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Expressing Our Fears , Anger And Troubles ....

Posted by Past Member

Hi , I think the most valuable function of this Site is the freedom it gives traumatized people to express the whole range of emotions that flood our minds . People in your circle will get pretty sick and tired hearing your Blood&Guts  hospital nightmares.  The fear and pain you feel and have felt  leaves a lasting mark  and expressing those emotions is essential ( IMHO) to overcoming them and accepting your predicament . I can put up a pic of my bare Ileostomy , the Stoma itself  . Rae can show people her  " Gory " (  Nawww 🙂) open wound  and   battle scars  without fear of the Horror reaction it would elicit from " normal " people . It really is cathartic to open up and let it all out .

   So get that weight off your shoulders  and feel better ...☘Eamon 🙂

Apr 24, 2022
iMacG5 : Hey Eamon, So sorry about the "Little Guy" and can only imagine how your family is feeling. It's the kind of thing that has folks asking, "What is God thinking by allowing this?" Well, if I could think like God I'd offer a satisfying answer. In the meantime I'll continue to believe and offer prayers for some comfort.