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Meet and talk to 19,695 OstoMates.

Still Can't Get On

Posted by keithy58

I have a colostomy and a ileal conduit wee stoma.

I have loads of problem with my colostomy it's 6 years since I had them both. The wee stoma is fine but the colostomy is a on going pain. I see the consultant tomorrow I need another revision I had1 done in Dec 14. Now the stoma is bleeding warts

So for all of u that have no problems ur lucky. I had a perfectly good bowel and bladder. I had a compression of the spine so I need these aromas they left my bladder in but it went septic so they removed it. I have had 10 major operation all caused by me being left in compression of my spine for 6 days. I am also disabled I have established cauda equine syndrome. I don't feel comparable with my aromas u can see the bags so I wear baggie tops. It's not picnic for me

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Bill : Hello keithy58. Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble. I had not come across the term 'cauda equine syndrome' before but, have looked it up, I can see how debilitating it could be. I hope things go well with your surgeon and that you begin to make some better progress in the future. Best wishes Bill