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How Do You Spell Relief .....? Affection Expressed .

Posted by magoo

Next Chapter .....Please forgive any grammatical ...etc defects ...If I edit this it will not be the same so I present my flawed prose Warts and All !!  

Let's see ....Where do I begin . 

Kissing a woman had become just a memory. Shyness and fear of intimacy had ruled my personal life until this past summer . Avoiding personal relationships had become a full time job for me . Avoiding intimacy had become  much easier than enduring the stress associated with getting Personal. 

     While in Reno at the car show I communicated with Ms K every day , mostly through texting on Viber. We spoke about everything under the Sun. I found that her interests and my own intersected in many ways so we had lots to chat about . I believe that we hinted at the loneliness that loomed large in our lives . I think we both ralized that we had been ignoring the hollow feeling that had grown over a long period of personal isolation. The scary thing was that we had chosen this isolation , it was a lifestyle choice that had restricted our enjoyement of life in so many ways.

This is my Holloween Cowboy Personna haha.....No Horse No Spurs....well, Maybe SPurs   haha ....


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Bill : Hello Eamon.
Very few people concern themselves with grammatical errors when they are reading a good story and yours is just that!
Thank you for the photo as your contented expression says it all but the 'cherry on the cake' must be the loving hand that caresses your shoulder. A picture to remember!
Best wishes
Dec 30, 2017
magoo : Haha ....You noticed that Bill !! I thought you would . I asked Miss K if she wants me to disclose her half of the pic . It really is nice to feel that warm hand on my shoulder Bill, the genuine affection in her touch is such a nice feeling . Dec 30, 2017
Past Member: Hat looks good Brother ! Dec 30, 2017
magoo : Thank You Dude ...She got it for Halloween and I thought it would be good in a pic ...I like the look myself lol... Dec 31, 2017

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