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Loss And A Broken Heart , My Miss Kitty - 1

Posted by magoo

      Hi there , my name is Eamon , born in The West of Ireland , transplanted to New York ( Bronx ) too many years ago to contemplate .

I loved America as soon as I sat in the gigantic convertible on the way from the airport to my new home in The Bronx ( Valentine Ave) .

I shared a big apartment with my two Brothers in New York until one Brother got married . I  moved to California with my other Brother 

soon after . Soon all three of us were in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

     Throughout all my moves and apartment changes I made very few friends , in fact I never really had a very close friend to confide in and 

talk to about my innermost feeling , good or bad . There are only so many things you can share with a Brother or Sister , even less with your 

Mom or Dad. There are ten kids in my family , three Girls and Seven Boys !!! I am the seventh Son but alas am not endowed with any special powers .

My only special power was to eventually attract the attention of a very special woman , a beautiful person , a woman who loved me with all her heart . 

Given my shy nature I had been close to very few women , the notches on my bedpost were very few indeed . I had  known only two young ladies who 

had , apparently stolen my heart . One was "Puppy Love " ( as it is known commonly } . I was 17 , Denise was 19 . She lived in London at the height of the IRA 

bombing attacks in London. She was Protestant and I was Catholic but neither of us took any interest in any kind of religion and never even discussed the subject . 

I traveled to London and she traveled to Ireland and Religion never came up. She was my first teenage love and I thought I could not live without her and she had 

similar feelings for me . I knew that my future would be in the USA and she knew that her future would be in London so I think we both knew it would end when I 

left for New York . We cried and played "Touch me in The Morning " as the sun came up over London. We parted and eventually grew into our new new adult lives  

on opposite sides of the Atlantic  . 

    This was the last time I ever felt that type of closeness with a woman , or any person for that matter .  I would often feel extremely lonely but was rarely alone .

There were up to five Brothers and one Sister living nearby all the time I lived in New York .   I never connected with a woman in any meaningful way  since that time, .....To Be Continued ...

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xnine : Nice to see you back. I am waiting for the rest of the story. Take care. Nov 28, 2020
mcdonna : I love your post... such a beautiful story. My family are from Ireland...I was born in England. I would love to keep in touch. My dad is Donegal and my mum Cork. Hope you are keeping well xx Dec 11, 2020
mcdonna : Ps my dad is one of mum is one of twelve. I am an only child ???? ...a grown up only child.. and so I often feel lonely but I am supposed to be used to it? Xx Dec 11, 2020
magoo : Thank You Mcdonna ...My home town is Ballina, next to Sligo . Famous for the River Moy ( Salmon ) and the home of Joe Biden's ancestors . He visited last year to meet the relatives. I am lucky to have my big family while living through this horror story. I still can't believe my sweet Kitty, the only woman I ever felt a deep love for is gone .
Dec 11, 2020
mcdonna : I honestly am so sorry for your loss. I love Ireland, especially the west coast. You mentioned that your new president has connections's also the coast where lord Mountbatten was blown up .... he really should not have had a castle there and gone lobster fishing that day ?! Xxx Dec 11, 2020
mcdonna : Ps my dad's family are from kilmacrennan, Donegal ... Dec 11, 2020
magoo : Thank You Mcd. Donegal is a really beautiful place ....if you can get there on a sunny day without rain . Mayo is the same , stunning in nice weather. Amazing scenery and beaches. That's way up there in the North. They should see The Northern Lights in the next few days . My return ticket is for next May so I will be here for a while . Keeping the kids company for a few months , I need that too. Never felt this profound sadness in my heart . Dec 11, 2020

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