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Epilogue ...

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  This is simply a personal observation on how history can haunt us in many ways and how our current lives , in general , have been molded and guided by events that happened hundreds of years ago . History is Not irrelevant , you can't just shake the machine and start off with a brand new game  , history does not work that way .

    It occurred  to me that all those wars , invasions etc etc  are all part of a bigger picture ( NO  , not getting religion suddenly  !! ).  Think of all the scientific discoveries  and development in the past few hundred years . There had to be individuals and countries with virtually unlimited resources  for  all these ďevelopments  and inventions to be born  as well as a comprehensive  educational system . The Steam Engine  and all the wonderful inventions fed the Industrial Revolution in Europe  and allowed  ( European ) society to progress by leaps and bounds . All those beautiful Palaces in England , France , Germany , Russia etc  had a huge ost and not only in terms of money

   These wonderful and beautiful places , all those inventions that came out of Europe  were built on the broken backs, starvation and utter misery of Millions of Peasants . Modern society has been built on these same sad facts .  Chinese and other Asian societies thrive on that same peasant labor and misery  to provide affordable consumer products to the world .  Dictatorships  as in the case of The Great Leader in N Korea  and many others  can hold their country in the vise of  edicts and  proclamations to guide their country's  development.  As with the Kings  and Royal families of an earlier Europe  the modern industrial revolution  is built on  poverty and  14  hour days of the Sweashop ., The Technological  Revolution of today ,  Phones , computers , cars is more technological  in nature than the brute force  of the previous Industrial Revolution but  this new world has been (once again  )   paid for by  millions of very badly paid   " peasants " in those countries . 

  Was this wonderful exploration of science and industry  dependent upon  massive numbers  of people being ground down  in their daily work and  lives  ...apparently so .  Would the world  today be where it is without the suffering  and the contribution  of the poorest of the poor .  Like the Coal Miners dying from Black Lung Disease  all over the world .  Is that what the world requires  ?  is their sacrifice a contribution to  the eventual betterment of the  world  as a whole and is it  just a sad but necessary  feature of the world we live in , apparently it is !!  

   American Robber Barons climbed the ladder  of success over the dead bodies of countless regular people  ,  over the bodies of millions of Native Americans and a form of greed  that allowed nothing to get in their way . The " Great Leader"  in N Korea once said that he didn't really care about losing a few million people  in a Nuclear strike or   conventional war . He's quoted saying that they really didn't need all the people anyway , less mouths to feed  !! 

   Is it just human natiure  to allow a  handful of people  to control the world  because the end result  would benefit everyone   , does the end justify the means ??   I would not have had the life experiences I've had in this world  without the  foregone conclusion  that  I would emigrate and start a new life in New York . I often wonder what my life would be like if I had married my  Sweetie in London  , if I took up residence  in London ??  Would we have lived  a  happy-ever-after  idyllic life in London ??   Would I have gotten so ill ??  Would I have kids  ??  What if I had stayed in Ireland and  and built a life here ,   I do day dream about what would have happened  if  emigration had  Not been the order of the day  . 

    In finishing up I will say that without  the historic chain of events which eventually brought me to New York and which allowed me to start a new chapter in my life  I would have had a much more boring   life !!! 

Most important of all is  that I might never have found the unconditional  true love  of my life , Kitty  . 

Sin e   my friends   (  That's It  in Gaelge  /  Irish language . 

Eamon  ☘☘


Feb 27, 2022
RaenotRay : Beautifully said Eamon. I've often thought along similar lines, both politically, and personally. In both respects we give others power over our lives. Our decisions and willingness to fight or be complacent. Personally, or as a people. Religion and I are well acquainted. I've often cried out in anger at what life brings. I know now, with some acquired wisdom, I am better for my strife. I can see others, and love them right where they are. Imperfect, and human just like me. As much as I'd prefer not to repeat much of my life, I'm grateful for the person I am today. Macgyver-ing the tangible and intangible alike in my world. ??
Feb 27, 2022
delgrl525 : I don't think there is anywhere on earth where man's inhumanity to man is not a part of their history. Some are more recent and some more well known, but it's a theme that continues to repeat itself and always will, until the day when we finally succeed in destroying ourselves (which might not be too far off). Our brains have grown bigger and we have developed scientifically by leaps and bounds, unfortunately to the point where we have developed the technology to do exactly that. It's nice to think that good triumphs over evil, that most people are essentially good, but I'm not sure it's realistic. A few people with evil intent, with no conscience, can gain power over the majority. I am not optimistic about humanity's future and the downhill trajectory we are seeing. The easy and selfish way is to just keep your head down and try to make the best of your own tiny part in the big picture. Or you can become a crusader and fool yourself into thinking that you can make a difference. Yes, I'm feeling a bit cynical today. I guess we all just have to try to be the best people we can be, whatever that means to you.

I am watching a series on Smithsonian right now called One Thousand Years of Slavery. It's a documentary and very well done, but it won't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy about your fellow humans. Good to educate yourself about the past though. It might make some people start to see things differently.


Feb 27, 2022
RaenotRay : It's amazing to me how smart, and respectful everyone is here. To share opinions, and experiences in a safe place is so valuable. ??

Eamon, thank you for being vulnerable, and sharing your thoughts and feelings. I'm so sorry you lost Kitty. Grief is such an overwhelming thing. Trying to understand why pure people suffer, and monsters wander the earth is maddening. I lost my Mama October 29th, just a month after her mama passed away. My Mama was my Grandmas caregiver, and spent the last month of her life grieving her Mamas passing. My Mama also died unexpectedly. She was loved by everyone, and left quite a legacy to live up to. I like what your Mom had to say. My Auntie told me that God takes His children when their work here on Earth is done. My Mama had done more than her fair share. ??

Terry, you've made so many valid points. I get those cynical days. It's hard to think as one person you can make a difference, especially with so much evil in the world. On my better days (lol), I know that I can't save the world, but I do make a difference. If one person is positively impacted by my life it will be worth it. Sometimes we're so hard on ourselves, and things seem impossible. It's tough to change that perspective. I'll definitely check out the series you're watching. It sounds really interesting if somewhat disheartening. ??

Feb 28, 2022
delgrl525 : Thanks Rachel, I'm feeling a little more positive today. It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do! LOL! I do agree with you that we can all make a difference, even if it's a small one. Just being an example of what is right and just to those you come into contact with going about your business in your daily life. Maybe some of it will rub off on those you meet, or maybe not. Call out injustice when you see it. Don't be afraid to share your opinion, while being respectful to others. Be kind, be a good listener. Be generous. And try to be optimistic! That's one I struggle with, especially lately. But it's a better option than being a pessimistic, which will only make you miserable and miserable to be around!

By the way, glad you joined our group, you know we are practically neighbours. I'm just up here in Delta, south of Vancouver, and around 30 miles from the border. We used to come down to Bellingham sometimes for shopping, when the exchange rate was in our favour. Aren't you glad we are over that cold snap?

Feb 28, 2022
RaenotRay : Terry,

I agree so much with everything you said. I just love when other people get it, ya know? ???? isn't it wonderful what a good sleep and a full belly can do for one's disposition? Add an awesome hug, and I'm set for the day. ????

Neighbors, yayy! We could actually have coffee sometime, and trade war stories. Thank you for your kind reply. I look forward to getting to know you more. ??

Mar 01, 2022
delgrl525 : You too Rachel!
Mar 06, 2022
Immarsh : Thanks Eamon / Magoo, and all the others w ho con tributed to this post. While disease, surgery, ostomy, maintenance, support , friendship,, may be the purpose of this site, all of us who participate, live in the greater world....and struggle to understand the order of things, or as in the title of a book I've read....Why bad things happen to good people. After being ill as a child ( with UC) I chose to drop out of college to get married, and went back , when I was in my 30's. That saying that " education" is wasted on the young....is " somewhat true". I missed most of my early days of schooling, so learning about world history, in my thirties...was more thought provoking to me then, as opposed to an 8th grader or even a 10th grader.. I'm also Jewish, and have taught Hebrew and history....for almost 40 years... As a people, Jews were thrown o ut of most of the countries they settled in.. Yet despite, the dispersions, and killings and then the holocaust, the peoople/ not just t he religion continues to work for a peaceful future.. Looking back at different countries/ regions and how they developed, brings pride to some, and anquish to others. In settling the the US/ an d the North west...the would be Americans, masacred it's indiginous people.. The British were harsh with the aboriginal people in Australia, and when they took over countries in Africa......the native population...had to fight for t heir own in dependence. I've learned and accepted the fact that " e vil" in one form of another exists in this world.. There is a choice....to d o good/ or to do evil. And all peoples don't see the difinitive line between t he two.. When I was in South africa years ago, we were asked how many wars we ( the tourists) thought were going on in the continent.. We had no idea.. Turns out, there were 28.. But I'm sure the rest of t he world had no clue.. There's a sadness to the fact, that if we, in our own insulated world, are well fed, happy, then life is good.. ( for us). And we tend not to worry, or think about the others, for whom life is more of a challenge.. We're told that " history repeats itself", yet t here are those who keep trying to create a better, more just world.. I don't think that goal will happen in our lifetime, but recognizing it, and working towaards it.....one person, one town, one state, one country...at a time....might move things along.. But Good/ Evil, will still exist...and each individual....will choose for him/ herself....which path to choose... Just wanted to share some personal reflections.... Best Regards to all... Thanks.. Marsha...