thoughts of sex were purely in the realm of Fantasy ..!!  Now Fantasy can be quite effective in achieving some relief from this frustration a pinch. The real thing was beyond my reach ....or so I thought !!!


To be continued .......


PART   2.......

I was on my way rto Reno Nevada with my Brother and Nephew with my Nwphew's Hot Rod 1969 Charger in tow on a trailer. We were headed to the car show known as "Hot August Nights"  in Reno. ( Sparks Nevada actually ). It seems like every hot car in the USA heads to Reno for this show and sale where one can spend a Million Dollars on a car if you get the urge and have the cash !!  Running in the Drag races at the local Casino  was my Nephew's only thoughtas we drove into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

We would be driving over Donner Summit before descending into the desert that surrounds Reno. Donner Summit has a dark history steeped in tales of Cannibalism as settlers became trapped in deep snow on Donner Pass in the depths of the frozen winter of 1846.  It would not be unusual to encounter Twenty feet of snow while traversing this narrow pass through the Sierra . Attempting this feat in Covered Wagons pulled by teams  Horses in the depths of winter proved disasterous for George Donner and his unlucky group of settlers as they approached their "Holy Grail"...California. 

Having driven over Donner Pass in winter myself in the past I am familiar with the extremes of this terrain. I welcomed the blast of hot air as we approached the Sierra foothills on the California side of the Range. Summer temperatures can top 100 F before entering the mountains , dropping to the Teens at the peaks and rising to well over 100F in the desert lowlands of Nevada om the other side of the Sierra. 

As we entered the pine forests to the East of Sacramento my phone buzzed to announce an incoming What'sApp message. The name was familiar bu it had been at least a month since I had seen a message from this number . I had written to this lady a couple of times but she didn't appear to be very interested in carrying on a conversation.

"Are you in California yet ??" was the first message from my new friend. 

"Just heading to Nevada ...."

"I'm in San Jose me "

I took a deep breadth and tried not to get too excited about this development . San Jose is only a half hour from where I would be staying on The San Francisco Peninsula . I had never been in contact with a fellow Ostomate who was actually within visiting distance !!! 

We texted bak and forth for the remainder of the four hour drive into Nevada and by the time we arrived it felt as if we had known each other for years !!

Knowing that we were both living with an Ileostomy made our conversation....texting actually... quite comfortable from the very beginning. 

It very quickly became clear that loneliness was a common theme in our stories, in our lives in general. Neither of us had ever had any extensive contact with another Ostomate ...of either sex and so we were both like kids in a candy store once we began to open up about our common condition.  The icing on the cake was the realization that we were around the same age and that we were both very active and healthy other than our Plastic Appendages !!! 

We danced around it a little at first but finally we both realized that all our body parts work as intended by nature ....we were both " Intact"  in all the important places . The dreaded word  " Sex "  never crossed our lips .....I think we were both afraid to even contemplate this possibility at this early stage in our friendship. 

In a roundabout way we had both disclosed that sexual activity ....with another person that is !!! had been as rare as Hen's Teeth ....non-existant for the most part !! My attitude had always been just a little optomistic in this regard..." Where there's life there's hope" has always been my attitude.  My new Lady friend had retained a similar attitude even in the face of rejection and ignorance. 

As mature adults we both knew exactly what we wanted and what we needed at this point in our lives. The affection and comfort that our lives lacked loomed like a dark cloud through which a bright ray of sunshine was beginning to penetrate. Unexpressed emotions had built up in both of us over our extended time alone , without an intimate partner in whom we could confide our hopes, dreams, needs and physical desires. Exposing our weaknesses and our deprivation is never easy , exposing vulnerabilities is difficultat the best of times and is even more difficult when an Ostomy involved. 

Not having to deal with the vexing question of ..." when do I make a full disclosure.." was such a relief for us both !!! Our baggy T Shirts would conceal no secrets when we would finally meet . I tried not to think about it but I must admit that the prospect of touching a woman's body in all those intimate ways and places reserved for Lovers filled me with trepidation....anticipation....fear...and ultimately, unadulterated Lust !! The affectionate touch of a woman had been only a dream for a long time and I now realized just how much I needed that , how much I wanted it.

Patience is a virtue and I had been patient for a long time , waiting to meet the right lady ...

As we say in Ireland " When God made time ...he made plenty of it !!! " 


More to Come ....Later ....


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Russell : Hi, I never had a bag leak while having sex, ? When you put your bag on do you angle it in towards your manhood, I used to then I taped it to the top of my thigh to hold it still, worked for me ???? Dec 27, 2017
Bill : Hello Magoo.
Thank you for a great post! which gives us lots to ponder upon. You describe the mental concerns so well that it almost feels like I'm there whilst reading it. I'm looking forward to the continuation of your story.
Best wishes
Dec 28, 2017
dadnabbit : Eamon, Soooo good to hear from you and your strong spirit. Hope the holidays were happy and healthy and I am looking forward to the next chapter....
Dec 28, 2017
Bill : Hello Again Magoo.
Thank you for part two of your story which you have brought to life in such an interesting and graphic way. I await part three with baited breath.
Best wishes
Dec 29, 2017
Lilmesican : My partner and I have not been intimate since my surgery. This gives me some hope. Thanks for sharing! Jan 02, 2018
Past Member: I have a new boyfriend who is totally cool with my 'bag' (and as in any new relationship sex is full-on). The main thing to remember is to empty bag completely before sex, and then either have some nice bag cover or tuck it in itself if it's possible (I use Coloplast Sensura which has that function). Hope this helps!! :) Jan 02, 2018
magoo : Fantastic Alienka !! So I guess he does Not have a Baggie ? It's great that he is OK with it. In my case we both have an Ileo so we both have to be careful and so far all has been really good ...the sex is fantastic ...haven't had that in a long time !! lol . So nice not to have to worry about leaks. About the third time we shared her bed we both woke up at the same instant and we both had to change our bags ...just tiny leaks mess but quite a coincidence. we had lots of laughs about that.
All the best ...Magoo XO
Jan 07, 2018

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