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Hi . Any Camera People Out There ?

Posted by Past Member

Hi , I have a Canin  D20 SLR  and I'm looking to upgrade . I was looking at the 5D MK IV or lower  in the line .  Critics say that with crooping  to square off the Sensor image  the quality , clarity is not an awful lot better in the much more expensive  MK Iv ? .  

    Also looking at 5D    and   6D   . 

     24 megs has to give a much better image . Pixel Density is an important factor  .  I want the new one for the Video  and the Wifi and a more convenient  Remote. 

   Not sure about the Rebel ?  The 20D   is a real workhorse and very well constructed . My 20D has never let me down and I will keep it . There are good Kit prices on Amazon . 

  Finding it hard to decide .  Mainly between the  5D   /  6 D  and the MK I    or  II  versions . The 20D  always has great reviews  and I can attest to it's quality and the quality of the photis it produces .  I did see that there is a common defect / problem with the Mirrir in the 5D /  5D MK I  , any info on that ?  Haven't taken serious pics in a while and trying to step up a bit ...not too much , they're so damn expensive !!   But quality counts !! 

Thank You ,  Eamon  ☘

Thanks for any tips . 

Apr 17, 2022
Bill : Hello Eamon.
Decisions! decisions!
My last 'decent' camera is has hardly ever been used since the advent of phone cameras, so I cannot be much help in this situation. Perhaps a reliable reviewing system such as 'Which' might help. Usually in these type of situations, I find that I read all the reviews and find that I am still left with the dilemma of actually making a choice.
PS: I did find an old rhyme dealing with 'uncertainty', but decided that it probably would not help you in this situation, and (as some of my rhymes can be depressing) it might even make things worse -So, I'll omit the rhyme on this occasion.

Best wishes