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" No TV Eliteism ..."?

Posted by magoo

I know some people who are very well educated  , full to the lip with common sense  and all round very nice people . One is Vegan and the other is almost Vegan .  

   They will  proudly  tell you they do not even own a TV  , not in an accusatory way , it's just their preference . They have laptops but they are mostly used for socializing ( not Social Sites ) .  Some Academics  can appear to be aloof and  even intimidading  because they only talk when they have something Relevant or important to say , just casual conversation is generally an alien conept to them . Any books they buy as presents would be generally educational .  Very complicated Boardgames  are top of their enjoyement , fun  list . I am really terrible at those games brain just goes into slow motion . My idea of fun is blasting at 35 miles an hour on my Mountain Bike  down the steepest hill I can find !!  San Francisco  was my Mountain Bike playground with the unimaginably  steep  roads , smoe need steps cut into them just to walk . I think we deprive ourselves of much thoughtful  rt if we 

     Anyway  I find that mobies are my lifesaver in stressful times  when I can't read because I just keepi going back a few pages . I could never imagine being an Actor , ust thinking of that job  makes my head hurt  !!  However  the messages and logic  in many modern TV  shows is really stimulating .  I see the Art in a movie as I dissect a decent one . 

   People I know  who are disgusted  by the idea fof watching  " Fight Club " , they think of it as just blood and punching  each other into oblivion  , horrible shit    when people don't give it a chance they cannot see the  root of that movie .  The main theme is the breakdown of modern society  at the hands of the " little people , not Leprechauns !!☘)  .  It reminds me of DeJoy  trying to destroy the Post Office System .   It is about what  coordinated  , concerted and direct action  at the person to persona level  can ccomplish , how people can become convinced that this Village of ours needs to be taken apart , institution by institution  in order to save it .  The ending , last few minutes is revelatory  in a very dramatic way .

   Check it out and you can fast forward the punchup scenes .

Eamon  ☘

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Dec 30, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
Thanks for sharing your views on films depicting what could or should be done regarding our institutions. I don't get much time to watch these things for myself, but I do appreciate the thought, time and effort people invest to put across these messages in their various formats.
Unfortunately, very little notice is taken of the underlying messages by those who might be in positions of power to change things. Hence, the status quo remains until something dramatic happens to shake the old traditions, hierarchies and value systems that support a few at the expense of many.
It just so happens that I have, this morning, been contemplating a similar theme with regard to kindness ‘and' organisations', so your post provides an opportunity to share this rhyme which seems to complement the theme you are portraying through your film.
Best wishes


I changed the title of this rhyme,
so that it would more closely chime
with what I think is going on
where organising is a con.

But so that you can understand
my choice between the ‘IN' or ‘AND',
I'll try my best to clarify
my choice, and also reasons why.

So many rhymes I wrote before
exposed the bullying I saw
within such organisations
with their rationalisations.

I explained how hierarchies
had bad, inbuilt malarkeys,
designed to hoodwink and deceive
to get the people to believe.

‘Believe' in what? –you may well ask,
what was the system's basic task?
Well! So that you can get the gist,
kindness wasn't on the list.

Hierarchies' have set the scene
for certain people to be mean,
by using them to dominate,
take control and subjugate.

So, what we get are bullies who
know precisely what to do
and use the organisation to
bully the likes of me and you.

It's been like this through history
so it is not a mystery,
but, perhaps, it needs debating
and the principles restating.



Organisation can be good,
and if it's used this way it should
be beneficial to us all
not just to that percentage small.

Organisations do exist,
but on the whole, they can't resist
the great temptation not to care,
but take much more than their fair share.

Then extra wealth that they've produced
is siphoned off and introduced
to the mighty wealthy few
who have a selfish point of view.

They are the ones who benefit
from these systems that will fit
with their greedy selfish ways
because they know how well it pays.

They do not work, for they just own,
and it's this fact, and this alone
that shows what we already know
as their bank balances will grow.

There is no kindness in ‘their' hearts,
and this is where the kindness starts,
so, when there's kindness we can see
it often come from you and me.

For kindness is self-organised,
and where folk have that synchronised,
organisations have evolved
that have the bully problem solved.

These are what they call collectives,
where the workers have selected
systems that will work for them,
not to profit those greedy men.

Be Withers 2021

Dec 30, 2021
magoo : Brilliant Bill , as always my friend . I really do believe that this country , the US will come to a tipping point where the bottom 90% will wake up and demand a share of the profits that they create !! And it will not be a pretty sight . The trick is to divide and conquer , dividing the population into subgroups and set those subgroups against one another , Black , Hispanic , Mexican etc . The common denominater in all this class/ financial struggle is Poverty or living a decent life on a knife edge where losing income for a month can destroy a person's life and health and put them on the streets . "BLM" and other groups have to see that poor and marginalized people In General have very similar grieveances . The real mystery to me is why these marginalized people mostly voted for Trump !!! I think as with the British System people have lost faith . The promise of a decent life without begging for scraps is over and people in general are pissed at the entire system .
Thank you for the input Bill , your Friend Eamon ?????..
Still in California , heading to Ireland on 12th Jan , wearing my full filtered respirator .
Later ,
Dec 30, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
I have often wondered why everyone cannot perceive what is going on right under their noses - especially when so often their noses are being rubbed in it. However, it is not lost on me that this situation benefits me by providing yet more material and motivation for rhyming verse. Here's one that has the idea that people have to develop their own moral compass to be guided by and not be 'sold' the junk concepts that the profiteer's would have them believe.
Best wishes and I hope you manage your trip to Ireland and enjoy it.


Whilst writing rhymes I've realised
that kindness is self-organised,
and here I'll try to tell you why
this concept has now caught my eye.

It came to me when once I wrote
some rhymes where I had taken note
that kindness wasn't always there
and systems' didn't always care.

I realised that there could be,
kindnesses that I could see
that emanated from the heart
of individual's taking part.

That kindness was attributed
to those who had contributed
because they felt, internally,
that they would act quite personally.

The more I look, the more I find
that kindness is a state of mind,
which got me thinking, you can't pay
to create kindness in this way.

For kindness is a moral stance,
so, when kind people get the chance,
they may behave in kindly ways
not because it always pays.

They may not wish to benefit
directly from them doing it,
but if some other person will
then this is when they show goodwill.

They don't need to be organised,
for kindness has been normalised
within their personality,
and that's my rationality.

Be Withers 2021

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