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Stoma Location - High Or Low

Posted by Prvt-Idaho
Hello all, Do any any of you have the stoma directly across from your belly button? How in this world do you all get rid of the hair around the stoma? I look forward to the information any of you can provide.
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Primeboy : Very carefully, and not after a GT. I use a high quality throw away razor for everything outside the ring. I also use a very fine pair of scissors for any hair within a half inch of the stoma. You can't clip every hair but you can trim the area well enough to be able to remove your flange without screaming. PS: You can change your picture very easily by editing your profile. PB Jul 15, 2012
Prvt-Idaho : Thanks....the older I get the harder to the small rascals next to stoma.....thought of pulling hair but that would be cruel of those bad passing thoughts.Will try and fix photo....... Jul 16, 2012
WOUNDED DOE : Hi :) well....I'm a chick so I don't have hair on my tummy but I just wanted to pass along a reminder from someone in a local support group in my area regarding this subject....he said he has as much hair as Klinger from Mash, and this was always a serious problem for him. He's tried EVERYthing and wanted to make sure NOBODY tried any hair removing lotions like No No or Nair or any other kind of thing. BURNS LIKE HELL and serious skin irritations and much misery was involved in his experience that he shared with the group. He has discovered that the best thing to do, is exactly what Primeboy just metioned. Hopefully that will save any tempting future experimentations that might go in a bad direction ...cheers! Jul 16, 2012
Prvt-Idaho : Yes...thank you I have heard that about hair removers. I have used primeboys method for 12 years. As I get older the the hair next to the stoma is the worst. I was told my stoma is located too high and should have been lower. If it was lower the hair might not be a problem (it's not a problem just hurdle). Thanks for the feedback on hair.......but what about the normal location of stoma's.......or is there a standard placement of the little rose bud? Jul 16, 2012
frizbeekid : I have a stoma that I would consider to be pretty close to my belly botton. And my bag folds into my belly botton hole, when adheared to the skin. The bag starts to come undone at this point, I would like to here if there is any glue that would help restick it. I'm not like Clinger but, when I had my wound vac I cried like a baby every time they replaced the tape, which was every two days!! Ouch ..I shave all the time now and get as close to the stoma as I dare, the rest I pluck only because the wax from the Eakin seal is stuck to it.. some people pluck their uni-brow, I pluck my stoma. LOL Jul 18, 2012
weewee : my stoma is higher than my what used to be a belly button for me u have a very sharp hunting knife that i use and can shave right up to my stoma Jul 19, 2012
dcrazy : To answer the question, males typically have the stoma as where yours is located. Sometimes in is actually below. Some countries also may prefer other preferences. This is a huge misunderstanding before people have surgery, is placement. It really depends. When observing some people, one women whom was getting married, had hers below. So, it depends. However, when I mean like's a little below belly button. Some have them lower..I should of said that from the start. So when I said below, I meant below what is typical. Far as the hair....electric trimmer can be used as well. Jul 19, 2012
WOUNDED DOE : I feel badly about those who have poor or uncomfortable stoma placement :( ...each time I had surgery I was asked about where the most comfortable locale would be and the Ostomy Nurse marked the spot with a magic marker for the surgeon.......and OMG weewee you made me shiver to read your words LOL ....yikes! :D Jul 19, 2012
WOUNDED DOE : oops....I did not finish my post....weewee it made me shiver to hear of the hunting knife thing lol...hope you're kidding about that LOL :O Jul 19, 2012
Yukon steve : I'm lucky i have very little body hair so hair was no problem for me but I would probably have used the skinning knife tecneque close to the stoma but use this only if you are very good at sharpening knivesstephen Jul 19, 2012
Yukon steve : I'm lucky i have very little body hair so hair was no problem for me but I would probably have used the skinning knife tecneque close to the stoma but use this only if you are very good at sharpening knives. Wounded you used to be a knife thrower and your scared of knives?Stephen Jul 19, 2012
weewee : hehehe yes wounded doe its true i used a skinning knife my nurse said she wouldnt put it past me i got tired of the hair around the stoma where the razors wouldnt reach cause of the cover and when using sizzorshow it left hair for the wax to pull on when i have to change the wax would pull out the hair and sometimes when the wax got a really good hold on the skin it was like getting a wax job so i just thought well i can skin an animal and i shave my face whats to worry plus it costs way less to sharpen my knife then to go and spend 15 dollars for the good razors since i was given thick hair everywhere but my on my head can you amagine going to a barber and asking for a close shave or going in and asking the to wax your butt hair Jul 19, 2012
Prvt-Idaho : WOW.......all good stuff my fellow baggers. The knife OMG...steady hands I guess are key. As for location of stoma placement I was under the impression, belt line determined stoma placement. My stoma is above my belt line, which sometimes is revealed under my shirt. At first this was a downer, now I am anxious for security to think I am stealing something from a store.......cause I'm running. I will give them the bag of goods when they catch me.....thanks for all the good feedback on placement/stoma location......I will stick to razors and surgical scissors for hair removal. Hands are too shaky for sharp knife. Maybe someday the docs will remove the hair before stoma placement. As the hairs next to stoma cause leaks and that is just bad stuff. Jul 19, 2012
WOUNDED DOE : LOL ....weewee and prvt-Idaho you are so funny....weewee using his skinning knife like a Barbor and Prvt-Idaho prepared to give them the bag of goods ...can't stop giggling.....this is the type of humor that helps so many of us get through our days a little easier....... :) Jul 21, 2012
weewee : yeah prvt-idaho when they ask whats under your shirt you can tell them you have a big bag of shit and they are going to tell you to put it on the table, and you can say are you sure thats where you want me to put it or tell them you would rather wait for the cops then they really going to look bad(LOL) Jul 22, 2012
Prvt-Idaho : Weewee, we should not tell people what's in the would spoil the surprise. It's all good though......WOUNDED DOE you are so correct in having a good is so much better now then before.....I am finally living! (without pain and mapping out bathroom locations) now I only carry my portable porta potty- ziplock baggy and E.S.T. (emergency shit tickets = fast food napkins - they are free) Have a good day all........ Jul 22, 2012
Help_Me_Rhonda : Thanks for the laughs today weewee and Prvt-Idaho! Jul 24, 2012
Tiffy-poo : They make these ladies razors with a trimmer on one end. You could take the guard of and get very close to the stoma and it wouldn't hurt your skin. I think mine is Gilette. It is indeed very annoying to have a stoma where you have hair, and I had an incontinent k-pouch for awhile, and the stoma was very low and I had to wear a bag and shave hair. I actually just used a razor on that no problem. Sometimes leaving the flange on for too long made it more painful to take it off. You could try changing it more often. I have a high stoma location too, pretty close to my BB and the Coloplast flange I use lifts a little beside my BB, which is annoying, but I blow dry it for awhile so it adheres better. I actually like having it higher up because I wear my bag over low rise jeans, and then wear a Bella Band to cover it and keep the top of the bag flat against me. It's hard to tell I have a bag unless I'm wearing a white shirt or something. :) But I also don't care if people know about it or see it. Lol. It's just a convenient way to stay off the toilet!! Jul 25, 2012
mooza : Who uses a trimmer really!! wow how low is your stomas mine is just a few cm from my bellybutton not anywhere near below HAHAHAH i see at our association that the mens are much higher and i would hate mine to of been that high but think its got something to do with the male doods LOL sorry just making me smile but that i think is why mens are higher so they can get a thingy :) mooza Jul 25, 2012
lz6657 : I can't even find my belly button--wonder where it went. I'm a female and don't have to worry about hair there anyway. Does anybody have my belly button they don't need? Jul 26, 2012
lz6657 : By the way, no questions asked for it's return!! Jul 26, 2012
bob.hewson : Moosa, I have read some funny titles for different things on this site but what is a thingy and if it is what I think it is how could the height of the stoma effect that.Must be the water in Melbourne, the Yarra, the only river in the world that flows upside down. Jul 27, 2012
Yukon steve : LZ My surgeon said I have a pretty belly button so she was extra careful going around mine in a perfect half moon why are some surgeons so rude as to make our bodies look like franckenstein Jul 27, 2012
frizbeekid : Yukon I wish I could say the same the same. When my stupid F**n surgeon did mine he cut on the side he put my ileo stoma. This kind of makes it hard for the ahesive attach, like I would like. As far as the Frankinstein look, thats how I look too...LOL.. Oh well shit happens, know it happens in the bag Jul 27, 2012
lz6657 : Can you wear a bikini without a belly button?C'mon everybody smile--it will make you feel good. Jul 27, 2012
weewee : um to answer that question no i cant wear a bikini i am not a cross dresser Jul 27, 2012
frizbeekid : Is this a Trivial pursuit question, and what category. I'm stumped. haha Jul 27, 2012
frizbeekid : Lz,The least the surgeon could have did for you is put a hole so you could have belly botton ring. :) Jul 27, 2012
lz6657 : weewee,Don't men have those reeely small suits? Bet you can't wear one of those either. They only go to just above the hairline. Isn't it wonderful how we have to change our clothing habits? At least I get to buy some new clothes--but I have to pass the bikinis..Can you put a belly button ring on the scar? Wouldn't that look good? Bikini, here I come!!--only if you think it would look ok. Then I could maybe even have the scar tattood. I think I have the problem solved. Yup, I'm going to look for a bikini!! Now I have to think of what would look good as a tattoo. Any suggestions from weewee or anyone? Do I see any smiles on anybody's face? Hope so. Jul 28, 2012
weewee : yes they have speedos man with no butt and big gut you are very right i am not old enough to wear those my life crisses hasnt hit me to were i need to wear those i think they would squish the junk and cut off my blood flow Jul 28, 2012
bob.hewson : You could try tattooing on the bikini as well and see if anyone notices that!!!What ever turn you on.. I swim with shorts and a long t shirt. Jul 28, 2012
lz6657 : weewee, God forbid that should happen. That put a smile on MY face!! weewee, is a speedo a bathing suite like the bikinis that fat women wear and their bellies hang over the top of their suits? It looks so good on them, doesn't it?bob, I could tattoo a belly button on the bikini and nobody would notice anything was wrong and I would have my belly button back. You didn't take it, did you? No, I guess you wouldn't have if you swim with shorts and a long T-shirt. Is everybody getting that smile on their faces now? Keep the smile on your face--it looks good and I bet it makes you feel better!! Jul 28, 2012
bob.hewson : Speedo's are a very brief pair of nylon swimmers where the shape of the contents in them is clearly visible. It is not such a pretty site unless you wanted to see the person naked in the first place. I have never found any spare bb but if I do I will give you a yell. Jul 28, 2012
lz6657 : Bob,No thank you--I don't have the equipment!! They remind me of the dancers who wear those tights and you can see all their equipment--or not!! Jul 28, 2012
bob.hewson : Well the material is a lot thinner on speedo's and the image is much more pronounced so what ever equipment you do have will be outlined in graphic detail.As I said before it is not a pretty sight on men and I am sure the same would apply to women.There would be very little difference between tattooing on a bikini and wearing speedo's.Stick with what you know!!!! Jul 28, 2012
bob.hewson : Is this your missing belly button, oops, sorry I dropped it and now I cannot find it. Squish, sorry I think I just stood on it. Jul 28, 2012
lz6657 : At least I don't have to look for it anymore. I said no questions asked--where did ou find it? Jul 28, 2012
lz6657 : It's good for you to laugh, so everybody take a few moments and have a good laugh. Keep the chins up and remember that you have people who care about you a lot!!--and think about you often with prayers for you. Jul 28, 2012
bob.hewson : Make up your mind,first, No questions asked then where did you find it? Next you will want to know what I was doing under your bed in the first place. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, my doctor is now looking at what he calls, a complete resolution, while they use resolution they never say the word CURED to cancer patients let alone incurable cancer patients. .I am very happy with the prognosis, I was only hoping for what they told me what the best outcome, an extended life expectancy, now I am looking at a total cure from an incurable cancer. Jul 28, 2012
mooza : yep speedos are like a tiny bikini or budgee smugglers LOL :)i have no belly button but a scar that looks like one :D Jul 30, 2012
lz6657 : Bob, I'm happy for you. I just found out that I have a hernia near my colostomy. My Dr. will tell me all about it tomorrow. I hope it doesn't interfere with my reversal. I hear that hernias are very common on a colostomy. I'm a little scared to go to his office tomorrow. Everybody please say a prayer. Thank you, and I'm praying for you too. Bob, one day at a time with a smile on your face!! Jul 30, 2012
lz6657 : Mooza--my scar is so big and ugly that a belly button wouldn't help a thing. We should all try to wear speedos and show off what we have--or don't have. Jul 30, 2012
Yukon steve : LZ how about a big brass button stud Jul 30, 2012
lz6657 : Yukon--I would rather have a huge diamond that sparkles so bright that people can't quite make out if I have a belly button or not--and who cares anyway--right? I don't think we have any more use for a belly button anymore, do we? It's only good to collect fuzzies and then you have to clean it out. I can do without it!! Jul 30, 2012
bob.hewson : Thank you Lz for your words, when they cut me they were very particular to cut down to my belly button then a little detour around it then back to a straight cut all the way down past my hair line. Why they preserved my bb is beyond me as you say it is only good for collecting fuzzies. So now I have a scar that would be a bit hard to see except for being highlighted by a bypassed bb half way along it. The edge of my flange touches the edge of my bb. Maybe, if we found a surgeon that had a stoma themselves our results would be different. As far as you visit tomorrow, while I am not a doctor, I am sure that your hernia will be of no concern and they will fix it when they do the reversal. I will be praying for you and a good result not only tomorrow but for your reversal, when is that planned? Jul 30, 2012
lz6657 : Bob, I hope the hernia is of no concern. I guess I'll find out today when the Dr. plans the reversal. I hope it's soon so nothing else can go wrong. So, you still get fuzzies and I don't!! At least I have something going my way. Jul 31, 2012
bob.hewson : I never said it is on no concern only that it should not effect you having your reversal. A hernia can be of major concern and in most cases needs to be repaired but it should not have any bearing on getting your reversal and the doctor probable will repair it at the same time. Saying all that, I am not a doctor, speak to yours today and he will give you all the information you need. God bless, I am praying for a good result from him /her today and for your reversal. Jul 31, 2012
lz6657 : Welshman, what a wonderful compliment. I'm the one on the right. Aug 01, 2012
Fred383 : Just as an option to shaving around your stoma. If you live in an urban area, many gay men get their butts waxed to eliminate unwanted hair. Perhaps these same professional waters would consider your plight. If the pain of it would not be unbearable, it might be worth looking into. Feb 20, 2020
Fuzzi : I use the small sideburn trimmers that come with clippers sometimes and my Stoma Nurse taught me to use the lid off my adhesive remover spray to put over my Stoma if I'm using a razor , just curious but at what point does shaving your stomach mm away from your exposed intestine using of all things a hunting knife seem a good idea ???? Mar 13, 2020

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